We've Got to Get Out of Here

Based on RP by: Courtney Kraft, Dana Terry, Phaedra Whitlock, Ginna Wilcoxen

Alida reached for a glass of Corellian brandy, rubbing her neck wearily with 
her other hand as she looked around the cantina, trying to spot anyone who 
might recognize her. She sighed with relief when she didn't see anyone. 
Music played loudly and off-key, one of the reasons this particular bar was 
rarely overly populated. In her simple tunic and trousers, remnants of her 
time with the Daroas, she blended in well. 

Octavia entered the Cantina, dressed in black jumpsuit and dark purple robe. 
She looked for a table in the back away from the crowd. Finding a table she 
headed for it and sat down, watching the crowd in the bar and ignoring the 
waitress at this point. 

A waitress sauntered, past looking bored and carrying a tray to a customer. 

Alida watched Octavia, realizing she knew this woman. She stood, grabbing 
her glass, and made her way over to Octavia, where she stopped in front of 
the table. "May I join you?" 

Octavia watched as Alida approached, unconsciously sliding her saber a little 
forward, yet still hidden in the folds of her robe. "Do I know you?" she 
questioned cautiously. Her time with Roc had taught her not to trust anyone 
until you had reason to trust them. 

"I believe we've met before," Alida replied with a nod. 

Octavia nodded. "Have a seat, I also feel that I know you or have seen you." 

Alida took a seat, her eyes narrowing. "You're Force sensitive," she said 
softly. "But not fully rained, are you?" 

The waitress stopped and slouched. "Hey, whatcha wanna drink?" 

Alida gestured with her almost full glass. "I'm fine, thank you." 

Octavia shifted uncomfortably, then studied Alida. "Corellian Ale." Octavia 

"Right." The waitress strolled off towards the bar. 

"No, I'm not fully trained." Octavia answered after the waitress left. "You 
are also sensitive, aren't you?" 

Alida nodded. "I am a Jedi," she admitted. For some reason, it felt right 
to tell this woman. 

Octavia chuckled and leaned forward. "You are a smuggler or work for one like 
I do. Last time..." Octavia paused, her reply didn't sound right to her 
ears. "Why are you smuggling?" 

Alida sighed and took a small sip of her brandy. "I am not. Not now." 

The waitress returned with the ale and left again. 

"I have been in hiding." Alida leaned forward. "As you have, haven't you?" 

Octavia took a drink and studied her table companion. She looked around the 
room and the patrons moving about their business. She nodded. "But the time 
of hiding is over, isn't it?" 

"Caution is always advisable." Alida sat back. "You said you are not fully 
trained. Who is your Master?" 

"My father would agree with you. He was quite cautious." Octavia then looked 
again around the bar, as if they were being watched. "My father was, until 
his death." 

"He was killed in the Purge?" Alida asked, her voice and face solemn 

Octavia shook her head. "He died when I was eight." 

"I am sorry." Alida glanced around as well. She couldn't see anything, 
though, that was out of place for this cantina. "You did not say what your 
Master's name was?" 

"Wai Cha Jinn, the son of Qui-Gon Jinn and Tahl. My name is Octavia. May I 
have your name?" 

"I am Alida D'med, Padawan to Aaro Koya, Master to Kaliandra Daroa." Alida 
sat back a moment. "Qui-Gon Jinn's son?" 

Octavia nodded. "My grandfather - did you know him?" 

Alida shook her head sadly. "Not well. He was killed by a Sith when I was 
but an apprentice." 

Octavia paused. "Darth Maul." 

"Yes. Darth Maul," Alida confirmed. "Master Kenobi killed him, in turn. He 
was a Padawan himself at the time." 

"He might have been an apprentice, but he was very set in destroying the 
Jedi, along with his Master." 

Alida shook her head. "I was referring to Master Kenobi. Maul..." She took 
a deep breath. "The Council had not taken into consideration that there 
would be time for the Master to raise up another apprentice. They were 
mistaken." Her face fell and she took a somewhat larger sip of the brandy in 
her glass. 

"I've brought up hurtful memories. I'm sorry." Octavia took a large swig of 
her ale. 

"It's alright," Alida assured her. "They are only that now: memories." 

"If we aren't careful, we could be, too," Octavia cautioned. 

