Forces Of the Empire

1994 Timeline



Count Jose and Baron Blacky given ownership of the ice planet Rehallah by Princess Anelis in a bidding war, as well as their titles. They immediately turn Rehallah into THE resort world to visit and make a killing. The mining projects don't hurt either.

Darana and Aretta send Sam to a School for Young Ladies on Rehallah for her own good. Hawkwood is shot in the process of getting her there.

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9404.11 Leia Organa-Solo safely delivered son Anakin in the middle of a terrorist attack on a restaurant on Terrine Station by the Galactic Liberation Front. Sindy De Sade delivers the baby while Colonel Logan and his people, with the assistance of Han, deal with the terrorists.

9404.12 Darana's retreat begins construction on Coruscant.

9404.18 Rook begins working for Darana.

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Cetiva Lasan, the Emperor's shuttle pilot, is assigned as Imperial Commander for the Port Lansing Conference.

Anrit ar Lincaet is programmed by Darana to be loyal to the Empire, and is then released to the Diplomatic Embassy.

A programmed Col. Hawkwood is released by Darana Cairnfell to Sonya Wells and her companions, Sylviar Renn, Suzie Murphy and Samantha Connelly, who take him to the Alliance.

A pregnant Serris Suragar is captured and made to believe Lord Vordis is her husband & Darana is her daughter. She miscarries.

The clone of Dral Warthen gives Raven Palpatine eggs from the Great Dragons of Yavin.

An ion storm of epic proportions hits Port Lansing Station as everyone arrives. Col. Hawkwood takes an assassin's bullet Darana Cairnfell meant for Kirienne Solo. He is healed by Kirienne and Samantha Connelly as the clone of Dral Warthen *attempts to capture the assassin* but fails. Several people wearing black are knifed as people begin to arrive. The killing spree ends when everyone leaves.

Darana captures half of the Ring Star Legion. Han Solo is captured by Darana and given to Captain Metieh who tortures him and cuts off his trigger finger. Col. Hawkwood and Dral Warthen investigate, and with Samantha Connelly launch an offensive on the Imperial held area of the station. The remaining Ring Star Legion, Logan Midnight commanding, uses this as a distraction to rescue their own people. Captain Metieh retires.

Raven Palpatine catches Orion Daniels unawares, and with help from Darana and Aretta Fariss, takes him to be interrogated. Returning to the common areas of the station, she is quietly captured by Orion's close friend, Daniel Gevenner, who demands to be taken to Orion. Peter Strick follows them covertly, and sees Raven poison and disarm Daniel as they walk to the turbolifts. Raven takes both to the Imperial Prison unit.

As Daniel and Peter leave, they are ambushed and tortured by Princess Anelis Palpatine and her guards, along with Myra Larkin and Aretta Fariss. Anelis releases them to Raven, who chips Peter and releases them. Raven captures Mint ar Lincaet and gives her to Vordis who with Darana and Raven, programs her to kill Shinkara.

Somewhat influenced by the mind of Lord Salvatore within him, the wookiee Garth Thunderclaw attacks the Imperial Detention area and slams Lady Aretta Fariss into the wall. He demands Raven release Orion, Garth's fellow Jedi trainee, and Raven does so. Ricia Targan is tried by the Alliance and sentenced to death. Her lawyers rescued her and then sold her to the Emperor. Once released, she poisons Avon and then is later mind *fixed* by Lady Tianna when Tianna learns it from her advisor,Theopholus Fintch. Lady Majadar Palpatine nearly disembowels Lord Barezz.

Col. Hawkwood's programming is triggered and he blows away Lady Aurelia Tiandriis during Ricias escape. He then begins a long drinking binge. Lady Tianna Vader is captured and tortured by the Emperor. Ricia is brought in, and Raven is ordered to torture them. Ricia and Tianna are rescued by Theopholus, Odessa Travenia, Cardan Nerise, and Drake Rhinegold. A skirmish in the hallways erupts, and culminates in a shootout in the atrium. Ricia is the last standing, and falls unconscious due to one of the goals having been poisoned beforehand by Raven Palpatine.

The Emperor celebrates his 150th birthday, and is poisoned by his neice, Altathea Palpatine Metieh.

In the confusion, Cam Briavel-Lightdancer, a captured Jedi true to the Light Side, dies when Anelis pushes her into the Emperor and she has no choice in attempting to heal him at the cost of her own life.

Raven Palpatine is poisoned by Lady Belladonna on Anelis' orders. Lord Taras, thinking Raven is attacking Belladonna, lightsabers Raven by mistake after she is healed by Lord Barezz. Raven escaped with the help of Tanya Chand and the Ring Star Legion as Lord Wynn Barezz accused Lady Cassandra of the murder.

