A Proper Welcome Part 1

By Dora Furlong, MaryAlyce Rensa, and Rob Smith

A stinging sensation roused her. At first it was merely irritating but
it refused to go away. It increased in intensity until she could ignore
it no further. Her chest felt as if it were going to implode and her ears
rang. It was worse than any hang over she had ever experienced.
Then she began to be aware of a voice.

"On your feet, Lieutenant." Her attention was drawn to a slender figure
in black and silver, with flyaway blond hair, icy blue eyes, and a
killer's smile. "The Colonel wants you IN her office NOW!"

Anastazya worked to pull herself up, but noticed the pain wasn't going
away. The agony was evident on her face, but none-the-less, she slowly
stood and followed the man.


Darana sat watching the scene play out before her. Anastazya was indeed
going to be a handful. Questioning those placed in charge of her, refusing
to answer questions, easily irritated, talking back to her
superiors... everything indicated a problem with authority. Her
interview had been less than positive.

A familiar sensation approached the office, it was Michael. She reached
out to him through their link, *Send her in alone. DO NOT enter with

*Yes mother.* Michael responded flatly.


The pair meandered down several flights of stairs, through corridors, and
security checkpoints. Finally, they entered a foyer and the young
man held a door open for her. "I will accompany you no further. Proceed
to the next door and enter. She is expecting you."

Anastazya, hesitated, attempted to straighten her posture, but barely, as
standing at all was a feat as the pain continued. She wondered what
that SOB had given her, as she walked through the door.


Darana stood, looking out the window over the moat. She felt the pilot
enter and turned to face her before she could speak a word. "Do you know
why you are here, Lieutenant?" She inquired, very slowly, very
carefully, emphasizing each word. This afforded time for Anastazya to
take in Darana's uniform with her red guard insignia and household
insignia along with her silver hair, red eyes, and fangs. She watched
and 'felt' for any reaction the pilot would give.

Anastazya was standing as close to attention as she could muster with
all the pain, and raised an eyebrow at the sight of the Colonel, to
match her first thought... "interesting," but she was hardly in a
condition to make an impression.

Just as Lt Rowan was about to answer, Shade, now dressed in his fighting
attire, stepped forward. Wearing a tailored loose fitting pirate shirt,
black pants and laced knee-high soft leather boots, his double bladed
saber hanging from a tied leather belt, Shade smiled the exact same
smile she last saw on his face.

Anastazya almost went sheet white. She felt her pulse increase and
caught herself holding her breath. She wanted very much to leave the
room, but found that she couldn't move. She just stared at her torturer,
obviously the one who gave her whatever poison still wreaked havoc in
her system now. She almost glared.

"Lieutenant." Darana barked, "Answer the question." She sat down then
quickly added, "And, if you find something here intriguing you may keep
it to yourself."

Anastazya turned back to the Colonel, did her best to straighten up and
tried to stop shaking, and replied, "I believe I am here to be
interviewed to be your personal pilot."  She hesitated, wanting to say
more, but considering her treatment thus far, she didn't think it was

Darana could not believe her ears, or the arrogance of the woman before
her. Without hesitation, she reached out and gripped the mind of the
other woman with her own. "Really? Think very *carefully* Lt." Darana
questioned her through closed teeth.  None too gently she began probing
the pilot's mind for the truth. "And try the answer again."

Rowan's thoughts raced, wondering what the hell was going on. She
responded slowly, trying to sort it out, "I ...... have no idea why I am
here. I thought it had to do with ....... my piloting .........

"Someone what?" Darana demanded.

"I thought I was to pilot someone... somewhere. I have no idea who or
why." Anastazya stated with some difficulty.

Darana stood and crossed to the front of the desk. Very slowly, she
began to walk around the pilot. To her credit, Anastazya remained dead
still. She was too terrified to move or think. Darana smiled inwardly.
It was the first time this girl's mind was quiet. As Darana moved behind
her, the Lt.'s eyes started to follow her, mentally she reached out to
her, *Do you not remember how to stand at attention Lt?* Darana paused
briefly, wondering if Ana would immediately correct movement. She

*Eye's front!* Echoed throughout Rowan's mind. She flinched inwardly at
the sharpness of Darana's mental command and attempted to control her
fears. It wasn't easy. Her pain wracked body screamed for her attention.

Once more Darana circled her. Moving in closer with each step, until
another step forward would cause physical contact. Darana knew better
than to touch the woman. It would only cause her to lose any control she
had at this point. Satisfied, Darana sat down once more and began to

Lost in her focus to maintain control of her pain and posture, it was
twenty minutes before Anastazya realized she was being ignored or even
that her previous tormentor had disappeared. She relaxed somewhat, once
again wondering what in the Galaxy she was doing there. Finally the pain
overwhelmed her and she had to decide, adjust slightly or pass out. She
adjusted slightly to get her circulation going, hoping that Darana would
not punish her for it.

Realizing the pilot was willing to take the potential punishment, Darana
ignored the movement. After all she wanted the woman conscious.

With a controlled exhale, Ana relaxed and once again focused on
maintaining control of the pain and her posture.

Darana stood abruptly, startling the pilot. Once again, to the other
woman's credit, she did not move. Without so much as a glance towards
her, Darana left the room. Immediately, Ana went to parade rest. 'What
the hell kind of game is this?' She wondered to herself. From the frying
pan into the fire, same game as before, but this time the interrogator
could rape her mind if the Sith chose to. A shiver passed through Rowan.
She dropped that line of thinking and allowed memories from her days at
the academy to pass through her mind.

"Did I give you permission to move Lieutenant?"

Reflexively Ana snapped back to attention, her arms and legs shaking
from the pain enhancers administered earlier. 'Academy Discipline 101,'
she laughed inwardly. These memories begin to help her ease the pain.

"You will be lucky if I *only* demote you Rowan." Darana stated from
behind her.

'Great,' Ana thought to herself, 'look what I got myself into, a
commendation one minute, and demoted the next. Humph.'

Ignoring the temptation to snap the arrogant pilot in two, Darana
pointed to the right hand side of the room, "Move. There. Now."

Anastazya moved to the best of her ability. The movements reminded
Darana of a baby bird jerkily trying to take it's first steps. Ana's
thoughts wandered back to her recent mission and the post she helped
save, but her thoughts couldn't hide the first signs of trembling from
the current condition of her body. She wondered if this situation is
worse than when she thought she would die in battle, then decides that
as long as she lived, there's still the chance for her to fly. Then she
noticed Darana drinking blood. Immediately she pushed that knowledge to
the side and began thinking about the officer on the last shuttle. He
had been a potential suitor...until she learned he was married.

Her arms and legs began to shake uncontrollably.

Darana hit a button on her desk, opening up a wall panel behind
Anastazya. She pressed another button and the interview with Shade
began to play.

The world swirled around her. Ana tried to fight it, "Ma'am..I can't
stay.." Darana looked up at her and watched as the pilots eyes rolled up
inside her head and she collapsed to the floor.

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