"As I said, caution is important." Alida leaned back in her chair, surveying 
the clientele of the bar. "I would like to speak with you further, but not 
in a place quite so public." 

"Go someplace else we should," Octavia agreed. "The Electra is docked not too 
far from here." 

"The Electra?" Alida shook her head. "Have you studied under Yoda?" she 
asked, wondering at the syntax. 

Octavia smiled. "No, but my grandfather did. At least that's what he's told 

Alida blinked and dropped her chair to the floor, leaning on the table. 
"You've spoken with him?" 

"The Electra is the ship I serve on. I'm the engineer and we would be quite 
safe there." 

Alida nodded and stood, still shaking her head. "Lead the way." 

Octavia rose. "Yes, I've spoken with him. Well, with his spirit only." 

"Amazing," Alida breathed. 

Octavia paid for the drink and walked out of the cantina, keeping her saber 
close.. Something didn't feel right. 

"You are on edge," Alida noted, folding back a bit of her tunic to reveal her 
own 'saber. 

"I've learned to trust my instincts and something isn't right here." Octavia 
spoke softly. "I will feel better once back on the Electra." 

Alida frowned. "Nothing has been right for a very long time, young one." 

Octavia glanced at her. "Is that an expression Jedi like to use? My father 
used it many times." 

"I'm sorry?" Alida looked back at her. "What are you referring to?" 

"Young one?" Octavia answered. "I haven't heard that since my father was 
alive. Then my grandmother said it once, and so did my grandfather." 

"I had not thought about it," Alida smiled. "My own Master called me that 
many times, as well. I am a great deal older than I believe you are." 

"Don't make yourself sound ancient." Octavia chuckled. "How should I 
address you? I mean, what would you have me call you?" 

"You may call me Alida." She smiled. "As for age... there are days when I 
feel every one of my years." 

Octavia headed off in the direction of where the Electra would be docked. 
"Most of the crew is off getting drunk, so we can talk in private there." 
Octavia answered. "Where is your Padawan?" 

Alida nodded. The area seemed quiet enough already. Perhaps a little more 
quiet than any other space port she could remember. 

"My Padawan..." Alida thought for a moment. She should know the answer to 
that. Perhaps she'd left her on board the ship they'd arrived in? Although 
memories of her arrival on Nar Shaddaa were fuzzy, she was sure the girl was 
close. She could feel her along their bond. "She is near." 

"You don't like the silence do you?" Octavia asked. 'It's not real' came to 
her mind. Who had told her that.?" 

"No, I don't." Alida swiveled her head around. "Not for this area. It's 
not right." 

"Alida ... " Octavia paused. The port was too quiet almost like the night 
when ... when ... "I think we should increase our pace. I sense danger." 

"Remain calm. Haste creates mistakes," Alida said easily, her hand dropping 
to her lightsaber 

"I agree haste isn't good, but I ..... Pal ... Palpatine. Do you recognize 
the name?" 

Alida's features hardened. "Yes, I am all too familiar with the name. Why 
do you ask?" 

Octavia's eyes narrowed. "I feel that name is behind our uneasiness." 

Alida lifted her lightsaber from its hiding place, hefting it in her hand. 
"Palpatine ordered the murder of every Jedi. There is much uneasiness 
attributed to that name." 

"I wouldn't go waving that around. Did you not speak on being cautious?" 
Octavia asked, looking around and sensing something familiar 

Alida kept her 'saber down by her side. "There is a time for caution and 
there is a time one should be ready for action. Unfortunately, I believe 
this is the latter." 

Octavia nodded to Alida. "Agreed." She unhooked her saber as well 

Slowly, a small figure emerged from the shadows. It was a child of only 7 or 
8 with long violet hair and bright green eyes. 

Alida flicked her eyes briefly to Octavia before concentrating on the child. 
She'd learned long ago not to judge an opponent based on their size or 

The child looked up at the two women. "Have you been waiting long?" 

Octavia watched as the child emerged. "I believe you have us mistaken for 
someone else." Octavia answered. "We weren't waiting on anyone." 

"No, Octavia, I knew you were coming. I hope I didn't keep you waiting." 

"Do you know this child?" Alida asked Octavia. 

