Thinking Is Not Always Good

By Amanda Wilcoxen

A girl that appeared to be thirteen years of age with long auburn hair strolled into her quarters. She was quite joyful that her master, Tara Alderson-Palpatine, asked if she wanted to take the Alderson name. Of course she accepted.

It was sort of a dream come true for her. Victoria took pride in renouncing the Syn name and everything it stood for. The Syn family killed her mother, Kathryne. At least she gave some justice by killing her father, Marcus, at Port Lansing.

A small grin appeared on her face as she thought about how her dear Aunt Octavia would take it when she heard. That was, if she even cared. Victoria realized one thing about Jedi; they never take notice of anything until it's too late.

Victoria Alderson crossed the room until she sat in a nice, big, comfy chair. Then she was lost in thought. What of the visits of her Great Grandfather, and Grandfather? Why did they suddenly want to help her? Was it because she was a Sith Apprentice and could be more dangerous than she realized? Victoria shook her head.

"Victoria, you're doing it again. You're going into deep thought again!" She said out loud to herself.

Yet she keep thinking about her mother. Sure, beheading her father brought some justice, but not all. The Alliance did nothing but brainwash her father into what they wanted him to believe. Her mother did work for the Empire, why wouldn't the Alliance want to kill her? Even when the Alliance did what they called an investigation, they didn't do much. They really didn't care what happened to her mother. The fault did just lay on her father's shoulders-no- it was her father's fault and the Alliance!

Victoria made a tight fist with her right hand and released it slowly. Now, Victoria Alderson had a greater hate towards the pathetic Alliance.

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