Unknown Future

Courtney Kraft and Ginna Wilcoxen

The peace of the woods was calming on her nerves and the company was
welcomed.  Looking over at her friend Octavia was so glad they took time
off from their studies to go on this hike.  They both had their hair
pulled back to keep it out of their faces.

Psylocke stopped by the riverbank and held a hand over her eyes to shield
them form the sun.  "Yup, this is Toluca River."

"Are you sure?" Octavia followed Psylocke's gaze.

"I'm pretty sure. The falls should be a little bit that way." She pointed
to her right. "This is one of the cleanest rivers on Yavin Four." She
looked at Octavia.  "Don't you think so?"

Octavia nodded in agreement glad that her friend was in such a good mood.
"It does look pretty clean, shall we continue and confirm that it is the
right river?" Octavia joked. "Or do you want to just keep hiking until we
come full circle?"

Psylocke nodded and shifted her backpack slightly. "Yes, let's."

They continued to walk downstream. They stopped about a quarter of a
mile, and watched as the river started flowing faster, the rocks were
easy to see in rough water as it rushed over them.  Not stopping they
continued for the next leg of their journey after another quarter mile
they reached the top of the falls.

"Oh wow! This was worth the hike."

"The view is beautiful up here." Octavia adjusted her pack looking down.
"I'm so glad you suggested it, Psylocke, I don't think I would have came
up alone."

The falls were about 100 feet up and dropped into the river below. The
water looked fairly deep once one would get away from the rocks
immediately below.  The sound was overpowering.

"Thanks for coming with me. Not too many people are up for the
adventure." Psylocke dropped her backpack a few feet from her and began
to take off her shoes.

"I'm always up for a healthy walk and adventure isn't as bad as they say
it is." Octavia glanced at her. "What are you doing?"

Psylocke smiled as she took off her sunglasses and continued to peel off
her hiking top and pants. "Going for an adventure." She paused looking
over the edge. "Do you like diving?"

Octavia dropped her backpack as well thinking about Psylocke's
suggestion. "I've never done it. Swimming yes, diving no."

Psylocke chuckled. "Well I suppose you can just jump it. There's a trick
though." She looked Octavia up and down. "Uh...you might want to take off
your shoes and extra clothing though."

Octavia gave her a side wards glance then nodded. "Okay, why not?"
Octavia removed her shoes and top and pants. "What's the trick?"

"Well normal people can't make this kind of jump. It's too shallow right
below the falls. The trick is to use the Force to carry yourself far
enough past the rocks and into deeper water...hence why more people can't
enjoy this!"

"Sounds simple enough." Octavia agreed. "Shall we do it?" Octavia
stopped. "Is there anything else I should know?"

"If you scream on the way down...it's more fun." Psylocke raised her
eyebrows. "Ready?"

Octavia took a breath then nodded she felt the force around her and knew
that she could use it to propel her to safety. "Ready!"

Psylocke held out her hand for Octavia to take. Very carefully, they step
onto a large flat rock at the very edge of the falls. Looking at each
other they nodded as they prepared to jump at the same time.

"Let's go!" Psylocke hollered. Then the women took a step and leaped off
the rock. Psylocke threw her weight forward into a dive.
"Wooooow---hoooo!"  She reached out with the Force and propelled herself
further out into the stream.

"Wooooow--hoooo!" Octavia echoed as she threw her weight forward with
Psylocke feeling the force as it propelled them out into the deeper part
of the falls. Enjoying the warmth of the water as it rushed to cover them
as they hit the water.

Psylocke dived into the water in perfect form; she swam a few feet
forward enjoying the feeling of the water and the sensation that the free
fall had given her when she finally surfaced. "Ah ha! That was so cool!"

"That was quite execrating," Octavia agreed smiling at Psylocke.

Psylocke started to swim toward the bank to pull herself out. "Oh yeah!
There's just one problem."

"Going back up to get our stuff?"  Octavia questioned, not wanting to
make that hike back in bare feet and half-naked.

Psylocke finished pulling herself out of the water, looking back up the
falls she bit her lip. "Yeah..." Then she dropped her head and started
breaking up in laughter.

Octavia glanced at her friend, then began to laugh as well.  Turning her
attention to the top of the falls, she climbed onto dry land. "Well, we
always could use the force to pull them down to us," she laughed, "after
all the masters don't have to know we were lazy."

"Or we could hike up there half-naked," Psylocke replied with a slight
grin. "But I think I like your idea better."

Octavia smiled slyly. "It'd be easier than hiking up there."

"Well I doubt there's anyone around for miles. How about we go to the
base of the falls and stand under them for a bit?" Psylocke paused. "Our
stuff should be safe up there."

"I don't think anyone will be around for a while, and even if there was I
still think our stuff is safe," Octavia agreed.

They started backtracking toward the falls. It wasn't very far at all.
Carefully, they waded into the water, and used the smooth, eroded rocks
to support. "I love nature," Psylocke said. "I've read about these falls
before, but I never had the chance to visit."

"You're more than welcome to come here to enjoy the falls. As for nature,
yes I love it as well. I especially enjoy the feeling of the living force
from all the life."

Psylocke looked back at Octavia with a puzzled look. "What?" she says
more loudly. "It's a bit hard to hear so close to the falls."

Octavia raised her voice "I said I agree! And you should come here more

Psylocke shook her head and held her hands under the downpour. "Ha! Yeah
right. Visit Yavin IV, land of the Jedi. That's a good one."

Octavia glanced at Psylocke "It's not that bad is it!" she said, touching
the water with a smile. "After all we did have fun didn't we!" Octavia
tossed some water toward Psylocke.
"Yeah..." she replied slowly. "Why did I even say that? ^Huh..." She
stepped forward and allowed the falls to rush down her backside. "It's
like having bricks fall on you! But it sure does feel good."

Octavia joined Psylocke under the falls. "I think I could stay here

"It would be nice. But all things must come to an end eventually."
"Eventually!" Octavia agreed, "BUT not now."

"You said it!" Psylocke leaned back even further, getting her entire body
drenched again.

The duo stayed under the falls long enough to potentially form bruises,
then they retreated from the water. They manage to telekinetically pull
their camping gear down to them. They dried off and dressed then headed
back toward the direction they came from. About fifteen minutes later,
Psylocke stopped.

"Can I have the map?"

Octavia handed it to her. "We can't be lost."

Opening the map Psylocke traced her finger over it. "Well...we should
have come across a path by now. Hrm." She studied the map further. "You
know, it might be best if we backtrack toward the river and follow it
east till about here." She pointed to a marker on the map. "It looks like
there is some kind of old rebel outpost there. It might have been
converted into a ranger's watchtower. From there, if we head south, we
should make it back okay. It might be a little out of the way, but I
think we can handle it."

Octavia stretched her shoulders. "After that jump and the water I think
we can take on anything."

Psylocke nodded, and pulled her compass out of her pocket. She looked
down at it, shook it a bit and then frowned. "Aw crap. I think I busted
it when my bag fell that last ten feet." She tossed it to the ground. "I
suppose we could just turn around and try to head back the way we
came...listen for the river?"

"Sure, it will be another adventure. After all we can reach out with the
Force to pinpoint the river."

"Can you do that? I didn't know if was possible."

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