Lord Barezz was rebuked, and joined the Renegades. Lord Darth Vader declared Regent for Princess Anelis Palpatine the Emperor's heir, who will succeed to the throne on her 25th birthday. She and Col. Logan tortured Dr. Tachyon into providing an antidote, and attempted to revive the Emperor.

The Emperor recovered during his funeral and was taken prisoner by Lord Darth Vader, Lady Tianna Vader, Lord Luke Skywalker-Vader, and Lady Daara Vader. Princess Azarra Vader left the station in the middle of the night and was thought dead from the storm. Cetiva Lasan leads a raid on the Vader clan HQ only to see it fail. The Imperial contingent takes control of the station computer and shut down all but basic life support and emergency power. The station's orbit begins to decay.

Raven convinces Nedege to allow herself to be chipped.

Cetiva Lasan attempts to poison Lord Darth Vader and rescue the Emperor but fails, critically wounded by Lord Luke.

Anelis and the Imperials negotiate for the Emperor's release but fail. Raven Palpatine infiltrates the Renegades but cannot locate him. The Emperor is released after the three factions fight in the corridors.

Dral Warthen recovers his memories but stays with the Ring Star Legion. Rauss kills the Dral Warthen clone, which insinuates itself in Dral.

Lady Darana Cairnfell is freed from Serris Suragar by a ring of Jedi: Kirienne Solo, Morgan Nightshade, Serris, Mint ar Lincaet, Samantha Connelly and Nedege Antoinette Adoy.

Dral forms the Trasiir, protectors and *squires* to the Jedi. The Emperor siphons the excess Dark Side energy from Majadar Palpatine to strengthen himself and aid her control.

Lord Salvatore emerges completely from Garth Thunderclaw's mind and possesses him. Dral Warthen recognizes the ship of his old friends Jazz and Aslan Cassavius from whom he had last received an emergency message as they were attacked. The current owners, Rave and Shockeye, stun him and drop him outside 21 rather than answer his questions.

Morgan Nightshade regains full custody of her son Ian.

9405.28 The Solo Family holds a naming ceremony for little Anakin which is attended by Luke, Vader, and even Palpatine (the latter two representing the familial enemies the boy would be destined to deal with later in life) under a state of truce according to old custom. Cam is forced to accompany the royal court to Lansing for Palpatine's 150th birthday celebration. When Palpatine is poisoned, Anelis grabs Cam and flings her down on the body, and Cam's Healing kicks in uncontrolled, saving Palpatine's life at the cost of her own, when she refuses to risk passing the poison on to the other Jedi present who have offered to provide life energy for her. She fades away in a glimmer of blue sparkle...

9405.28 MediaWest*Con - Lady Aurelia Tiandris killed by Patrick Hawkwood, Serris Surragar loses her children. Darana and Serris freed of mental blocks by Sam, Mirit, Kirienne, and Morgan Nightshade. Mara Jade and Rouse in Lansing Cantina to kill the clone of Dral Warthen. Emperor poisoned during his birthday party, Darana negotiates contract with the Ring Star Legion for the capture of Han Solo. Vader kidnaps the Emperor after he returns to life. Power to the station was lost. (Temporarily?)

9405.29 MediaWest*Con - Morning, Darana attempts to contact Kirienne but reaches Luke instead. Darana briefly explains about the previous night's relation with Kirienne. Darana allowed to make contact to present a united front against Vader. Darana arranges a meeting between the Alliance, Empire and Vader, but it never goes off due to the Imperials cutting access to the computers. Vader disappears and Dark Side Luke returns the Emperor. Trasiir Ceremony occurs.

9405.31 Darana fulfills test requirements for Third Circle membership on a planet named Remnar.

94.0531 Raven informs Wilder [her assistant] of the Emperor's wishes regarding the planet Tauna (Rauss' homeworld). Wilder begins making arrangements for a survey team, and sends another team to scout out new locations for the Emperor's clone labs. Raven leaves Port Lansing with Drake Rhinegold [Tianna's student] disguised as an alien mercenary named Arianna Selene. While en route to Bespin to secure release of his jailed crew, discovers his ship, the Serpents' Tooth, has a cloaking device for small ships, something the Empire wants, and begins engaging in industrial espionage. Informed Lord Vordis and arranged to have the Serpents Tooth picked up on Bespin. Continues looking for Emperor Vader.

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Dral Warthen's son Tamiron born [Out of Character knowledge].

The survivors of Camp Scorpio are rescued by the Alliance.

Drake Rhinegold, Princess Leanna Mattawa, and Arianna Selene rescue Drake's crew from Cloud City authorities.

