The Truth Revealed

By Ginna Wilcoxen Based on RP by Debbie Casselbury and Ginna Wilcoxen - August 2001

Octavia surveyed her surroundings, a garden lay before her in many ways it 
reminded her of the garden that her grandmother had on Telos, but she knew 
this wasn't Telos. Octavia was pretty sure that she hadn't seen this place 

Pulling her cloak around her Octavia relished the feel of the wind and the 
way it blew her loose hair. Glancing down at her bellowing cloak Octavia 
stared at the deep blue color and texture when was the last time she wore 
this outfit? And why did it feel so strange to be wearing it now. 

Memories of the Electra came to mind and her former Captain. That was a 
lifetime ago, she had left the Electra over a two years ago now. Glancing 
around the garden Octavia searched for the others she knew that should be 
here as well. Medenna, Master D'med, and her padawan, did they find a way 
out of this world? Or was this another avenue to trick them into believing 
all of this was real? 

Octavia turned her attention back to the garden, she hadn't seen anything 
like it and the beauty of it was captivating. Walking along the path she was 
certain she would find her other companions, her fellow prisoners? After all 
wasn't that what they really were prisoners? A yellow color flower caught 
her attention moving bending down to view it Octavia smiles as warm memories 
came back of her father and her grandmother. Her grandmother had flowers 
like these in her garden on Telos. Octavia remembered the waterfall as well 
as the healing springs that Telos had to offer. 

Palpatine watched at how Octavia reacted to his garden, she was on her guard, 
but her thoughts were so easy to read. 

Octavia rose to her feet and looked around she thought she heard a waterfall, 
moving closer toward the sound, Octavia found that it was indeed a waterfall. 
'Too perfect' she told herself glancing around she tried to see if there was 
another else in the area, anyone watching. 'Not real' she told herself. 

Palpatine couldn't help but smile to himself as he watched her so nave, so 

Octavia walked closer to the waterfall and watched as it flowed over the 
embankment sending a fine mist upward spraying those who stood too close to 
the edge. 'So peaceful' Octavia thought 'How I wish it was real, wish you 
were here grandmother I'm so confused.' 

Octavia sat down by the edge and crossed her legs and just watched the water, 
the effects and beauty that nature had to offer. What was it Kali said 
meditate by not mediating? Looking around one more time Octavia's gaze froze 
on an image of a woman. Standing to her feet Octavia watched as the woman 
waved at her and began to walk toward her. The closer she came Octavia 
couldn't help but smile. 

Jedi Knight Tahl stopped a few feet from Octavia and opened her arms. "My 
child " was all she said. 

Octavia resisted the evidence that this was just another trap another way to 
get information and allowed herself to be wrapped in the arms of her 
grandmother, enjoying the warmth she felt. It reminded her of when she was 
eight and her world was still a safe one. 

"Grandmother?" Octavia questioned. "How can this be?" 

"All things are possible with the Force, Octavia..." The Image of Tahl 
replied holding Octavia close brushing the hair away from her face. 

"Am I dreaming?" 

Tahl released Octavia her sightless green orange stripped eyes seem to 
sparkle. "Come. Let us sit on a bench and talk. Tell your grandmother what's 
on your mind..." 

Octavia led her over the bench just out of the spray of the falls. "I'm 
confused about so many things. Father's death, the Empire. What I'm going 
through now." 

"Do not be so concerned for the past.... as your grandfather was so fond of 
saying -- concentrate on the here and now." Tahl studied Octavia before she 
spoke. "You look strained, child. What is happening to you?" 

"Too much too quickly I guess." Octavia smiled slightly. "Somehow I don't 
think Grandfather would be too pleased with me right now." 

Tahl touched Octavia's shoulder and smiled. "I think Qui-Gon would 
understand. He often dealt with the dilemma of choice, for he broke many Jedi 
codes and faced the dark side, as you are now..." 

Palpatine smiled at the honesty that Octavia expressed, and at her confusion. 