Octavia glanced at Alida with a look that clearly said she did not. "No, I'm 
afraid I don't." She turned her attention back to the child. "How do we know 
each other?" Octavia asked. "And how do you know my name?" 

The girl smiled, ran up to the women, and took their hands. "Come now! I 
wanna play!" She giggled 

Alida tried to take her hand back. "I'm afraid we do not have time for play." 

The girl tugged at them. "Sure you do! We have all the time there is." 

Octavia didn't like the cold feeling she was experiencing. "I have to agree 
with Alida. This isn't the time for games." 

Alida stepped back, pulling Octavia with her. "Go on your way, child." 

The girl frowned slightly, and gripped their hands tighter. "We're going to 
play now!" she yelled. 

Octavia watched the child. 'Not Fair' came to her mind, but the person who 
had spoken that was a full grown woman. 

"Now! Now! Now!" the girl screeched, stomping her feet. 

Octavia turned to look at Alida then turned back to the child. "Psylocke, 
that is enough!" Octavia's voice was firm. "Do you not realize what your 
anger will lead you to?" 

Psylocke's eyes widened and her mouth tightened with fury. "Why won't you be 
my friends?!" She suddenly let go of them and scratched their arms, drawing 
blood on each. 

Alida jumped back. Apparently Octavia did know this little hellion. 
"Enough!" she declared, ignoring the heat of the blood dripping down her arm. 
"Leave now," she told the child. 

Octavia remained calm and looked at Alida. "Don't ask me how, but we have to 
be patient." Kneeling 
down, she looked at the child. "You don't get friends by throwing a temper 

"But you wouldn't play with me. Why won't anyone be my friend?" 

"This is a space port and it's not safe to play here, and concern for your 
safety is an act of friendship." Octavia replied. 

Psylocke frowned. "You don't really care. You're bad! You're lying to me 
because you don't want to play!" 

"What is it you want to play?" Alida asked cautiously. 

The girl seemed to visibly calm. "I wanna play ghosts in the graveyard." 

"That is not a game I am familiar with." Alida glanced at Octavia. 

Octavia looked to Alida for help. "Psylocke, what type of game is that?" 

"It's like tag, but there is no safe. Also, if you get tagged by whoever is 
'it', you can't move until your teammate tags you." 

"It sounds like a very interesting game, but Octavia is right. A space port 
is no place for something like that," Alida said gently. "Perhaps another 
time, in another place?" 

"Oh no! It's the perfect place! There are lots of places to hide." 

"Psylocke, there are only three of us, and that's not very fair to you." 
Octavia spoke softly and evenly. "Where are your parents?" 

"My parents?" The girl looked confused 

"You aren't on your own, are you?" Alida questioned. 

Octavia began to wonder why she cared about keeping the child calm. Her own 
emotions were becoming confused. She looked up to Alida when she spoke to 
the child. 

Psylocke looked at them as if they were asking an absurdity. "I've always 
been on my own. I don't have parents." 

Alida glanced at Octavia, shaking her head slightly. "No child can exist on 
their own in their infancy," she told the girl. "Was there someone then?" 

"No...no one loves me. That's why I want to play. I want to have fun and be 
happy. Won't you play with me....or do you hate me, too?" 

"Hate is a wasteful emotion," Alida said. She got down on one knee in front 
of the child. "We do not hate you, but we cannot play. " 

Octavia stood by, watching in silence. "These are dangerous times, Psylocke, 
and play isn't an option at this time." 

"Why not? Where do you have to go?" 

"Octavia, have times changed so much that there is no place for a child to 
go?" Alida asked. 

Quietly, the child sniffled and started to cry 

"There's the Alliance, I'm sure someone can be found that would love to have 
a child." Octavia knelt down. "Don't cry, you're safe with us." 

Her words sobbed through her tears. "Only 'cause no one else wants me." 

"I'm sure that's not true," Alida reassured the girl. 

"I hate feeling so lonely. I wish someone could just take these bad feelings 

Octavia nodded. She knew what it was like to be alone, to be lonely. She 
had felt it when her father had left, and then her mother. "I know how you 
feel, Psylocke. Honest, I survived on my own, too, until Captain Roc took me 
in. There are families who lost their children or have never been able to 
have them that would take your loneliness away," Octavia soothed and reasoned. 