Lord Salvatore reforms the Third Circle. Members are Lord _ Vordis, Raven Palpatine, Darana Cairnfell & Lady Aretta Fariss.

Vordis has an affair with Lady Cassandra, wife of Lord Taras.

Lady Darana Cairnfell and Lady Aretta Fariss *steal* the Stalker and *kidnap* Lord Vordis to present to Emperor Vader. Vordis challenges Vader to a duel and loses, but destroys Vader's chestplate with Force lightning. He, Aretta, and Darana are placed in separate escape pods and returned to the Empire.

Raven Palpatine completes the cloning of the Great Dragons of Yavin. One breaks free and damages the Stalker. Lord Vordis replaces it with the ISD Mantis, renaming it the Stalker II. He gives the Stalker to Darana Cairnfell who names it the Integrator.

Dr. Tikaris joins the Renegades to set up their med department.

Raven Palpatine negotiates a treaty between Ilnaris and the Empire making Ilnaris a vassal world, and signs a treaty with Tauna. A small palace is built there for the Emperor.

Drake Rhinegold defends a crystal horde on Twilight from pirates. Lord Lough begins work on finding a cure for an Imperial virus.

9406.01 Darana's retreat finished. Kyra Matthews in charge of Alliance Intelligence.

Raven Palpatine hires Avon to rescue Tara Davis and her guardians from Pergitory and take her to Nighthawk territory on Corel. Avon tests Tara and finds she is likely a clone of Samantha Connelly or Raven Palpatine.

Dangandargen Base on Tryskel evacuated of rebel personnel. Silverflight on cruiser Freedoms Swan*. Kin, Torin and a couple of the guys quite ill - under medical leave from flying missions.

9406.02 Darana leaves for a vacation on Mandalore. Receives a message from Sam that a Sith field trainee was shot down over her planet. Darana picks him up and continues on to Mandalore with him.

9406.06 Mara Jade given a suspended sentence for having knocked two Alliance guards unconscious at Port Lansing. Mara decides to take several weeks to figure out a few things.

94.0609 Raven assists in removing 12 homing beacons from Lord Barezz. Pockets them for future use. Receives copies of P'Lorn Monastary records concerning medical techniques and some obscure Force techniques like body transfer and shadow walking.

The Great Dragons of Yavin incubating aboard the ISD Stalker (a Raven project) escape the Stalker doing severe damage. Vordis refits another ship and names it Stalker II.

Darana is given the old Stalker and renames it Integrator.

94.0610 Raven summoned to B'yss by the Emperor to be initiated into the Third Circle. On the Emperor's order, lowered what she believed to be her husband 'Vordis' and her mentor/friend 'Aretta' into a vat of acid. Afterwards she vowed revenge on Salvatore.

9406.10 Red Guard found dead. Picture of Dragon found with the body.

94.0611 Raven returns to her home north of Star Center to begin growing Salvatore's clone body so that he could become human once more. Had Allison perform surgery to repair the still unhealed damage she took at Port Lansing, and had her sterility reversed.

94.0614 Raven released from the bacta tank and welcomed Mir and her bodyguard, Avon, to B'yss. Mirit has nightmares and Peter Strick arrives unannounced to give his report. Everyone transfers to the ILC Dirjha for negotiations concerning llnaris. Treaty concluded by the evening meal. Raven speaks to the Taunan Council via holo-transmission, arranges a seperate treaty with them. Arranges to have her 'daughter' Tara taken to Corel. Raven drops her passengers off and transfers to her modified freighter Sun Chaser.

9406.15 Suzie Murphy returns to Byss and reopens the INN office.

9406.16 Darana back on Byss. Jerrid Halvan is reassigned to Darana for his Journeyman training. Darana sends a team to the planet Remnar to "help" the surviving 2% of the population.

9406.17 Darana attempts to contact Dral Warthen. No response. Direct communication is refused by him. Darana then contacts the Ring Star Legion.

94.0617 Raven examines three prospective sites for the Emperor's new clone labs, approves two. Wilder arranges for construction to begin. Wraps up old business with one of her contacts and begins following clues found in old P'Lorn Monastary records to another splinter of the Mind's Eye.

9406.19 Darana begins teaching Lilith Janus about interrogations.

9406.20 Remnar swears allegiance to the Empire and is granted full Imperial rights and protection etc.

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94.0702 Count Jose declares his support for "Emperor" Vader.

