Transmission Broken

By Ginna Wilcoxen with lots of help from Phaedra Whitlock. - August 2001

Aella looked up from her notes. She had finally succeeded in cracking some 
of the messages. So far it had only been bit and pieces of hunting, Jedi and 
new students and of course the mention of the Emperor and his student 

Setting up the coded transmission Aella re-read it then pressed the send 

Encrypted Transmission: 

To: General Branwyn 
>From Captain Skott 

I have finally gotten the thing decoded, but to be honest. I don't see why 
they want all that silk for, maybe you can figure this out. 

FROM: Deveron Arsein 
TO: Galactic emporium, Coruscant 

Dear Sir, Madam, or Droid. 

I wish to acquire 2500 yards of high quality silk as soon as possible. Dark 
blue, black, and white. Also hangers strong enough to support a great weight. 
I think I will need several of these. Perhaps curtain rods. I particularly 
liked model # 1459-0277. 


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