Forces Of the Empire

1995 Timeline



Raven Palpatine marries Lord Vordis on Coruscant. Lord Barezz is distraught and kept in seclusion away from them. Dorion Janako, a merc, stops a Jawa plot to disrupt the ceremony and is hired permanently by Raven. The newlyweds disappear for a three week honeymoon.

Silverflight goes on some missions but spends most of their time getting used to the new ship.

Palace droids continue to shut down, as do some in the city.

Samantha Connelly is put under house arrest for visiting Byss. She resigns from the Alliance and is hired by Dral Warthen.

Kay Striker is captured by four ISDs while escorting diplomats. The Emperor releases her unharmed, with a message for Tianna.

Luke Skywalker and Summer Moonrider each attempt to bring Kath Keims back to the Lightside, with little success.

Princess Leia Organa-Solo [Bernadette] and Lord Taras attend a coronation and rescue the king from the Galactic Liberation Front.

Ilona Carollan gives birth to a son.

Mina Morar is rescued from Imperial pursuit by the Serpents Tooth and dropped off at the Alliance before Drake, Leanna, Cardan, Odessa and crew are assigned to safeguard a diplomat and find themselves trying to get him back from Boba Fett.

Jeremy Trent is thought kidnapped by the Vaderites, and Megan is captured attempting to trade Count Jose Roberts for her son. Her husband, Lord Nicholas Trent, rescues her from Ens Talga.

Relations break down between Renegades and Alliance due to Renegade charges of Rebel spying [true].

Tachyon is made a Trasiir [Out Of Character Knowledge] before he defects, becoming the Emperors Lord High Chancellor.

Empire retakes Vellum Station from Alliance. Rikonis Vader Rividh acquires his half-brother Rizen Haska as his pilot.

Samantha Connelly accompanies Maercella Karike and Leitnor to Maercellas homeworld of Fharel.

Daniel Tarkanien captures Aretta Fariss as she interviews Camp Scorpio refugees, tortures and then mind-controls her to assassinate Lord Salvatore. She is released 4 weeks later and is the victim of an assassination attempt by four Tarman mercs. She is saved from death by Samantha Connelly and Strele, who takes her to his adopted homeworld where the Sith cannot find her.

Tara Alderson is kidnapped by Daniel Tarkanien. She then secretly visits General Titon and is embroiled in an Imperial-Vaderite attempt to steal the rest of his fleet and discredit him. The Imperials turn on the Vaderites however, and the Vaderites make a deal with Titon.

With assistance from Lord Alderson, Raven begins deconstructing Hyla Stormrider and rebuilding her original personality.

Pallin Barezz sends a signal to Imperial space and the homestead is assaulted by a flying armada of stormtroopers. Wynn's wife, Leit. resists and is listed as deceased. Pallin is taken back to the Empire and eventually reunited with his father. His sister is never found.

[Out of Character] Raven Palpatine, Zephyr, and Lord Salvatore begin working together on a project for the Emperor involving biological enhancement or neutralization of Force use. Pallen Barezz loses his Force ability permanently at Raven's hands.

Lord Barezz meets with the Emperor and is assigned to report to the Diplomatic Embassy to *clean up* the Camp Scorpio affair.

Princess Leia Organa-Solo [Bernadette] and Lord Taras attend a coronation and rescue the king from the Galactic Liberation Front.

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Fifteen P'Lorn monks move to Ilnaris as part of a deal with Raven.

Prism Nighthawk joins Silverflight and missions resume. They collect much for the refugee colonies until they get reassigned.

Daniel Tarkanien captures Raven Palpatine from the Palace and tortures her. She agrees to help him capture Vordis in return for a stay of execution, and then attempts to escape but dies of the Wild Card. With help from Vordis she escapes to the Empire. The Emperor transfers her to another body. [The majority of this information is Out of Character.] Samantha Connelly collapses and is taken on Moira Sanders orders to Langley Base.

Princess Anelis sends a valentine to Lord Alderson. He responds with an invitation to dinner. Salvatore also courts Anelis and succeeds in making Majadar jealous.

Duchess Kather Organa-State of Alderaan replaces Princess Anrit ar Lincaet in the peace negotiations on Purgatory. Anrit is charged with the crimes she committed while brainwashed by Darana months earlier.

Jedi Historian Tallos Feer begins his new quest for the Lost Onna, a powerful ancient artifact in which both Jedi and Sith legend describe being passed to several figures over a thousand years. His first lead is to the planet Torraine, former estate of Lord Thane, believed to be killed by Darth Vader.