9407.03 Imperial attack on Rehalla begins. (Note: do not declare your new and traitorous allegiences with vacationing Sith and their battle fleets overhead) Cetiva Lassan captured by Ricia Targen, Jose and Raven posing as Arianna Selene. Raven feeds the coordinates to Lord Vordis, and warns him Jose is going to kidnap Lady Cassandra. Slips homing beacon to Lady Cassandra and plants one on the Quixotic [Jose's Command Star Destroyer]. Warns Vordis that Lord Vader may have become Anakin Skywalker. Lady Cassandra kidnapped anyway. Cetiva was turned over to Lord Vader, tortured and brainwashed.

Daro Styke betrayed by the Renegades who hired and sold him to a bounty hunter. Rescued by Arianna Selene and Star.

9407.05 Mara meets with Raven and Vordis and goes to Byss. Mara enters as one of Ravens staff.

9407.12 Mara Jade "kidnaps" Raven and takes her to an uninhabited world somewhere. She is given Forvalaka tissue to play with, and does preliminary work on engineering Force-hunting hounds to assist Aretta and the other Dark Hunters in their duties. Lord Vordis is lured to the planet by Mara using Raven's disappearance as bait. Darana and Aretta follow him and lie in wait. Vordis opens link and orders Aretta aboard the ISD Stalker to stand back since he is in no danger.

94.0721 Raven discovers she's pregnant and tells Lord Vordis. He proposes and she accepts.

Lilith Janus found by Aretta Fariss. Darana begins training her.

94.0727 Raven miscarries and spends the next few days recovering.

94.0731 Raven, Vordis and Mara head for Tauna aboard a shuttle so Raven can sign the treaty with the Council. As they arrive in the Taunan system, Rauss' pirate friends, the Davis family, overwhelm Raven and Vordis and deliver them to Rauss who passes them along to Rebel Intelligence. Since Mara is with the Alliance she was not turned over by Rauss. The ISD Stalker follows at a distance to Tauna, when Raven and Vordis are turned over to Rauss the Stalker again follows behind. Kyra Matthews, Intel head, picks them up and is attacked by the Stalker as Rauss heads out. Rauss cloaks to come back. Kyra's ship is blasted with an ion cannon before the Stalker is engaged by Rauss' ship. Raven and Vordis escape confinement and take over the ship, killing everyone but Kyra, Sylviar and Sental Vrykon. Sylviar and Sental are hurriedly chipped and returned to their ship just before the Alliance arrives. Kyna is taken prisoner for interrogation. Raven authorizes Wilder to sign the treaty for her. Sylviar becomes a full servitor serving Raven and when she wakes, signs the standard servitor contract.

94??.?? Anrit ar Lincaet and Duchess Kather Organa-State arrive on Purgatory to negotiate a peace treaty between warring Houses. Instead they are taken hostage and learn things are not quite as straightforward as they'd believed. In the end Kather marries her captor and with a little Imperial help from orbit (Darana and Lady Majadar), enforces peace. Lady Averrine an old Jedi becomes Governor, while Kather's husband Lord Colin Harfax becomes Lt. Governor.

94??.?? Darana takes over the INN.

Lady Cassandra kidnapped by her admirer, Count Jose Roberts, during a costume party and taken to the Vaderite fleet.

Lady Majadar Palpatine is *kidnapped* by the Davis pirate Family and shipped, carbon frozen, to Lord Wynn Barezz. She delivers an offer from the Emperor, gives him back part of the Dark Side power she'd stolen from him, and then is picked up by Col. Logan. Upon her return, she meets Lord Salvatore who falls in love and begins courting her. She joins the Third Circle which he leads.

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9408.05 Darana and Aretta take Lord Vordis to "Emperor" Vader as a present claiming to have taken over his Star Destroyer. They offer their loyalty to him, but are found out.

9408.17 Mara returns to the Alliance and has finally decided that it is her responsibility to complete her training in the Force. Formally requests Luke to train her.

Dral Warthen & Hawkwood's staff help him over his alcohol binge.

Darana Cairnfell sets up her house as a training center and base of operations. Mercs and students are encouraged to test their abilities on each other to keep them combat ready. Rook, Shade and Lilith Janus are her more outstanding residents.

An Alliance team led by Dral Warthen is sent to destroy a small Imperial mining outpost. Mint ar Lincaet, Nedege Antoinette Adoy, Samantha Connelly, Cohn Macdermott and Tresh skirmished with and were captured by Lady Darana Cairnfell and her team [Lord Teak, Sonya Wells, Axel Jarl and Rook] when their base was captured. Samantha Connelly escaped and cut the bases power, freeing the rebels who then retreated.

Darana sleeps with Count Jose to acquire genetic samples.

