Who To Tell

By Bernadette Crumb - August 2001

(Takes place immediately after VISION) 

Jerella and Rob jogged along the path from their meditation clearing 
toward the main Academy buildings. As they ran, they mindspoke one another.

*I've never experienced anything like that before, Rob. It was so REAL!* 
Jerella automatically pushed a dangling vine out of the way telekinetically.

*Well, what are you going to do then?* Rob inquired. *I'd be happy to take 
you wherever it was, but I think we need more than just you and me to get 
in there to rescue Octavia.*

*I don't know. If Master Skywalker were here, I'd just ask him, but he's 
off someplace with R2 and his Xwing, and I can't even reach him through our 
link.* She glanced over to Rob who was restricting his pace to match her 
shorter one. *Is there anyone else you know who would listen to me and not 
tell me I was crazy?*

Rob was briefly silent, obviously thinking about the senior members of the 
Academy staff. *Well, how about Master Rionni? He's supposed to be 
experienced at farseeing.*

*Then we'll look for him.* She sent a tendril of affection to Rob and 
increased her pace, wanting to share the troubling vision with someone with 
the authority to order something done about it.

The path back to the Academy proper seemed longer than usual, but finally 
they were jogging up to the ancient carved building that housed the 
faculty's offices and many of the classrooms. As they crossed the stone 
paved courtyard, Jerella noticed a short woman with braided dark hair 
exiting the building, turning toward the area where a handful of battered 
landspeeders were parked. A tall woman with white hair, holding a wriggling 
baby, was waiting by one of the speeders and handed the child to her as the 
shorter woman approached. Jerella ducked inside the door and grinned at the 
double take an admin tech at the lobby com console gave her.

*Looks like we've got a new worker who isn't aware of your look alike.* 
Rob teased.

*He'll get used to it. Where's Master Rionni's office?*
Rob paused a moment. *Second level.*

When they got there, the door was closed and no one answered Jerella's knock.
She sighed. *I guess we'll have to wait until later. How about we go eat 
lunch. I'm starving.*

Rob agreed and and led the way out of the building toward the canteen. As 
they came around the corner, though, Rob broke into a sprint. *Come on! I 
just saw Master Rionni head out into the forest.*

Jerella picked up her pace and followed him into the shaded path and 
shortly, they came up on the robed form of the Jedi Master.

"Master Rionni? May we speak with you?" she called out.

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