Darth Vader issues an announcement denying blame for the destruction of the Death Star or Zone.

Princess Leia Organa-Solo meets with Princess Anelis Palpatine to ratify the Nova Bomb Treaty. Anelis, Col. Michael Logan, and Lady Panthiera Leonis are captured by Daniel Tarkanien and taken to Langley.

Theopholus Fintch and Odessa Travenia investigate rumors of many of his old Jedi friends recent deaths and encounter and destroy an evil, insane creature of pure Dark Side.

Wynn reports to the Embassy and is assigned garbage detail. He is brought back to the scene of Camp Scorpio when the investigators are still there - keeps to himself.

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Arcturus returns to Yavin to see Dral, give him a gift and tell him of disturbing dreams he is having.

The P'Lorn monks split into two groups, one seeking to lead normal lives as historians, scholars and doctors, the other to continue hiding from the Galaxy.

The Diplomatic Embassy offers aid to Delalt after it is attacked by a Renegade fleet disguised as an Imperial fleet.

Admiral Rollins captures Darana and returns her to the Empire minus an arm. She is rewarded by the Emperor for having completed a test and begins training to become a Sith Master. Salvatore objects and is overruled leading to a crisis of faith and open dissension between he and Darana. They reconcile. Lord Onyx, the Emperor's nephew, joins the Third Circle. Darana's husband Deveron is injured during her rescue of him from Admiral Rollins, and he remains in a coma for the next several months.

Raven Palpatine infiltrates the Alliance to assassinate Daniel Tarkanien. She nearly succeeds and Daniel is sent to a safehouse to recover. Moira tells Raven he is still alive.

Lord Onyx meets Mara Jade and marries her a few hours later.

The PLorn monks split into two groups, one seeking to lead normal lives as historians, scholars and doctors, the other to continue hiding from the Galaxy.

The 15 PLorn monks begin using the Force to manipulate the Governor of Ilnaris, and find they are not alone in doing so.

Lord Thane, an age-old Sith, attains a new level of power with the Dark Side and unofficially announces himself Lord of the Dark Circle. Subsequently Lord Thane achieves a rejuvenation using clone bio-cells. Lord Thane makes a personal obligation to destroy the Lost Onna should he ever locate it again.

Outlaw merc Kassar Revvel forms a group of Outlaw Mercs titled the Merciless Mercs. Their first employed mission is the theft of Right of Passage documents from the Zime Sector Station.

LTSG Arani Adja transfers to the ISD Obsidian.

Lady Aretta Fariss returns and learns the Duchess has been missing on Purgatory for weeks. Aretta goes to rescue her and finds her happily married to her kidnapper, Cohn Hendron [Lord Harfax], who just regained his throne the day before. Lady Averrine, a very old Jedi, is made Governor with Cohn as Lt. Governor. The Camp Scorpio Investigation Team finishes its report. Rikonis Vader Rividh sells a planet to Aretta Fariss for one credit. Aretta and the Duchess then begin turning the system into a refugee sanctuary with backing from the Empire and Diplomatic Embassy. Wynn Barezz petitions the Diplomatic Embassy to see the prisoners the Empire is prosecuting and kills two of the three with a Force-induced cancer. He denies all involvement. Princess Anrit ar Lincaet returns to Ilnaris to complete the negotiations and marries Lord Chaldis.

The Sybil is captured, questioned and made to forget by a frustrated and indignant Alliance Intel then released.

Sylviar Renn-Arsein infiltrates the Nighthawk HQ and attempts to poison their Righ [Chief], Nathan. She begins having Farseeing dreams and reluctantly begins Sith training with Lord Vordis.

Lord Alderson hosts a symphonic orchestra at the Palace theatre on Coruscant for the court. Tara Alderson returns.

Dral Warthen impersonates a Red Guard and kidnaps/rescues Kath Keirns from Coruscant, then returns her.

The Davis pirate family rescues their family held by the Empire with help from Tak Dunne and other old friends and then hold a going away party for all their allies. The majority of the Family then jump to another galaxy to continue their piracy and smuggling operations in secrecy and peace. Their friends each receive a map leading to their going away present.

Lord Barezz speaks with Aretta Fariss and attempts to kill her after she refuses his offer to join the First Circle, an organization like the Council that rules Barezz homeworld but intended to place the galaxy under Sith rule. He meets with several Sith to offer them membership in the First Circle. He then goes to see the Duchess.