Lord Wynn Barezz sends a bomb to Raven Palpatine in an attempt to destroy Salvatore s clones. Avon begins building Raven a computer. Col. Logan and the Imperial Anny Corps of Engineers rebuilds the house. Raven has her revenge on Salvatore for forcing her to *kill* Vordis, and he begins teaching she and Vordis Posession and Body Transfer lOut of Character].

Aretta tried by the Third Circle and punished by the Emperor.

Lord Salvatore begins sending gifts to Lady Majadar Palpatine.

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9409.10 Alliance assault on Ardolin.

9409.11 A rebel team looking for a decoder falls for Darana's trap. Janin Firestorm interrogated by Darana and Raven. Darana places a mental illusion that she is part of the Davis family in Janin's mind, then sends Janin and Sylviar to Byss with Aretta for Force training. Darana and raven investigate the matrix crystal worn by Janin Firestorm. (See Darkover books not the movie)

9409. 17 Second assualt on Ardolin.

9409.20 After some time of sending out messages, Darana is finally granted communication with Mirand, matriarch of the Davis pirate Family. Darana requests that Janin be ressigned for an indefinate amount of time to Darana to be trained in the ways of the Sith. Darana reassured Mirand that Janin was not yet in any danger. Mirand says that she will have to send an observer. Darana agrees.

9409.27 Deveron Arsein Davis is sent to observe Darana training Janin.

Raven Palpatine sends Lord Barezz his dying children, and tells him Count Jose Roberts is responsible for their illness.

The Emperor assigns Lord Jarek Alderson and Tanya Chand to investigate his attempted assassination at Port Lansing.

Alliance Intell begins a massive, ongoing effort to infiltrate both the Empire and Renegades.

Avon follows Mint ar Lincaet to Ilnaris and accidentally helps her kill Shinkara, a High Priestess of Tanienta. Both Mir and Avon become bonded with the planeL Shinkaras essence becomes one with and empowers one of the Ilnaran temples.

An Imperial operative poisons the food on Avalon Base on Raven Palpatines orders. Many Force sensitives become ill, 4 die. Lady Cassandra returns with Count Jose Roberts, pregnant. Count Jose and the Emperor Palpatine arrange a meeting at Port Lansing between Vader and Palpatine.

Daffyd Nightshade ends his galactic tour and returns his grandson Ian to his mother, Morgan Nightshade on Avalon Base.

Princess Tia is brought to Corel by Sonya Wells to see her brother, Dr. Tachyon.

Silverflight happily leaves *Freedoms Swan* after various minor battles. Not very successful at adjusting to life on a cruiser.

The Sith go to Mall World.

Dr. Tachyon captured and tortured by Lady Darana Cairnfell.

After receiving his children from Lady Raven; Wynn Barezz kills his children instead of having them suffer a prolonged death. He sends the bodies into a sun that his starship was passing.

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9410.03 Deveron, after observing Janin attempt to teach Darana how to use the Matrix laran crystal, offers to really teach Darana how to use it. Darana accepts.

9410.24 Deveron asks Darana to marry him. Darana tentatively accepts, pending approval by the Emperor.

9410.26 Deveron presented to the Emperor.

9410.28 Darana meets the "family".

9410.29 Darana joins the Davis's on a "mission" against the Renegades. By this time she has learned to channel the Force through the Laran and has learned limited telekinetics through Psionics.

Rebel forces assault a space station looking for a decoder but are captured except for Samantha Connelly. She is intercepted on her way back to the Alliance by Lord Jarek Alderson who implants a false personality overtop her own, and programs her to spy on the Emperor Palpatine while his secretary. Dral Warthen tortured extensively through illusions by Lady Belladonna, Majadar Palpatine, Sindy De Sade, Daravik Kotewa, Raven Palpatine and Darana Cairnfelh, then released with his team after signing a list of his crimes. Janin Firestonn, acting under a deep seated suggestion, returns to Byss with Darana to begin Sith training at Daranas house. Syhviar Renn, chipped, returns with Raven Palpatine to work as a mnerc.

Silverfhight reclaims and reactivates Dangandargen Base.

Darana discovers Sam never made it to the Alliance and begins searching with Lord Vordis, Raven Palpatine and Aretta Fariss.

The Emperor awards several Sith Royal class Star Destroyers.

Sylviar is captured by the Alliance, who attempt to remove the chips and fail. She is discharged and allowed to return to Byss.

Darana Cairnfell is adopted by Princess Serris Suragar.

Lady Cassandra gives birth prematurely to Talisman.

Taurgimonr and Morpheus Azul turn their criminal organizations towards a crime spree in the Inner Worlds.

Lord Taras and Lord Salvatore hunt down drug traffickers.

Anrit ar Lincaets son is kidnapped from a guerilla camp by mercs and taken to Raven Palpatine who begins teaching him.

