A Treacherous Mission

By Pat Betz and Dora Furlong

"Colonel." Branwyn's secretary poked her head through the door. "Major
Surragar is here."

Branwyn looked up from her paperwork. This meeting was going to be one
of the most difficult meetings of her career. "Show her in please."

Joseph, her secretary nodded and disappeared form the doorway. A moment
later Serris appeared. 

They quickly got the military formalities out of the way. "Please sit
down." She pointed to the chair behind Serris."

Serris easily, gracefully lowered all 6 feet of her body into the
chair and waited for Branwyn to continue. 

"Major, I've had a request from Operations that I have decided to
Grant." She paused gauging Serris's reaction. So far neutral. 
"This concerns you daughter..." Definite interest,"your adopted daughter."

Branwyn could see the alarms and bells ringing in Serris's mind. She
knew exactly what was coming. "We need you to use your ties to her to
bring her in."

Serris responded quicker and more readily than Branwyn expected. "While
that is not my normal duty, I can do it."

Branwyn nodded. She kept her face calm and collected and only hoped
this Jedi would not sense the relief Branwyn was feeling. "It's not
actually her we are after. We have received information that she may be
holding the missing trainees from the attack on Yavin."

It was Serris's turn to nod. "She and I have discussed this and if
either of us received orders to bring the other in we will have to do
our job. She understands that."

"I must admit I don't understand how you could adopt a person such as
her as your own daughter." Branwyn paused and handed Serris a datapad.
"This is what she is wanted for among them genocide, murder of numerous
Alliance personnel, Torture, experimentation on sentient beings... All
just to name a few."

"Yes but she hasn't committed any atrocities after I adopted her."
Branwyn was taken aback by Serris's statement. 

"While this is true, she is a risk to you. If I recall she has been
used against you and yes she is still wanted for the injustices
committed against you by her, Vordis, and Raven." Branwyn had said more
than she wanted to at this point and pulled back. While she severely
disagreed with it there was nothing she could do about it. It had been
done and allowed to stand by previous authorities.

"I have no hope of turning her to the light side. If I can influence
her even a little so that she is not as dark then I have accomplished
something. Her activities have not been quite so drastic and severe
of late." Serris was calm and patient. She knew Branwyn may never
understand but, nonetheless, tried to explain.

"Well I just hope we aren't too late for the trainees. For all we know
they are in one of her 'bodybanks' for Jedi's somewhere.

"I will do everything that I can to bring her in." Serris was serious
and Branwyn knew the Jedi would truly fulfill her duty 110% as she
always has. She also knew that Serris's heart would be torn.

"Report to Operations they will provide you with your team and all
equipment necessary." 

Serris rose realizing she was dismissed. "Ma'am"

Branwyn returned the salute, "The force be with you Major. You're
going to need it on this one."

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