A Proper Welcome Part 3

By: Dora Furlong, MaryAlyce Rensa, and Rob Smith

Before Ana could say anything, Darana forwarded the recording once more.
This time she stopped it in mid-hesitation. The discussion revovled 
around a young Jedi-Trainee named Derrick. 

"Now," Darana began, "You will tell me everything you know about this
Jedi Derrick."

Suddenly the Lieutenant paled, feeling shocked, and then highly

Darana noted the blush rising in the young woman's cheeks, "There is
no room here for your emotional concerns. You will not hesitate to 
answer me again."

It was very evident from her thoughts, that Ana was romantically
interested in this young man. Darana wondered briefly if the pilot
was husband searching and thus interested in every male that turned
her eye.

"Yes Ma'am." She replied, "He told me stories of the Empire doing
evil things to people and wanted to know why I served the Imperial
Service. He said he could get me a pilot job with the Alliance, and
I refused." She paused a moment, then continued, "He .. he is
handsome and was really nice to me... and I developed feelings for
him." She paused again, collecting her thoughts, "But he has not
asked me since to change my allegiance, and I have not seen nor heard
from him in over a year," she finished.

"I do not know where he is, what he is doing," she added.

"Is there anything more?" Darana inquired.

She blushed again. "I ..... still have feelings for him." She felt
horribly embarrassed. "I wrote to him once, but he never wrote back," 
she said, sounding disappointed. Yet she felt a conflict, since her 
allegiance is with her Imperial Service, and his is being a rebel. 

Darana made a mental note of her conflict and disappointement. However,
she decides, there is a deeper issue here that may very well require a
session all of it's own. Perhaps Lilith or even Eric, Darana decides. 
Yes Eric would rather enjoy the pain he would feel from this one. She 
just wasn't sure Eric would be as educational in his implemetation as 
Darana would require the session to be.  

Lt. Rowan sat there, very embarrased for her feelings, then tried to 
control herself again, focusing on staying attuned to answering 
questions and keeping them simple. 

Without comment, Darana forwarded the recording yet again. Ana has
quite clearly rolled her eyes at Shade. 

Ana watched, feeling the pressure less than she had been. Her reaction 
is anger at herself for her previous actions and she mentally chides 
herself as 'stupid'.

Darana laughs aloud, "Good, you see the folly of reactions."

'And if I had known what that SOB was going to do to me later....' then 
she stopped the thought, stopped the anger, and focused..... 'Accept the 
mistakes. Can't do a damn thing about them now anyway,' she told
herself, and tried to relax a little bit. But she was clearly still 
tense. Then tensed more and was shocked when she realized Darana had 
laughed. And then remembered, Darana was also listening to her thoughts. 

Darana smiled almost predatorily at her. "Yes Anastayza, I heard that.
And what he did is nothing compared to what I am going to do to you."

Uncertain what to make of Darana's comment, she thought about her recent
experiences. 'What now? Worse than gripping pain? Losing consciousness?
Being mind r....' she stopped her thought and simply gave in to the
inevitable. 'Ok, what happens, happens. Period.'

"Much better," Darana nodded to her in approval, "you finally understand 
that you are not in control here."

'Oh I got that right.' She almost laughed at herself, then caught 
herself in time and just accepted the statement of the situation. 

"So." Darana began, then moved behind the desk and sat down again.
Her manner suddenly professional, "You are an arrogant pilot, you
seek adrenaline rushes, have a problem with authority, you constantly
question your superiors, and you have a moral dilemma about your
loyalities to the Empire."

At first Anastayza Rowan thought she was finally understood by this
woman, then returned to her perpetual state of confusion, 'What moral... 
oh' she realized, and then thought about how the few could save the many 
and thought about the moral lesson there. 

"What exactly would you do if you were in my situation?" Darana asked 
her in all seriousness.

While taken by surprise, Ana had an answer ready, "Ma'am I am a good
pilot. If you are in need of one, I am would serve you obediantly,"
she replied. "If you needed an Imperial officer to represent you or
do things for you that did not involve piloting, I would not be your
best choice," she added, sincerely, knowing she has her issues with

Darana gritted her teeth once again. How was she ever going to get
through to this woman. She so hated to waste life. "Again you do not
answer my question."

Ana's thoughts went on to how there was no conflict regarding her duties
as a pilot.  

"Alright Lt. Let's try this another way... you are on a mission.... you 
come up against your jedi..... you must kill him or allow us to be taken 
prisoner..what do you do?" 

Not following along until the question is reworded and she hears the
word mission, then she understood. Then .... facing Derrick? Shit. 
"Ma'am, if I am piloting a ship, and faced with an enemy ship, I will 
protect my crew and cargo from the enemy."

"DID I SAY You were on a SHIP?" Darana yelled, losing all patience. 

She started to reply, "I am not skilled in hand to hand combat, and
would not be a good choice for such situations, Ma'am. I am a 
pilot...."  Suddenly the world changed, Ana was disoriented and 
confused. First, she was being shot at then her ship crashed and her
passengers were unconscious. Recent memories of Darana and Shade were
pushed aside and gone as she began to react to the weapon fire.

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