Maercella Karike refuses an invitation to perform at Lady Darana Cairnfells house. Darana places a bounty on her, collected by Arianna Selene and Maercella is warned to stop telling rebel leaning stories. Raven Palpatine clones Maercellas dead friend Leitnor from a finger bone and gives him the body to inhabit.

Lady Majadar Palpatine is held for ransom by Daniel Tarkanien.

Sandstone Professionals launches attacks on the Alliance to get back their gsm becomes pregnant with twins. [Out of Character knowledge]

Tara Alderson is given to Lord Salvatore to train after the Emperor discovers what her father did to Samantha Connelly.

Kath Keims is the only survivor of the Green Squadron Massacre. She is rescued by Morgan Nightshade and then arrested by Alliance Security who believes she is an Imperial spy.

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9411.05 Triple Davis wedding. Star (Lauren Jaidak), Sylviar Renn and Darana. Reception following.

9411.07 Darana, now aboard the Firestorm with Sylviar and Star notices Rauss momentarily popping out of the repair hatch of one of the ships. Darana speaks to Deveron about this and is reassured that Rauss is a merc hired by the family to repair ships etc.. Darana later on meets up with Sylviar and Rauss and joins them in their discussion. Darana and Rauss come to terms that they will have selective memories and openly engage in a drinking contest spurred on by several younger members of the Davis family.

9411.09 Darana asks Rauss to teach her what she knows about Astral travel. Rauss agrees to teach her a bit. Darana learns how to center herself so well that once she reaches that point nothing in the physical world could bring her out.

Sylviar Renn was hired by Baron Blacky to kidnap Talisman from the hospital and take the child to Lord Barezz. Sylviar took it to Raven who guarded it until the Emperor Palpatine discovered the child had been switched for Talisman prior to Sylviars involvement. Raven named the child Raina Vasari. Raven is also training Sylviar to use the Force without Sylviars knowledge.

Silverflight begins training for a new series of missions.

Janin Firestorm has a horde of modified mouse droids dig a moat around Daranas house, and dump the dirt in the room above Shades. She then weakens the ceiling until it collapses.

Count Jose is attacked at Darana's house by mercs hired by Lord Alderson who thinks Jose told Aretta who has Samantha Connelly. Alderson ceases training Darana and removes their link.

Count Jose Roberts revealed he had bought Sienar Fleet Systems with Sith backing and had appointed Meike Jaceene Richards the new CEO. Count Jose is shortly after accused of murdering Lady Cassandra, the mother of his child. Count Jose flees with help from Lord Jarek Alderson. Garth Thunderclaw crashes the wake and is arrested.

Theopholus Fintch and Lord Salvatore del Balaarn had a lightsaber duel outside the building during Lady Cassandra's funeral on Zoron. Odessa Tajette Travenia tried to shoot Salvatore in the back, but Salvatores RAD droid took her down first. Cardan Nerise, her lover, stayed with her to protect her. After the duel was finished [ended by mutual assent] Theo *disappeared*, and took off with Cardan carrying Odessa. Theo and Cardan had been travelling extensively on Byss as Professor* Fintch and his assistant, Cardan. Cardan and he part company soon after.

The Third Circle rescues Lady Majadar Palpatine and executes Daniel Tarkanein's parents in an attempt to make him surrender.

General Titon discovers his third-in-command is a High Imperial spy placed on his ship to sabotage communications systems, falsify mission records, and discredit his assault on the secret rebel supply base on Vynda. Spy is vaporized on Titon's orders.

Count Jose Roberts was captured by Sonya Wells and nearly thirty other mercs who sold him to the Emperor Palpatine. He appeared before the Emperor and Court and then was put in a cell to await punishment. Sonya Wells then turned herself over to Patrick Hawkwood to serve a six month jail term.

Mint ar Lincaet becomes a priestess of Tarienta.

Princess Leia Organa-Solo [Bernie] was captured by a vampire merc and sold to Princess Anelis DeMergata Palpatine. The Empire was helpful about her youngest son Anakin's poor health, which was caused by Princess Anelis Palpatine at Port Lansing, and cloning markers were injected into Leia. Morgan Nightshade is captured while on patrol by Raven Palpatine, tortured and secretly chipped and cloned by Raven, Darana, and Myra Larkin. Mint ar Lincaet is assigned to a rescue team, and is captured and cloned as well. Both were released soon after with cloning markers injected into their DNA. Morgan began to develop mental problems upon her return, and comes to believe that she is actually Megan, programmed to think she is Morgan. Mir, Morgan and Leia are arrested for being clones, then released when their identities are proven. Morgan is later put in a psychiatric prison, and develops a third personality. The Morgan clone is chipped and later operated by Raven as a puppet in an attempt to capture Summer Moonrider from Avalon Base. [Out of Character Information] Tissue from Morgan was used to help Megan regain her sight OUT OF CHARACTER KNOWLDGE].