Lord Barezz speaks to Raven Palpatine and has her create a duplicate of Daniel Tarkanien as part of a scheme to discredit him in the Alliance.

Sonya Wells puts out a bounty to find who was responsible for blowing up Raven's house last fall, a crime she is accused of.

Salleh Bendri pays off her ship and throws a party.

Lt. Sarsfield of the Ring Star Legion returns from a successful mission helping the Dendarii defend one of their space platforms from Imperial infiltratiomi. Logan Midnight looks for new members and learns his fiancee is looking for him.

Princess Anelis Palpatine and companions are rescued from the Alliance by Princess Leia Organa-Solo, Anelis' friend, when she learns of it in late March. With Dral Warthen and Avon they steal the Nova Bomb plans from Arquilla Weapons Labs.

Robbie Sineyo is murdered by Jenfaera Aull over his Chippendale's story on her husband.

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Aretta Fariss returns to Coruscant for deconditioning by Lord del Balaam, and medical treatment by Raven Palpatine's staff.

Prism Nighthawk gives birth to a psionic son and a Force-using daughter.

Duchess Kather Organa-State, fearing for her life, begins stockpiling weapons in her houses. She shoots herself in the foot however, and is treated by Raven Palpatine.

Vordis takes an interest in the religious side of the Force and begins attending the DanTien Academy on Coruscant. Tara Alderson refuses to be taught by him, and is incarcerated and made to think someone is trying to assassinate her until she decides he is worthy of her respect as he defends and secludes her.

Imperial Chief Archivist Halvan journeys to Ilnaris and is the first to discover something odd in orbit around the planet. He is unable to determine what it is before returning home.

Theopholus Fintch goes to Coruscant for secret negotiations with the Emperor on Tianna's behalf.

Aretta Fariss returns to Coruscant for deconditioning by Lord del Balaam, and medical treatment by Raven Palpatine's staff.

Admiral Velmen's 9th Imperial Battle Squadron participated in the securing Byss for the Emperor.

Renssalear Jedi Registration Center reopened.

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Sidra Roamstar is hired by Lady Megan Trent to break Roger Sands off of Avalon Base. She double crosses Megan and helps the Alliance capture her instead.

Lady Darana Cairnfell returns to the assassin guild that trained her and is put on trial. Lord Vordis, Raven Palpatine, Lord Taras and an Imperial fleet demand her return, and destroy the Guild when they learn Darana is dead. Shade captures a rogue dark-sider involved with the assassins. Assassin Guilds are declared illegal as part of the Emperor's new crackdown on organized crime. The Darana Cairnfell Dagorian Memorial Juvenile Rehabilitation Home For Girls is dedicated at the site of the destroyed Guild HQ.

Dral Warthen waits a week on the Alliance-Renegade border to meet with Lady Tianna to discuss her accusations of kidnapping and rape in the Alliance. Friends notice that he is acting oddly due to his "past-life" dreams as well as dreams concerning the dragons of Yavin.

The Imperial ship Scorpion retrieves an amnesiac woman [6 months pregnant] and her son from the trading planet Belthazzar on the Alliance/Empire border, which has been completely evacuated. The woman, called Ines, is thought to be the daughter of an Alliance officer and is given to her aunt, an Imperial Fleet Security officer, to watch over.

The Renegades give the contract to Port Lansing Station to the Ring Star Legion.

Lord Vordis' fleet decimates a six month old Alliance outpost in Imperial space. Raven Palpatine has the wounded Alliance personnel brought on board for treatment and trial, including a badly injured Ceri Snowhawk.

The Sister Dione movement on Dhiva IV gathers momentum.

Jazceryne Calbison contacts her father and the Alliance. She had been thought dead.

Sonya Wells is released by the Alliance after contracting to protect Luke Skywalker (Season). She takes him to see his father and hits him over the head when he decides to stay. Sonya then goes to Port Lansing station and orders the TARDIS not to let him out.

Alliance forces advance on the New Corin front after a surprise Imperial counterattack.

Emperor Palpatine gives a press conference from Coruscant.

MediaWest*Con 1995

One of Dral Warthen's three mysterious crystal dragon eggs cracks while he is on his way to Port Lansing with Princess Anelis Palpatine following the covert acquisition of the Nova Weapon plans from Arquilla Labs. Dral orders the cracking egg put in stasis.

Arcturus' egg hatched a small, inanimate crystal dragon.