Octavia shook her head. "But it's winning, I can feel it winning. I just feel 
so tired of it all. I feel my control slipping away I should have never taken 
this path." 

"Yes...yes," the Grandmother replied. "One path is what the Jedi always say 
.... still - it's my experience that you needn't stay on a singular path 
until you're sure it's the right one. If Qui-Gon had utilized his darker, 
aggressive side...he might have survived his encounter with Darth Maul..." 

"I do not wish to disagree with you, the darker side of the force should not 
be touched... Maul .... It seems my destiny is wrapped up with that name as 

"Yes...there is another seed from the past beside yourself..." 

"I can't harm her. She's done nothing wrong. I've seen the turmoil inside 
her." Octavia crosses her arms almost in Qui-Gon fashion. "There has to be 
another way." 

"No, I do should not harm her, child. But she is darker than the 
night -- the Sith do not defend ... they attack and so you should prepare 
yourself for this. She must have a master -- he will surely condition her 
mind for murder. You cannot prevent that .... only decide how you are going 
to save your life." 

"Save your life ... Save your life ..." Another voice seemed to surround the 

Octavia lurched to feet her face flushed with anger. "First arena games and 
now this. IS that all I have to look forward to Is death and murder? Is that 
what a Jedi is? Is that what I'm suppose to become?" 

Octavia watched as a figured appeared under a tree ahead of her. The 
Emperor's solitary robed stood there, Octavia turned to where her grandmother 
was sitting and saw that she was gone. Slowly she turned to face the robed 

"Greetings, Octavia. We meet again." 

Octavia took a seat back on the bench again reality had shifted. "It would 
seem so your Majesty." Octavia's voice was soft and tired. Looking around her 
at the garden. "Your making?" she questioned. 

"For you, my dear. It seems to me that you needed it." The Emperor paused. 
"You suspected. I'm sure you must have." 

"I should have." Octavia admitted. "Seems there is no waking from this 
nightmare." Octavia looked around remembering the last time she had dreamed 
 had met the Emperor Medenna was with her. "Where's Medenna?" 

"I assure you...the nightmare will end, Jedi Jinn." Palpatine sauntered over 
toward the bench and sat down next to her. "You need to know -- I *want* you 
alive, and well-trained - be it Jedi or Sith. We will meet again, but not in 
a next time I see you, you will be a fully trained Jedi 
Knight, Octavia Syn Jinn...and of course, I will turn you to the *dark 
side*...or you will die dueling my apprentice in the throne room. It is 
unavoidable, my dear --- and it will be my finest hour." 

Octavia stares at him in disbelief. "Is that all you live for is to cause 
pain and death?" The darkness was overwhelming and she was too tired to move 
away from him. 

"I live for power." Palpatine answered. "I am the darkness and the darkness 
is me." 

"Yet you have no peace, no one you can trust." Octavia shook her head. "When 
I die be it by 
your hand or your apprentices or your daughters' at least I will be part of 
the force death is not the end." 

Reaching up he gripped her chin. "Octavia," he smirks, "You are already 
acting like a Jedi -- they always used death as an escape. I have seen it for 
several decades." He laughed. "If death is your choice, I won't keep you from 
it. But it won't stop me. No Jedi can...." He enjoyed the shiver he felt 
from her the uncertainty and the fear. "Even in this dream, you can run, but 
you can't hide...." 

Octavia pulled away from him. "You will be stopped. Your evil can't last 
forever." Her gaze fixed upon his robed figure. "Why are you so interested in 
my training?" 

"You are a Jinn. Need I say more?" 

Octavia let out a small hiss of air. "WHAT was so special about Qui-Gon 
Jinn?" she knew her tone was harsh, but she was tired of lies, frustrated by 
each situation seeming to be hopeless. "He was just a man. Just a JEDI 

The Emperor squinted at her and smiled. "You are indeed correct, my dear -- 
he was "just a Jedi Master" but most revered by many...he was famous for his 
strength of will...much like your own. And if the timing had been right, I 
would have liked to have made him my apprentice before Maul. But there was 
more light than dark in him. I'd like to take the challenge and turn his 
granddaughter." Palpatine gritted his teeth and hissed..."Yes...and I will 
... One day in *your* future...I will." 