The cloned Lord Lough's ship is ransacked by the Davis pirate family, Lady Darana, and Lady Tana (Lord Taras' daughter).

Taurgimon investigates the Green Squadron Massacre for Lady Tianna and mindprobes Kath Keirns for information.

[Out of Character knowledge] Lady Raven Palpatine has Leona Catdancer, a Trasiir, quietly captured and cloned. The clone continues with Leona's mission and then begins passing information on the Trasiir and Jedi through the chip to Raven.

Lord Jarek Alderson, Lady Raven Palpatine, Lady Darana Cairnfell, and Lady Aretta Fariss discover signs of a rebel operation and while investigating, are drugged and compromising X-rated pictures are taken and sold to the Galactic Enquirer.

An Alliance operation in Delalt Sector succeeds due to information Jenfaera Aull was given by her commanding officer to disseminate. She thought it was MISinformation, it was not, and Jen was busted from LTSG to Asst Navigator 3rd Class.

Lord Salvatore del Balaam and Lady Aretta Fariss choose Tarma to test a new planet buster on. The Tarman mercs under contract to the Empire revolt and join Lord Vader.

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Governor Casselbury marries Daysha Skylar.

On the trail of a long-dead Jedi Knight, Jedi Historian and rebel Tallos Feer arrives at an Imperial monument guarded by the Emperor's Elite Guard. Feer discovers the ancient Jedi figure had eventually turned to the Dark Side and achieved Sith status before his death. Feer nearly became captured by the Elite Guard but escaped in an Imperial deep-space shuttle.

Alliance Intell put a warrant out for Lady Raven Palpatine, and after the third failed kidnapping attempt, decided to try recruiting her instead. She went to Langley Base, and climbed mountains with the Intell Chief of Operations, Moira Sanders.

General Titon is named Fleet General of his Armada. The fleet is routed to the Vyndor Sector to intercept fleeing rebel ships.

Daro Styke soon after his second rescue is pursued by the bounty hunters Death Stalker and Deth Ryk. After a perilous chase through a gaseous star cluster, Deth Ryks ship is destroyed in the cluster and Styke evades Death Stalker for the time being.

Aretta is given a maid and extra guard. His daughter has pets.

Lord Alderson hosts a rare art exhibit and meets Princess Anelis. They have lunch.

Kath Keirns was captured by Aretta Fariss while drunk in a bar, and delivered to the Emperor Palpatine. She defected and became the Emperor's shuttle pilot and apprentice. Morgan Nightshade and Orion Daniels attempt to rescue her but fail. Morgan is upset and destroys Col. Hawkwood's desk while yelling at him. She is put in a psychiatric center. Raven Palpatine evaluates Kath's mind and determines she is unstable. Starts attempting to calm Kath's fears and offers to show her how to have revenge on Alliance Intell and Security, whom Kath blames for her mistreatment.

Silverflight got a new ship and began missions to steal from pirates. They call it convincing the pirates to donate to the needy, and gave all the taken goods and supplies to the refugee colonies.

Raven Palpatine had captured Lord Lough & cloned him as part of a plot against Lady Tianna Vader, but Sara Nighthawk warned Tianna & hired Avon & Rauss who successfully retrieved Lough from Raven. Sylviar's husband is injured in the attack. Two Nighthawk clan members were captured and chipped, then returned with the others. They kidnap Princess Tia, Tachyon's sister, & escorted her to Byss where she and Raven exchange medical knowledge.

Palace droids begin mysteriously shutting down upon occasion.

Lord Salvatore sends a Sith ghost to haunt Daniel Tarkanien in retaliation for the kidnapping of Salvatore's beloved Majadar. Daniel contacts Atlantis Enterprises who exorcise the spirit for him with help from Maercella Karike and Samantha Connelly.

Furgus Murphy, second in command of Alliance Security, is kidnapped by Imperial Intell who offers to trade for Sonya Wells. An agreement is reached, but falls through. The Alliance has two fleets lying in wait and destroys the ISD after rescuing Fergus. Kyle Tremas and Jenfaera Aull are the only ones on board to escape. An Imperial offensive is launched immediately, and fails. Lilith Janus defected and began training with Lord Vader.

[Out of Character infonnation] Lady Darana Cairnfell Arsein and Lady Raven Palpatine infected with the Wild Card virus by Dr Tachyon. Darana grows a tail and has it removed by Raven.