Anelis complains the entire way and Dral is delighted to see her leave. He hires Arianna Selene en route and is ambushed by Raven Palpatine upon arriving. A plan to body switch him with Lord Vordis fails.

Samantha Connelly tests a message for Dral from Mistress Belladonna and is infected, causing her to emit seductive pheromones.

Daniel Tarkanien disappears from an Alliance safehouse and secretly goes to Port Lansing. Moire Sanders, Pol Aravos, and Raych Firestorm bug the rooms of various Imperials.

Arcturus is shot in the hallway after encountering them, then is questioned and released. Lord Rikonis Vader-Rividh arrives at Port Lansing and spends the next week in his quarters recovering from a 2 month drunk.

Emperor Palpatine, accompanied by Lord Darth Vader [Cassie], meets with Emperor Darth Vader [Alan] and his allies, Lord Luke Skywalker-Vader, Daara Vader, and Lady Tianna Vader, at a Summit that is broadcast across the Galaxy. Negotiations fail and the Emperor orders Emperor Vader and son shot immediately. Lord Luke and Daara take Lady Tianna with them when they escape. Tianna believes she was being attacked as well even though she was not. Emperor Vader is given a subconscious compulsion and released.

Ceilidh A'Artair, Righ of a Corellian Clan, is shot by mistake by the Alliance and raises a fuss. She is given the next ship her pirates capture in compensation. Dangandargen is given to Silver Flight as part of their Alliance contract. Ten mercs are kidnapped by Lord Salvatore del Balaam and a coalition of Sith and held in well-paid luxury aboard his Super Star Destroyer. One is to be killed per hour until Sonya Wells turns herself in but she speaks with the Emperor Palpatine and the mercs are released unharmed.

Aretta Fariss resigns from the Third Circle and is replaced by Mistress Belladonna. Altathea Palpatine Metieh is executed by the Sith and her husband for poisoning the Emperor Palpatine a year ago.

Lord Salvatore becomes engaged to Lady Majadar Palpatine. Arcturus wins the Mercs Poker Game. Under the name 'Black Phoenix Corporation', Sonya Wells, Arcturus, and a faction of mercs buy Port Lansing from the Ring Star Legion.

Raven Palpatine is captured by seven Ring Stars, and released after she outbids the Renegades.

Bartender Katarina Knight is discovered to be Morgan Nightshade. Dral, Avon, Samantha Connelly, and her father restore her memories. Dral hears Leona Catdancer is working with the Chain Gang and learns she is a clone spy substituted by Raven Palpatine months ago. Dral, Avon, Mir, and Sam capture Raven and exchange her for the real Leona.

The controlling influences in the clone are removed and she takes on a new life in the Chain Gang. Pollyanna attacks a member of the Chain Gang, is captured and sold to the Renegades who sell her to the Empire. Count Jose executes her on the Emperor's orders. Pollyanna over two Port Lansings murdered over 50 people, all wearing black. A three-sided skirmish breaks out in the halls and progresses until Raven Palpatine makes a truce with the Alliance to capture Jose Roberts and Wynn Barezz. Barezz and Dr. Tikaris are captured, freed by Arcadia, and recaptured.

Meanwhile, Doris the Rancor is sent after Jose who is kept safe by the Ring Stars. Anelis Palpatine and Lady Panthiera Leonis stink bomb the female Third Circle members because she wasn't chosen for membership. Sonya Wells is paid to sit on Lord Vordis' lap and have her picture taken while Lord Salvatore is sent a real bomb. Morgan Nightshade, Moire Sanders, Odessa Travenia, Myra Larkin, Tak Dunne, and a young rebel are blooded by Arcturus who carves symbols into their skin.

The Renegades post notices offering to take Barezz back only if paid 100,000 credits. Daniel Tarkanien attempts to release Wynn Barezz, who refuses to leave Alliance custody. Princess Azarra speaks with Dral Warthen who becomes the Alliance liaison to the Diplomatic Embassy.

Orion Daniels becomes a Jedi Knight. Garth Thunderclaw becomes a full Jedi as well. Sonya Wells is made a Trasiir [Guardian to the Jedi], much to her chagrin. Kyra Matthews, Pol Aravos, and Raych Firestorm catch Anelis unawares. A prisoner exchange is arranged, and falls through when Col. Logan and Major MacDermott begin trading insults and pushing each other.

Moire is captured by the Renegades who invade her mind and trigger her Force allergy when they Force her to tell Princess Leia (Lynda) "the truth" about Tarkanien's activities.

