A Night of Turmoil Brings Thoughts of Battle

By Geri Kittrell

Kirienne NigheanSidhe lay tossing and turning in the massive bed that she shared with her husband, Tylen BardanSidhe. Although she had not taken more than a few hours of sleep in total over the past week or so, sleep eluded her this night. Her mind was reeling with a storm of emotions she had thought never to experience.  She sat up and shook Tylen, who was having no trouble sleeping. He reacted as a warrior, waking quickly and reaching for the long dagger that lay concealed beneath his pillow.  His actions gave Kirienne some small amusement and she giggled lightly as she spoke, “Milord husband, ‘tis glad I am to see your reflexes still so quick but ye have no need of that blade this night, nothing fell has entered here.”

With a slight wave of his hand, Tylen caused the candles in the wall sconces to light themselves. He took a look into Kirienne’s pewter eyes and

frowned at what he saw there; her mirthful giggle had been but a mask of her true mood. Her powerful eyes could not hide the emotion that had gripped her during the night, an emotion that very rarely came upon those of their

race. If Tylen read her correctly, and from a lifetime of knowing her, he was sure he had, her eyes told him that a spell of melancholy had come upon her,

ensorcelling her sometime during the night.

He drew her tightly into his arms as he saw a single tear slide down her cheek. As he stroked and tenderly kissed her hair he asked, “What troubles ye so me heart?”

            “Naught me love,” she tried to reassure him, but being unable to tell a falsehood she failed miserably.

“I see pain in yer eyes, lass, what be the cause of it?” He queried.

            Her response was a kiss and a gentle nudge of a ‘sleep spell’ which

encouraged him to return to sleep –he had gone without sleep far longer that she, it had been over two weeks since he took any real rest and the nudge of her spell took effect quickly.

He had just entered into a deep, dreamless sleep when she shook him awake and asked, “Oh Ty me love, do ye think they remember us?  Do ye think they have even sparred us a stray thought in all these years?”

            “Who?” He mumbled in a sleepy voice, unsure of what or whom she was speaking.

            Kirienne snuggled closer against him, her face buried against his chest, “The Alliance, lad, do ye think they even cared when SilverFlight fell? Or were we only an expendable weapon in their eyes?”

The tall Sidhe placed a finger under his wife’s chin and lifted her face so that he could gaze into her eyes. He became troubled as he saw the turmoil of her heart reflected there.

            “Me dearest lass, I dinna recall in alla me days ever seeing you in such a mood. What has caused this grief to yer heart?”

Kirienne snuggled even more closely against her husband, and as he held her she finally gave voice to what lay so heavily on her heart.

“I am wondering, love, are there any yet with the Alliance who remember us?  Are there any yet there who were comrades in some battle or another, or have they gone on to other lives or been felled in battle?

Tylen, what of those I fought side by side with on those many missions that took me to Port Lansing?  What has become of them?  Are they all so long gone to the stars that they dinna call on me for aid in the battle? Oh, me love, I be sworn for all the rest of the days of time to fight against the darkness but none call me to the fray. Have we been forgotten by those we would defend?"

            Tylen pressed his lips to hers, thinking it the most pleasurable way to quiet her.  When he parted from the kiss he spoke softly, “Milady, I canna guess as to their fates nor to their memories, but I can hazard a guess at your

receiving no call. Dearest, they be mortals, most of whom dinna believe in the ‘old ways’, so they have kenning as to your abilities ‘beyond the grave’ as it were. Kirienne, lass, the Alliance has record that we fell in battle and ‘tis no the way of mortals to call upon a ghost, even in need.  Be ye willing to accept it or no, to them we are nothing more.”

            Kirienne moved from the bed to sit in her throne-like chair, poured herself a glass of wine and drank deeply before giving voice to her new thoughts.  As she spoke, a slight smile began to crease her lips and a twinkle of mischievousness danced in her eyes.

“Oh, me thinks there is a way..”

            There was no response from her husband who had yet again fallen back to sleep. She set the goblet of wine down on the small table next to her chair, and crept silently to the bed.  When she judged her distance to be just right, she leapt into the air and landed, quite gently, atop her life-bonded mate.  Before he could react, she began smothering him with playful kisses.

Tylen slowly opened one eye, not wanting to reveal to Kirienne just yet that he was awake. He was basking in the attention being lavished upon him and did not want to spoil the moment.  Soon, her kisses stopped and she began to softly sing snatches of an old battle tune while playfully braiding his hair.  The object of Kirienne’s attentions could no longer play at being asleep; in one quick, smooth motion he moved his wife to sit beside him as he sat himself up.

            He commented lightly, a smile of mischief upon his face, “ Well now,

this mood is more to my liking. ‘Tis glad I am to see you free from the spell which had you bound in melancholy.”

            “Ah, me dearest”, she replied. “I have thought me a way to join the fight whether they welcome us or no; our comrades who now carry me banner even as they fight at times alongside the Alliance, will surely no turn us away.  We will simply go to the battle dance with them. They at least will show us a warriors hospitality and fight at our sides.”

            Soon Kirienne was sleeping peacefully, looking quite the picture of innocence, except for the slight mischievous grin, which still creased her lips.



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