A Proper Welcome Part 6

By: Dora Furlong, MaryAlyce Rensa, and Rob Furlong

Darana was pleased with Lt. Rowan's decision. She nodded to the pilot,
then smiled, "Do you know who I am?"

"You are a Colonel in the Red Guard, I believe, but I do not know your
name, Ma'am," Anastazya replied.

Darana smiled easily, it had been a test to see how long it took the
pilot to inquire who she was. To her credit, the pilot never
questioned her, more likely than not, it was because she was in
uniform. "I am Darana Surragar Cairnfell Aresein Davis, and the
gentleman who escorted you down here was my son Michael."

"Yes, Colonel Davis," she replied.

An imperceptible tension ran throughout Darana, "You may refer to me
as Lady Darana."

"Yes Ma'am." Ana responded, confused.

"It is rare when my I am referred to by military rank or title these says."

"Yes ma'am."

"I am granting you probationary status in this household. Which means
I do not fully trust you." She paused then added, "For reasons you
are already, painfully, aware." Hoping this would drive her point
home to the young pilot. "I expect you to maintain accommodations
close to here.  You will most likely be spending most of your time
here so you will be granted guest accommodations for those times you
can not or are unable to return to your own quarters."

"I have acquired a residence nearby, Ma'am" she informed Darana, "Thank you,

Darana nodded, just now remembering that fact from Shade's report.
"You will give the address to Rook later today." She informed Ana,
better to get the information officially on file, "Normally, I would
require you to take up residency here. However, I wish you to have
the privacy to resolve your personal concerns before such actions

Ana nodded. "I understand Ma'am."

"You are still expected to abide by the house rules. You will attend
at least two of the three meals here a day."

"Yes, Ma'am," she responded, hoping she would remember all of this

"You will have a schedule for training that you will be expected to keep
and attend. You will attend all household meetings and because you are
living off premises you will report to medical and have a tracker
implanted... this is in case of our being separated.. or your capture by
the Alliance."

Ana replied with her usual "Yes, Ma'am," although Darana was not
convinced the pilot didn't have more to say about the tracker, "DO
you have a problem with that?"

"No ma'am." She wasn't planning on doing anything wrong anyway, so what
would the problem be with that? she thought to herself.

"There is a Jedi in this household." She paused, "Well I suppose
actually two." Darana chuckled at how Serris had suddenly become a
default member of the household. It had not been her intention, but
it had happened none the less.

'Probably being investigated.' Ana thought to herself.

"The first," Darana continued on, "Is Kylie Renoren, she is here and
will most likely conduct your training in meditation...you must learn
to still your thoughts and not project so much. The second is my

Shock permeated Ana's mind as Darana announced the second Jedi, 'Mom
is a Jedi?"

"Serris Surragar." Darana continued, "She is our medic and will most
likely examine you at some point."

"Yes, Ma'am" she said simply, although she would have liked to ask
about how they resolved their differences enough to work together.

She chuckled internally, the pilot would learn soon enough how it was
that she and Serris worked together. "You may speak with either of
them if you wish and in complete confidence." If these Jedi persuaded
Ana one way or another, then Ana's convictions were not strong enough
and would be a problem in the end regardless.

Once more, Ana radiated shock. She had begun to understand though,
that she was most likely in for a lot more surprises than these in
the near future.

"Do you have any questions?"

'Questions?' she thought, oh boy did she. "When do I start, Ma'am?"
was all she asked.

Darana smiled openly, "You have already started." She paused and
considered the hesitance she felt from the other woman, "When I ask
you if you have questions Anastazya, it is complete freedom for you
to speak."

She understood the irony all too well. "Do I stay now to do more? Or,
do I get to rest? Can I go home for the day and return tomorrow? If
so, what time should I return?" She manages to get out... but fatigue
was clearly evident in her eyes.

Darana recognized she was trying to ask about her schedule and
smiled, "I am afraid your opportunity for rest is far and few between
now. Now, you will be joining us for dinner, reporting to medical,
and then taking your first round of tests."

Already she felt overwhelmed, but she realized she had to do this and
was resigned to her fate. "Yes Ma'am."

Darana nodded, "After which, you will report to Rook and pick up your
schedule for the week."

"Yes Ma'am." She replied, attempting to look alert.

"Any further questions?"

"No, Ma'am."

"Very well then," she turned to another corner of the room, "Shade,"
she called out, then turned her attention back to the pilot.

Ana's eyes clearly showed agony. 'He was here the whole time?' she
thought, and agonized over it momentarily, then cleared her thoughts
as she watched Darana stand.

"Let us go find our dinner."

"Yes, Master." Shade replied, falling in behind Darana,"I feel the
thirst as well."

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