She begins to die slowly as her system fails and is sold to the Empire. To end the fighting, Luke Skywalker [Mark] duels his father [Alan] in the halls, but loses. Leia (Lynda) and Han (Ken) are captured and interrogated by Metieh. R2-D2 tries to save them and is captured. Leia and Han are rescued by Kirienne Solo, Prism Nighthawk, one other and Samantha Connelly.

Samantha scans Arcturus room for a dragon egg without success. Cho, a wookiee, blows up a large part of the Imperial section of the station covering their escape. Raven Palpatine has Sonya Wells TARDIS impounded and taken aboard her Super Star Destroyer. Sonya collapses and then breaks out of an Alliance Medical frigate to get to Raven. Sonya accidentally reveals Luke (Season) is still aboard the TARDIS, and the TARDIS contacts Dral Warthen for help.

Dral begins arranging the rescue of Luke, the TARDIS and Sonya. Ricia Targan turns herself in to the Alliance and has her death sentence temporarily suspended on condition she does good works.

Leia (Bernadette) defects to the Empire because of her ill son Anakin. Dral Warthen goes with her as her bodyguard. Col. Hawkwood gives Kirienne the Alderaan Cross for long service. She is later seen hanging with the Klingons.

Moire goes berserk during a prisoner exchange and is brutally killed by Princess Anelis.

Barezz requests Hawkwood allow him to speak to the Jedi on Avalon Base. Rumors begin that Ricia Targan is going Light Side.

Summer Moonrider is captured by Jenna Hooks and handed over to the Empire.

The Imperial Court moves back to B'yss.

Avalon Base deep in New Republic space is sneak attacked by Admiral Kane's Phantom Fleet, disguised as the Renegade fleet that has attacked the Alliance for months. Col. Hawkwood is seriously injured defending his men. Other systems are attacked en route to Avalon by the Empire. Hawkwood is in a coma for a week, then spends three weeks recovering physically.

Raven Palpatine returns all dragon tissue to Dral Warthen as part of an agreement.

Cardan and Odessa begin traveling with Garth Thunderclaw as part of the new Galactic Relief organization.

Aretta Fariss takes a vacation on the Rim.

Cardan Nerise and Odessa Travenia speak to Raven Palpatine about having the bounty on them lifted. Before she leaves them, Raven witnesses as he proposes marriage to Odessa and she accepts.

Megan Trent hunts down the wookiee responsible for bombing the Imperial section at Port Lansing Station.

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Iridian is finishing up his reorganization of Rebel Intel's Analysis Division, dealing with the aftermath of Moire's death. He will of course be distracted by the coup.

A bounty is put out for Lord Luke Skywalker-Vader by the Empire.

Lord Salvatore del Balaam takes his SSD, the Inquisition, and goes rogue, attacking New Republic targets at will.

Major Ceri Snowhawk is put on trial by the Empire for treason, conspiracy, murder, attempted murder, espionage, destruction of Imperial property, resisting arrest, etc., etc. and is sentenced to be executed. Raven Palpatine appropriates her for experimentation.

OUT OF CHARACTER KNOWLEDGE: The Emperor Palpatine begins losing Force ability. On occasion Force-users dining with him become mildly ill, but no one can determine the cause of the problem. He leaves B'yss before the problem is noticed by anyone.

Ilona Carollan is sent to interview the Alliance Chief of Intelligence and the Chief of Security. After interviewing Kyra Matthews, Ilona fails to report in. Tessa Walker receives a message from the Alliance that one of her reporters is being detained.

NOT TO GO IN NEWSLETTER (OUT OF CHARACTER KNOWLEDGE): Peter Strick, thinking he's turning the Emperor, begins training in the Dark Side with Lady Kath Keirns and Ines Lynne as part of a special unit.

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Raven and Vordis Palpatine tour the Sanctuary. Aretta Fariss learns she is pregnant and makes them the godparents of her child before marrying Strele.

Tak Dunne contacts Raven Palpatine offering to work permanently for the Empire if Raven will help her get rid of her Force null field.

The Alliance sets up a panel including Morgan Nightshade, Rons rebel doctor & Kathy Keims rebel lawyer, to screen people returning from the Empire.

Donarian assassins travel across the galaxy attacking Imperial Sith.

Admiral Ackbar takes over coordination of Luke's rescue at Dral's request. Several Merc's Guild members participate in order to free their imprisoned Guild Head.

