Time in the Tank

By Dana Terry

Alida wasn't sure how much time had passed. A day? A week? Even longer? 
She had passed the time in meditation. Or at least as close to meditation as 
she could reach without the help of the Force. It was either that or worry 
herself sick over the well-being of her Padawan. The last time she had seen 
the girl, Kali had been wounded. Was she being cared for? Was she in a 
situation like this? There were too many questions and not enough answers. 

Alida calmed herself. She'd been in this situation before, she reminded 
herself, even if it had been over fifty years ago. She would need to remain 
calm and in control of herself if she wanted to find her Padawan. Kaliandra 
had never been cut off from the Force. The girl was well-trained and was 
self-disciplined, but even that would be hard to maintain when there was 
nothing at all. There was no Force, no physical sensation; no sensation at 
all beyond what the mind provided. 

She forced herself to relax once more, bringing the Code to the forefront of 
her memories. Ocassionally, she thought she heard voices, but she ignored 
them, refusing to give in yet to the hallucinations that she knew would 
eventually gather her up. As long as she was aware of her ability to resist 
them, she would. 

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