Alida stood and pulled Octavia a short ways away. "Do you know how to 
contact someone who can care for the girl?" 

"I'm sure the Jedi Council could find someone." Octavia answered, thinking 
of the options. 

Then a deeper, woman's voice said, "Forget it. I don't need your pity." 

Alida jerked her head back toward where the girl had been and Octavia turned 
to stare at the figure standing there. 

The adult Psy suddenly grabbed each by the neck, and slammed their heads 
together "You're so phony. You Jedi are disgusting hypocrites! You don't 
really care! You just want me out of your hair." 

They staggered back, stunned. Alida reached for her lightsaber again, trying 
to regain her focus while Octavia used her TK to push Psylocke away, giving 
them time to find their bearings. "You're wrong, we I .... care," Octavia 

Psylocke shoved them back again. "Because of people like you.... lying, 
uncaring degenerates, I have become the way I am. I love no one, and it makes 
me stronger. You are as evil as I am.... I simply accept it." 

"No. Your anger controls you," Alida argued. "Anger and hate does not make 
you strong." 

Octavia reached for her saber. "We've done nothing against you, Psylocke. 
We've tried to help." 

"No, my anger gives me power." Her right hand opened and a sphere of 
darkness appeared, hovering over her hand, about the size of a tennis ball. 

"Does your anger give you love, Psylocke?" Octavia asked. "Does it give you 
peace? Did it give Maul peace?" 

Psylocke flashed Octavia a smile. "I don't need love anymore." Then she 
threw the sphere at Alida. 

Alida ignited her 'saber, the ruby blade glowing. She brought it up to block 
the attack, deflecting the sphere away from them. 

"Psylocke, stop! You don't have to do this. You can change the path you've 
started down," Octavia yelled. 

Ignoring Octavia entirely, Psylocke stepped up to Alida, yanked the 
lightsaber out of Alida's hands and tossed it over her shoulder. Then, she 
pressed her hand against Alida's abdomen, summoning the sphere in Alida's 

Alida gasped as pain flared like fire inside of her. She stared at Psylocke, 
trying to bring the Force to bear against it, with little success. 

Psylocke looked directly into the other woman's eyes. "Feel my power...and 
suffer." Suddenly, she stepped away and released Alida. That could be your 

"Master D'med!" Octavia moved toward her. "Psylocke, that power will consume 
and control you." 

"Not...power," Alida said breathlessly. "Hate. Will destroy you." 

A low laugh rumbled in Psylocke's throat. "No...it will destroy you." 

Octavia looked at Alida and moved over to her. Alida stumbled, falling 
against Octavia. "Merciful Force, what is she?" 

Octavia supported Alida. "She is Maul's granddaughter and more. Are you able 
to walk?" 

Alida nodded, pulling away. "Where is she?" she asked, her eyes darting from 
side to side. 

Octavia glanced back to where Psylocke once stood. "I don't sense her, she's 
gone." Helping Alida to the Electra, she explained. "My future and hers are 
entwined, I'm sorry you were here to receive her anger." 

Alida turned to call her 'saber to her hand again before they boarded the 
Electra. "The granddaughter of Jinn and the granddaughter of Maul," she said 
quietly. "Force protect you, Octavia." 

Octavia tried to smile. "It has so far. We need to see if you have visible 

Alida shook her head. "I'm fine." 

Reaching the Electra, Octavia led Alida to her quarters. "Here, sit down." 

Alida did just that, sinking into a chair. "Thank you." 

"Open your tunic, lets see how bad you're damaged." Octavia paused. "We have 
to help each other." 

Alida opened her tunic slowly. "I'm fine," she repeated. 

Octavia nodded. "No marks, no cuts, not even a bruise." She sat down in the 
other chair. "I've never seen her use that type of power, I never knew she 
could do it." Octavia leaned forward. "Maybe this was what Qui-Gon spoke of 
at Port Lansing." 

Alida closed her tunic. "What did he say?" she asked. 

Octavia let out a soft sigh. "I can't remember it all word for word. I was in 
shock to find out she had the ability to channel his spirit. He said if she 
isn't stopped, the ghosts of the Jedi will be silenced." She looked at 
Alida. "He told me it was up to me to prevent it." 