Lady Aretta Fariss and Tanya Chand began investigating the Camp Scorpio situation for the Emperor Palpatine in conjunction with the Diplomatic Embassy and Duchess Kather Organa-State. The Alliance begins its own independant investigation.

Darana Cairnfell defected in the middle of the night with her husband and his rebel neice, Janin Firestonn. They left with Dral Warthen, disguised as a merc, and the now herself Samantha Connelly. Darana begins training with Luke Skywalker, and Raven Palpatine takes over Darana's household, moving most of them to her house. Myra Larkin goes to hunt pirates, while Rook and Shade plan an attempt to kidnap Kyra Matthews, Alliance Intell head, and assassinate her successor for Raven. Jenfaera Aull and Sylviar Renn-Arsein participate in the mission.

The Emperor returns Vir Darkhawk of the Red Guard [Dral's brother, missing since birth] to Dral in return for a future, unnamed service. Dral accepts hesitantly, flashing back to a past life where he championed Palpatine*.

Tara Alderson was reassigned by the Emperor Palpatine to train with Lord Vordis and Raven Palpatine at Raven's house.

Col. Hawkwood and Darana have a sword duel. He wins by punching her. Dral Warthen and Serris Suragar act as seconds.

Maercella Karike is kidnapped by Wynn Barezz so that she can tell the true story of the Renegades. Leitnor joins her with help from Raven, bringing Maercella's luggage.

Sidra Roamstar hired by Lady Megan Nightshade Trent to rescue Roger Sands from Alliance prison.

The Third Circle attacks Darana Cairnfell Arsein from the Astral Plane. She is defended by her husband Deveron Arsein, niece Janin Firestorm, Anrit ar Lincaet and Samantha Connelly.

Lord Daniel Tarkanien captures, tortures and mind-controls Darana to assassinate Salvatore in revenge for the Third Circle's murder of his parents. Her husband finds the note Daniel left and with his neiee Janin Firestonn, begins hunting for Darana.

Ens Talga appears on morning holo-net programs claiming to be Lord Vader's daughter, and then disappears.

A Vaderite fleet disguised as an Imperial fleet invades Alliance space. It escapes and is then met and captured by the Imperial Onyx Fleet. New Alliance head of Operations, Eric Penndragon, launches a counteroffensive and tightens border security.

Drake Rhinegold meets with Raven Palpatine. He is captured soon after by Lady Aretta Fariss and given to Raven. Drake speaks to several Sith, and finds he and Vordis have more in common than he'd ever thought.

Samantha Connelly is made a Trasiir by Dral Warthen shortly before Dral and the Trasiir, with some Jedi, fight the new dragons.

Moira Sanders [Chief of Alliance Intell Operations] and Peter Stnick each arrive at Raven's house to attend the wedding. Moira meets Kath Keirns again, and the two don't get along.

Doctor Tikaris is captured by Suzie Murphy and taken to Raven Palpatine. Dr. Tikaris agrees to an exchange of medical infonnation, and wins 800 CC in a Poker game before leaving with Baron Blacky. She has Suzie and the Baron kidnap Raven. Rook and Shade track down the identities of the kidnappers and tell Vordis who tracks Raven. The Baron takes Raven to the Renegade Fleet and gives her to Wynn Barezz. Dr Tikanis demands Raven back, and after Wynn's demonstration of the Force on her, decides to begin Force training with Tianna. Wynn is ready to tear Blacky apart for kidnapping his children until Blacky tells him the location of the real children is hidden away in a special vault. Wynn demands Raven clone his wife's hands and programs her to hate Lord Vordis, her fiancee. She retaliates by making him fall in love with her. Raven is arrested by the Renegades, but the Emperor refuses to trade Count Jose for her release.

Taurgimon sends a nuclear bomb to explode over the Imperial City Christmas morning. Most of the city was protected by a force field, but not all. The capitol was evacuated to Coruscant while decontam teams handle radiation removal. The Court will move back after MediaWest* Con 1995. Taurgimon, Drake's crew and Taurgimon's temporary companions, Cardan Nenise and Odessa Travenia rescue Drake Rhinegold from Raven Palpatine's wedding a week later and part company.

Samantha Connelly takes two weeks family leave and goes to B'yss to see if her uncle is alive, then stays to help blast victims.

Wynn breaks Raven out with help from Odessa Travenia. Wynn's shuttle is picked up in space by Lord Vordis aboard the Stalker II, and he is arrested. Raven attempts to disembowel and poison Vordis, but fails.

Maercella Karike and her ex-ghost companion Leitnor go to Byss where Leitnor transfers into the new, permanent clone body Raven had had prepared for him. Maercella performs at one of the public wedding receptions.

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