Mysterious Watcher at Arena Games

By Lady Viper

Watching the fighting was getting boring. She needed new entertainment.She missed watching pod races, wondering if they even held those anymore. Her mind returned to the scene playing out before her was sometimes dark, but then the force could be just as light as dark. The figured stood back from the crowds watching the fighters in the arena. So many force users, so many to watch. A sly wicked smile crossed the face of the tall female. She had gamble and won a lot on these games. To bad, it would end soon. But all good things come to an end. Looking down in the arena, she watched as the Jedi died, shaking her head, another one she would not get to hunt down. She turned when she sensed something or someone watching her. Placing her hand on butt of her pistol, she mentally shielded herself. She had spent too much time at these games. Time to collect her winnings and move on. Maybe it was time to visit Port Lansing station.

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