An Unexpected Reunion

by Janice Mergenhagen, Ginna Wilcoxen, Geri Kittrell for Debbie Silverberg

(OOC This RP takes place soon after the interrogation of Octavia and
Kaliandra and before Psylocke's visit and Xanatos' marriage

The doors to Vader's quarters snapped shut as he entered the darkened
room quickly.  Still fatigued from his successive missions and yet
another one beckoning,  the call of his meditation chamber was
irresistible.  He paused at the comm unit, activating it.  "Alert my
shuttle that I shall be returning to the EXECUTOR within the hour.  I
will have our destination when I arrive." Vader eased himself into
the chair at the center of the spherical room, and as the mechanisms
descended to release his armor, prepared anxiously for a short

    * * * * * * *

Octavia wasn't sure how much time had elapsed since the
interrogation.  Meditation had eluded her, and all she could think of
was Kaliandra, and how she was. Then, in mid step she suddenly felt
the Force surge through her again.  Immediately she reached out
looking for Kaliandra, but frowned when she found nothing.  Fear
threatened to overpower her.  She struggled to calm herself, needing
to remain alert.  What was going to happen next?

Almost immediately  the door opened and Lord Vader entered the cell.
She had sensed his dark presence in the corridor, and she was sure he
had registered her fear,  then concern at not being able to sense

Vader fixed her with a silent stare.  "We have some further business
to discuss," he finally said.

Octavia regarded him,  bringing her fear under control.  "I don't see
what that could be."

His reply was one word, "Xanatos."

Octavia crossed her arms in front of her.  "What of him?"  Memories
of his tauntings and hatred came back to her, as well as his pleasure
at torture for torture's sake.

"Tell me what you know of him."

She considered the request,  and regardless of everything he had done
to her, she was reluctant to put him in the same position she was now
facing.  She remembered his hesitation when she had spoken about her
grandfather, his master.  Maybe that was reason enough.   "He's. .
.misguided. . . by his hate of the Jedi. . .especially. ." she
stopped.  "He's misguided."

"Where can I find him?"  Vader demanded.

"I don't know, I'm not in charge of his schedule!" was her answer.

"I need to know where to find him, not your opinions of his mental

Immediately her thoughts flew back to her last meeting with Xanatos
and the feelings her grandfather still had for him, the hesitation
she had felt from him for a brief second.  "I'm sorry, but we don't
keep in close contact."

Changing his tactics, Vader asked, "Why does he hate the Jedi?"

Octavia studied the figure before her.  "He. . ." she hesitated.  "He
has issues with the old order.  Not that you would understand!"  she
spat angrily, but even as she finished, she glanced around her cell.
There was...something stirring in the Force. . .what could be causing
it. . .did the Dark Lord feel it, too?

"The old order no longer exists.  Was he once a Jedi?"

Octavia lowered her eyes briefly.  "He was a Padawan."

"And never completed his training?"

Octavia felt a calmness come over her and welcomed it.  Her voice
became more sure.  "Yes, he left of his own accord.  To pursue his

Vader chuckled.  "And what Master was responsible for this failure?"

"It was not the failure of the Master.  Xanatos fell into greed, the
lust for power," she said a bit sharply.

The stirring in the Force had gotten stronger.  She thought she
recognized it.

"The Master always shares equal responsibility for the failure of a
Padawan.  . ."

Suddenly Vader heard a voice, quietly in his mind,  "You will release
my Granddaughter!"

"My grandfather didn't fail him,"  Octavia cut in as Vader fell
silent.  "Xanatos turned his back on the Jedi. . .," she started to
continue, but froze as the figure of Qui-Gon Jinn materialized
between them.  Octavia smiled slightly, but it disappeared quickly,
as Vader said, "So this is where her arrogance comes from."

"Anakin, I see you have lost your good-naturedness, as well as your
desire to do good with your gift."

"That name no longer has any meaning to me."

"You are Anakin Skywalker.  You have only forgotten.

"I haven't forgotten the lies the Jedi teach."

"You. . .know him?"  Octavia asked looking at Qui-Gon.

"I was going to train him, Octavia.  That is until I was cut down by
Darth Maul."

"Ah, yes.  The first of the Emperor's agents."

"You can't hide the good in you from me, Anakin.  I know it is still

Octavia looked at her grandfather, then back to the dark looming
figure before her.  Did he have a hatred for Qui-Gon as well?

"You still have this misguided adherence to the ways of the old Jedi

"I did not plan to die, Anakin.  I had to fight the Jedi Council
every step of the way, but I was going to train you, no matter what
they said.  I remember the young Annie, so full of good and wanting,
more than anything, to be a Jedi."

Octavia shook her head.  The Jedi Council. . . she wondered if the
old one was as closed minded as the one currently on Yavin.

Octavia could sense Vader's anger as he replied, "They were afraid of
me from the beginning.  They're outdated CODE caused their own

"Your arrogance has grown with your skill,"  Qui-Gon said quietly.

"I have become the most powerful Jedi ever.  And you obviously didn't
adhere to ALL the Jedi rules if this is your granddaughter."

Octavia looked at Qui-Gon as questions filled her mind.  'Jedi
rules?  Did they ban falling in love and children?'

"Who are you to question my adherence to the Jedi Code and my oaths?"
Qui-Gon asked mildly.

"What good did that do any of you?"  Vader grumbled.

"At least I kept my honor.  I did not sell it for a quick way to dark
power as you did to Senator Palpatine."

"This discussion is pointless.  I came to find out where to locate
this Xanatos. Perhaps you can convince her to tell me what I want to

"Why do you want him?"  Octavia asked, her attention fixed on
Qui-Gon.  Did he want his former padawan injured?

"That is none of your concern."

"I won't turn him over to be tortured, regardless of what he has done
to me or others," she finally stated.  "He deserves the opportunity
to change." She turned toward Qui-Gon.  "He can, if given the right

"If you do not tell me what I need to know soon, I will simply
reactivate the Force-dampeners and put an end to this tiresome

"He's not totally lost,"  Qui-Gon's voice softly purred in Octavia's
mind.  The Dark Lord didn't react at all.   "This is not all
hopeless, young one."

"For the last time, where can I find Xanatos?"  Vader rumbled

"Easy for you to say," she replied to her grandfather.

"Remain calm,"  Qui-Gon counseled.

She turned to Vader and said, "Last I saw Xanatos, he was on

"And when exactly did you see him on Arridor?"

"A few months ago, when he tried to kill me. . .and a few others."

"That is a place to start.  He shouldn't be hard to track from

"Why are Kaliandra and I being held?  We've done nothing wrong."
Octavia wondered if, in answering Vader questions, their lives were

Vader sneered, "Much as I loathe ending this touching moment, now
that I have the information I want, there is no need to continue.
You will be informed soon about your fate."

"Release them now, Anakin," Qui-Gon interjected urgently.  "I would
think twice about your decision if I were you."

"Why do you hate us so?"  Octavia asked.

"You no longer have any hold over me," Vader said,  obviously not to
Octavia.  He turned, exited the room and immediately the Force
dampeners were reactivated.

Qui-Gon had disappeared immediately, as the Force was once again
forbidden.  Why did she leave the safety of the Electra for the
Jedi?  Why was she now so concerned about Xanatos De'Cruet's fate?
A tear rolled down Octavia's cheek as she slowly sank to the floor.

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