Octavia studied him then shook her head. His self-confidence, his arrogance 
was unbelievable. "I have seen what the dark side can do. I will never turn 
to it, if my will is as you say it is then you know he would never have 
turned either." 

"If you say you'll never turn to the dark side, then you will have to prepare 
for death under the hand of my own apprentice - the seed of the man who 
killed your grandfather. That would please me as well - history repeating 
itself." He casts her a malevolent smile. 

Octavia looks around the scenery then at the Emperor. "If that is the will of 
the Force then so be it. But I do not plan to die for you or your families 
amusement." Her thoughts returned to the Arena games, the waste of life for 
the amusement of others. 

Shaking her head Octavia heard the voice of Qui-Gon ring in her head. 'Her 
powers cannot come to be, You have to make sure, you have to stop her.' 

The Emperor's lips pursed into a frown. "You cannot prevent my amusement. But 
for now...I will leave you to your nightmares, Jedi Jinn. You will seek 
escape from this virtual "tomb" of captivity and eventually return to 
Skywalker for further instruction at his precious academy. I will be at your 
knighting, if in spirit. And I will rejoice with you for I have much to gain 
from it..." 

"You HAVE gained too much!" Octavia spat. "HOW many children have you left 
homeless, fatherless because of your greed? How many innocent Jedi did you 
destroy and bring down?" Octavia vented her frustration this man was 
responsible for her father's death, her grandmothers and grandfathers. 
"Master Skywalker is a kind man, and is trying to bring light into a world of 
darkness. A darkness you created!" 

"I protected my power, as you will need to protect yourself. The Jedi Way is 
certainly not an easy one -- isn't that what they told you, Octavia? Yes .... 
I'm sure they did. I heard it from many Jedi ...before they died standing up 
for their feeble creed." 

Octavia had heard that phrase, her father had told her that, as well as her 
grandmother. She herself had seen that it wasn't easy, for she had left 
friends and family to pursue what the force led her to believe was her 
destiny. And here she stood throwing a temper tantrum like a child. She 
could only nod at the Emperor. "Yes, it is not an easy path. Anymore than 
yours is." 

"I find you intelligent, despite your pitiful choices...and somehow it seems 
to me that you have figured out the sources behind these strange dreams and 
experiences in this virtual cell my daughter has put you in. Why don't you 
use your wits and find an escape hatch? I'm watching and waiting...I'll help 
you myself if I have to. You MUST become a Jedi." The Emperor's laughter 
echoed across the 'garden'. 

"You MUST become a Jedi, You must become a Jedi..." 

Octavia watched as the Emperor vanished. Only the sound of the waterfall was 
behind her. An escape hatch? So Alida was right there was a way out. Only 
question was how to find it. Rising from the bench Octavia walked over to 
the edge of the water and stared down the long cliff. She ran her hands 
threw her hair it was damp from the mist, damp from the nervous tension of 
being close to the Emperor yet again. 

It had been another trick another game on her captures part. Was Medenna 
really with her or a memory, and what of Alida and Kali? She needed to get 
out of this world before she grew quiet insane. 

Glancing up to the top of the waterfall the sun giving the illusion that it 
was sparkling. "Where are your words of wisdom now Master Skywalker, or your 
father?" she spoke softly not caring if they heard her or not. They knew 
enough about her already, knew too much. The Emperor wanted her to succeed 
at being a Jedi, he wanted his spies to inform him when she was knighted all 
for his enjoyment. 

Searching deep down Octavia knew she wanted that as well, but not for his 
enjoyment, not for his game of power struggle, but for herself and the 
knowledge that the Jedi were the only ones holding off the dark from 
consuming the galaxy forever. 

"It's not an easy life." Qui-Gon's voice came to her. Octavia nodded and 
turned away from the falls. No it wasn't an easy life, but it was the only 
one for her. 

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