Waking up Blind

By Dora Furlong

Somthing solid made contact with her midsection. Not once, but twice. On the second blow she reached up and grabbed the offending object, twisting until her ears were greeted with a string of profanity and a sharp wrap landed upon her knuckles.

"Git yerself up." A midsized ruddish woman told her. "Let go o' me foot and git up...you ain't paid up, but till half an hour ago."

Lyz frowned and released the matron's foot. Her eyes swetpt the tiny room, taking in her surroundings. The bed roll she laid on was the only furnishing in the room, if one could call it that. The rumble from the floor told her she was near, if not in a space port.

"Will?" The wmoan demanded, "If yer wantin food then it'll be same as all th' uthers." SHe jerked her thumb behind her, indicating a kitchen.

Blood rushed to her head as she sat up, lyzoun dropped her hand, checking her blasters and creds. To her relief evertyhing was still there. She frowned, "How'd I get here?"

"Hmmmp." she huffed in disapproval, "T' drunk was ya t' 'member yer guys bringin ya in."

Lyzoun stood, brushing her shoulder length blond hair out of the way, revealing smooth chiseled features, "How many?" she turned her sapphire gaze to the old woman.

"Yer time's upin I got customers t' watchover."

She regarded her reluctant host for a time then nodded, producing a handful of credits. She bit back the wry smile threatening to form when the woman's eyes went wide. "This'll pay for a morning meal and repair any inconvenience I have caused you."

Cautiosly the Matron accepted the creds and nodded, her features softened, "Y'all cam in last night...you'd drunk nuff 'lready...so whens you'd passed out here they'd paid y'up fer the night and ask'd fer a place t' put ya."

She nodded, listening to the woman, last thing she remembered was finishing her contract with Collin MacDermott and picking up a Xanatos Du'Cruet. Hell of a job that had been too. "Right...Thanks."

A toothy grin apeared, "You's wantin food now." She stepped back into the kitchen, "DeGraffie."

"Yeah." Came the gruff response.

"Take the miss here and git her all set in the cantina."

A short stodgy man in what Lyz cuold only imagine passed for a waiters uniform appeared around the corner. He looked more like a dwarf species of some meta-human than he did an actual human. He looked up at her, "Awake now huh." he commented. When she didn't reply he nodded, "Right...this way then." He turned and walked out.

Lyz followed cautiously, she didn't like this, she watched as she passed through the kitchen into the main area. To her surprise the sign read, "Molithauv's". She smiled to herself realizing this must be a cantina attempting to mimic the success of the one time Port Lansing Cantina Molotov's Coctails. She glanced around, hesitating at the entrance to the dining area. The clientelle was diverse and they were surprisingly busy for this hour of the morning.

The small being peered up at her, "Miss?"

She shook her head and followed him to a corner table and ordered her meal. Watching the others present, hoping she could put the missing piece's together.

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