Princess Mint ar Lincaet learns her mother is missing and returns home to Ilnaris with Dral Warthen, Avon, and Samantha Connelly to civil unrest. Raven, Vordis, and their students Star, Sylviar, and Jerrid oppose the traitorous Imperial Governor and defeat him with their help.

When the RSD Ruby is detected just across the border at Ilnaris, Ackbar launches the attack. Silver Flight, Flight of Dragons, Fire Cats Squadron, Thunder Squadron, Rogue Squadron under their new commander Wedge Antilles, a full compliment of Calamari ships, the Storm Fleet, most Jedi, the Trasiir, the Chain Gang, Arcturus, Rave, and Shockeye, Daniel Gevenner's Hawks, Flynn and the Rellis Base personnel and Ceilidh A'Artair's privateer ships attack the RSD Ruby, ISD Stalker II, RSD Garnet and RSD Amethyst.

RSD Amethyst is badly damaged before retreating, while the Stalker II and Garnet take minor damage and the Ruby is destroyed. Hyla Stormrider, Dorion Janako, Ceri Snowhawk, and Bonita Lynne escape to the planet's surface in an escape pod. Ackbar is severely wounded and his second in command, Admiral Ciaran Storm, takes command of the Alliance Fleet.

Summer Moonrider is rescued along with Sonya Wells, the TARDIS returns Luke to the Alliance. A TKIN reporter covers the space battle from a safe distance while Kerrelson Drew covers the civil war. Ilnaris renounces the Empire and joins the New Republic. A major Alliance infantry base [Davian Base] is established on Ilnaris. Raven is spotted by Morgan Nightshade and healed. Kit Stalker attempts to apprehend Raven but loses sight of her during triage. Raven receives a new Super Star Destroyer, the Ruby II.

Lord Wynn Barezz' face mask is found in his empty cell.

[Lt. Governor of Purgatory] Lord Colin Harfax goes to visit his wife, Kather, and learns she is 4 months pregnant. They visit Court and Colin renegotiates certain Purgatory-Imperial trade deals to his satisfaction. OUT OF CHARACTER KNOWLEDGE: Kather leases her Chandrilian shipyards to Lord Onyx for Star Destroyer production.

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Raven Palpatine creates a black hole where the planet Vaergan once was in order to test Chains theory on the danger of gravity well generators.

Darana has been haunted by the ghost of Aurelia Tiandris. Annoyed, Darana destroys the spirit.

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Maercella Karike retrieves the belongings of an old friend of the family turned Imperial Dark Hunter and takes Aretta Fariss' parents' lightsaber to her. Aretta finds she has a brother at Renssalear and together they look for her father who is missing.

Having fled Ilnaris, an insane Taurgimon uses Star and Sylviar to hunt down the Emperor. To gain his long delayed revenge Taurgimon captures him, leaving the Emperor's companions to die drifting in space. He later dies at the hands of the Emperor. Lord Jarek Alderson declares the Emperor dead and takes the throne. The Emperor and his companions go underground to plot his return to power. Raven Palpatine freezes the Imperial bank accounts to keep Jarek from them. Emperor Alderson sends a message from *the Emperor* ordering all Sith to appear before him and tests each for loyalty and usefulness. Regular military officers are allowed to keep their present positions but their commanding officers are to be held responsible for their actions. All bureaucrats and people controlling governmental functions or organizations [I.E. INN etcetera) are replaced by Jareks own people. Imperial Governors remain in their places until they too can be summoned before him. Sith masters are held responsible for the behavior of their students until Jarek can consolidate them into one place. Residences of traitors are ransacked and destroyed.

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A month after the coup, Emperor Alderson has all Sith students assembled for training in one place where they can be more easily trained appropriately.

Until the coup it was business as usual for Koross. After the coup Koross has been busy ensuring the loyalty of the Imperial apparatus in his sector.

Vallin Alvaris has been continuing the dig on Lansa 4. During the coup he will quietly dig, maintaining his cover.

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A distant Palpatine relative claims the throne by right of family connections, and is summarily captured and executed by Alderson.

The Palpatine loyalists retake Coruscant from Jarek. Lord Vordis Palpatine is captured and imprisoned until the Emperor can deal rationally with him.

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December 1, Duchess Kather Organa-State Harfax gives birth to a baby girl named Callista.

Daniel Tarkainien seeks revenge on the Third Circle for the murder of his parents. Majadar first. Darana and Aretta are kidnapped and brainwashwed to kill Lord Salvatore. Darana succeeds. Daniel captures Raven and tortures her.

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