Alida sat up straight in the chair. "SHE channeled Master Jinn?" she asked, 
wide eyed. "Oh, Force." Alida closed her eyes a moment, gathering herself. 
"They cannot be allowed to be silenced, Octavia." 

"But why me?" Octavia asked. "I don't know how she channeled his spirit and I 
agree with you, they can't be silenced. but I feel ... I feel something is 
still wrong." Octavia shook her head. "I feel like I'm missing a piece of 
the puzzle." 

"A very large, important piece?" Alida said, pursing her lips. 

"Your padawan." Octavia whispered. "And someone else." 

"Who would that be?" 

'It's not real' came the statement again. "A child." Octavia chuckled "A very 
wise child .... Me…Medenna." 

"I know Kali cannot be far. I can feel her." Alida sighed. "And this 
Medenna, are you bonded with her? Can you feel her nearby?" 

Octavia shook her head. "No, we don't have a bond." Octavia turned her head 
slightly. "I can't feel her." 

Alida thought for a moment. "If we follow Kaliandra's Force signature, it is 
possible we will find Medenna, as well. There is always the possibility that 
they are together." 

"Sounds like a wise choice." Octavia paused. "Wish I'd thought of it." 

Alida huffed. "It's a large assumption, Octavia and one I am not sure of." 

Octavia smiled. "Jedi Masters are human, and sometimes all you have is 

Alida stood, settling the hilt of her lightsaber firmly in place. "We must 

Octavia followed, standing to her feet. "Yes, we must. Is she somewhere on 
this port?" 

Alida closed her eyes a moment, reaching out to Kaliandra. "I believe she 
is. Wherever she is, it is close by." 

"Then I'll follow you." 

Alida nodded and led the way back. Every fiber of her being was still 
screaming a warning about this place. But Psylocke was gone. What was wrong? 

"Now you seem concerned?" Octavia asked, watching the other woman. 

"Perhaps it is a remnant of our recent encounter, but there is something here 
that does not ring true. Something..." Alida searched for the word and 
gave up. "Something is wrong." 

"Palpatine," Octavia answered. "But not the Emperor." 

Alida turned to face her. "There's another?" 

Octavia shook her head, fragmented memories floating through her mind. "A 
female, " Octavia answered. "A female one." 

"A female Palpatine? A relative of the Emperor?" 

"No .... yes ....I'm not sure." Octavia stammered. 

"Think, Octavia. Focus. This could be very important," Alida urged. 

Octavia stopped and tried to think. Memories of the Arena, of fighting to 
survive, memories of being on the Yavin Moon, Port Lansing. They were 
memories so they had to have happened didn't they? 

"Everything is so jumbled." Octavia answered at last. "I don't know what 
is real or not. Medenna told me once it wasn't real, I just don't know. I'm 

"What is your last clear memory?" 

"Good question." Octavia looked around her. "Wait .... the alley." 

"Alley?" Alida frowned. Her last clear memory was of running and fighting, 
but it was in an open setting, not a city. 

"People coming out of an Alley on Gaosheeda." 

"This isn't real," Alida said thoughtfully. "But perhaps the memories of 
Gaosheeda are?" 

Octavia touched the hull of the Electra, "This feels real," she reached out 
and touched Alida's shoulder. "YOU feel real. I saw your pain and helped you 
into the ship." 

"And were surprised when I opened my tunic. What did you expect to find?" 

"A burn mark or a bruise. YOU were in pain." 

"Yes, I was. That did feel very real." Alida put her hand to her stomach. 
"But the girl's ability to change? To disappear so suddenly?" 

"Illusion?" Octavia chuckled. "Can a Jedi go mad?" 

Alida's lips pulled down into a frown. "Yes, and it's not a pretty thing to 

"What if I'm .... we're mad and this .... " Octavia cut herself short. 

"If we're mad together?" Alida asked. "It's a possibility, but not one I'd 
like to contemplate. Not yet." 

"Me, either." Octavia looked down at the ground. "I have memories of the old 
Temple, seeing it as it was before the Fall. Do you have memories of that?" 

"Of course," Alida said with a smile. "I grew up there." Her brow furrowed 
as she thought of something. "But I also have memories of a new Temple? One 
I couldn't possibly have ever seen." 

