by Bernadette M. Crumb

Location: Meditation clearing on Yavin

Jerella settled down next to Rob in their favorite meditation spot, the sun 
warmed rock relaxing her muscles as she smiled at him, then closed her eyes 
to seek her center. Her breathing rate slowed and deepened, and her 
heartbeat took on a new, soothing rhythm as the stresses of the day retreated.

As the sharp awareness of the physical world faded away, she felt herself 
enveloped by the living energy field of the Force, and opened her mind to 
it, allowing it to take her where it would.

A starfield swirled about her, coalescing into a single system with a 
gleaming, living world swelling in her awareness. About the world darted a 
myriad of starships coming and going to the landbound starport, while 
others proceeded in stately orbit. A single ship--a Carack class light 
cruiser part of her recognized--became the focus of the vision. Having no 
control over it, she was swooped into the vessel's small docking bay, past 
the sigils that denoted the ship's name: DIRJHA.

Her Force senses expanded in the bay, becoming aware of the aura of 
Darkness and pulling back from it, as if to avoid being detected. Then, she 
was moving through a series of ventilation ducts, maintenance accessways 
and mazelike corridors: left, right, right, straight ahead, right, down, 
left, left... There was a sense of caution, yet a sense of urgency as well. 
The endless passage finally opened up before a door with "authorized 
personnel only" emblazoned on it.

The door slid open before her, exposing a room with what appeared to be 
several bacta tanks arranged along the back wall. The vision carried her 
past the control consoles, up to the tanks which she realized were 
occupied. The bodies which hung suspended in them were motionless except 
for the movements of breathing, and the faces were semi-obscured by the 
life support masks across the lower faces. An older woman, a young woman, a 
girl... then the last... The face seen through the clear liquid expanded in 
Jerella's "sight" until, even with the support mask on it, recognition sent 
her slamming back the way she'd come, reversing her path at high speed 
through the ship, through the docking bay, through the system, out into 
space, until she...

...Started awake with a cry. "Octavia!"

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