A Proper Welcome Part 4

By: Dora Furlong, MaryAlyace Rensa, and Rob Smith

Ana pulled the unconscious forms of her passengers to safety, making
certain they won't get hit by stray blaster bolts. She pulled out her
own blaster, 'Wish I knew how to use this better.'

Out of the smoke and debris a lone figure approached her. Anastazya
is shocked and momentarily stunned as recognition set in on her. From
behind her one of her passengers woke up and began firing at him.

The man took cover and returned fire, taking out the Imperial threat 
to his life. 

"Derrick?," she yelled at the figure, "What the hell is this about?" 

"Ana is that you?" He called out to the pilot. 

"Yes, stay back," she ordered him. 

"I can't do that." He responded, "I have my own orders to protect our

"These officers are unconscious. They can't hurt anyone," she yelled

"Yeah well, the others can!" He responded, firing at another Imperial 
approaching him. 

"What others?" She asked, suddenly becoming concerned. 

"Look, Ana, just stun the ones near you...and you will all be 
unharmed." He offered. 

"STOP your fire, Derrick. I TOLD you these people can't hurt anyone," 
she yelled in a more commanding tone this time. 

As if from nowhere, Ana noticed another Imperial not more than five
feet from her. The acrid smoke from blaster singed metal greeted her

"Derrick, for the LAST TIME, I am telling you to BACK OFF.  These
people can't hurt anyone." She indicated the other approaching
Imperials, "Leave them. I can stop them from firing on you, if you
stop firing on them!" She never knew he would be like this. This is
not how he had treated her before.

Shaking off her thoughts she moved quickly, and began yelling out to
the approaching Imperials, ordering them to hold their fire. They
greet her orders with accusing looks, questioning her sanity.

She turned her attention back to the approaching rebels. She heard
their shouted orders to surrender and was immediately filled with
conflict and anxiety. "Derrick, call off your rebels.  We can work
something out without everyone getting killed.  BACK OFF!" she yelled
out, the anxiety and desperation evident in her voice.

"They are not under my command...." Derrick fell under attack of a
nearby Imperial. He was now in a hand to hand fight for his life.

Ana stood there, her weapon in hand. The conflict raged inside her,
but she knew her duty. Immediately, she ran to the craft and began
planting explosives near the fuselage. Her orders were clear and she
would follow them through to the end. Tears began to stream down her
face as she worked.

When finished, she returned to her first position, to see Derrick go
down, and rebels coming in from several avenues. Crying, she pushed
the trigger in her hand.

The explosion was large, taking out herself, Derrick, her passengers,
and everyone else within the immediate vicinity.

If the scene had played out in any other manner, Darana knew that Ana
would have considered surrendering and carrying out her orders
later.  Slowly, she extracted herself from the pilot's mind and
brought her back to the present.

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