"The 4th moon of Yavin, Master Skywalker has started a new Academy there." 

"We were on our way there when we stopped on Gaosheeda," the older Jedi mused. 

"Somehow this fits ... it has to fit ... How and better yet why?" 

Alida stopped still in the center of the port. "If this is not real, then my 
Padawan and your friend are not truly missing. They are here somewhere. We 
just can't see them." 

"Better question: if this isn't real, where are we?" 

"And how do we get out of here, wherever here is?" 

Octavia shook her head. "I don't have an answer." 

Alida turned in a slow circle. "What technology could create this?" she 
wondered out loud. 

"The Empire." Octavia answered softly. 

"Why?" she asked. "What possible gain could there be for them to hold us 

"I don't know. I'm not even fully trained, and no one knows my full history 
except Master Skywalker." She turned to face Alida. "You're a Jedi Master, 
of a time before the Purge." 

Alida's heart sank in her chest. "Which they wouldn't have known before now." 

Octavia paced. "Your Padawan… Kali… is of the same training, yes?" 

The older woman nodded. "And they have her, as well. And Medenna?" 

"She's had four years of training at the academy." 

Alida swore softly under her breath and sat down. "So, they've got the four 
of us, at the very least. All of varying skill levels. All 

Octavia shook her head, slamming her fist into one of the ships. "For what 
purpose?" she hissed. 

"Control your anger," Alida corrected automatically. "That is a very good 
question. What would the Empire want with four Jedi?" She looked up at 
Octavia. "Have they taken Jedi before this?" 

"I don't know." Octavia answered, looking down at her hand and enjoying the 
pain she had inflicted upon herself. "I only started this training a little 
over a year ago." Octavia rubbed her hand as she faced Alida. "In all our 
memories, we've tried to remain calm, what has it gotten us?" 

"What do you believe anger will achieve?" 

Octavia took in a breath. "Nothing,.. Peace over Anger, Honor over Hate, 
Strength over Fear," Octavia recited. "Anger leads to the Dark Side." 

"Anger may lead to your goal quickly, but it eats at you from the inside. It 
brings nothing but destruction in the end," Alida reminded her. 

Octavia nodded then jerked her head upright. "What if that is their goal? To 
have us lose our path, to lose the light." 

"Then we must do everything possible to remain true to our path." Alida 
closed her eyes and placed her hands palm down on her knees. "The Light is 
stronger, but the Dark is more seductive. We must not give in to what it 
seems to offer." 

"How long do you honestly think we can hold out?" Octavia questioned. 

Alida opened her dark eyes and looked up. "Until our deaths, if that is what 
is called for." 

"In one of my memories, or dreams, I was told that death would not be a 
release. I fear for Medenna's safety, as well as your Padawan's and for us." 

"There is no fear, Octavia." Alida closed her eyes again. "If we die, what 
death brings, it brings. Release or not, as long as we stay true to the 
Force, it will guide us well." 

Octavia studied the older Jedi, her words rang true and made her think of her 
father and of Tahl, her grandmother. Glancing around the quiet space port, 
Octavia thought again of Gaosheeda and how it was quiet there before... 
"RAVEN!" Octavia yelled at last. "Raven Palpatine is behind this. I met 
her in a dream." 

"Explain if you can, please?" Alida asked. 

"Gaosheeda. Medenna and I were leaving the restaurant. We were attacked, a 
woman came out ...Medenna wouldn't leave and we surrendered." Octavia's 
face became pale. "She killed Medenna because we resisted. She wanted 
information…" Octavia shook her head, "But at another time I never saw her, 
I only remember Medenna getting shot." 

Alida stood and put a hand on the other woman's arm. "She killed Medenna? 
Are you certain?" 

"It's still so confusing. I saw the saber pierce her body." Octavia sat 
down on the ground. "What if she is dead and I've only dreamed of her being 

"And what if you only dreamed her death?" Alida countered. 

"It is a possibility." Octavia answered. "Hope, we have to hang on to hop. 
Without it comes despair." 

"What is life but hope?" the older woman asked. It sounded like a quote. 

Octavia smiled slightly. "Which brings us back to the first question. "HOW do 
we stop this?" 

Alida shook her head. "I have no idea." 

(the end, for now ) 

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