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2001 Timeline



Serris Surragar is questioned by Counter-Intelligence for possible court martial. No charges are brought against Serris. She is promoted to Lt. Colonel and re-assigned from Intelligence to General Branwyn as her aide.

Governor Casselbury concludes the Corellian Highlands War by withdrawing all Imperial troops and constructing a heavily fortified line across the base of the Highlands, cutting them off, so far as he's concerned, from the rest of the planet. Routine operations since then, culminating in the battle at Port Lansing.

Octavia dreams of her father only to discover that it is the Emperor gathering information. Fights off the desire to believe him and learns from Luke how to protect her mind.

The HERESIARCH discovers a shuttle and a lone occupant. They work to make sure she survives and Mira is given the job of interrogating her and discovering where she was going. The woman isn't very responsive.

Kyra Matthews defects to the Empire and begins working for Eric Daniels in the household.

Colonel Ashley McGee killed by the household.

Major Talia Matthews, kidnapped by mercenaries from Avalon and turned over to Eric Daniels.

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Octavia doesn't leave Yavin. Starts to remember her father's teaching and gives into that training.

Aella Skott uncovers a transmission from the household of Darana, continues to monitor and records all information she gathers. Keeps General Branwyn informed of the situation.

Eric and Sidra Roamstar begin HELL.

Talia Matthews attempts to escape from Eric. He agrees to remove the implanted chip from her if she will not try to escape or harm any member of the house. Talia agrees.

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Darana, Shade, Sidra, Shadow, Rachel, and Michael kill the Jedi Knight that Raven has been seeing and drop him on her doorstep, then go on to kill the other Jedi that were associated with the Knight Raven was dating. Raven does not know who killed them.

Bourne appears before the Emperor, who is intrigued by the mysterious newcomer. He then becomes a fixture at His Majesty's court.

In the final stage of "hell," the group corner Tara Alderson, obtaining a blood sample.

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Emperor visits Varelttas to see how Azarra's training is progressing.

Sidra Roamstar, just prior to arriving at Port Lansing, survived "hell" and has now completely switched loyalties from being a merc, to being an Imperial and steadfast member of Darana's household.

Mira Lexor, onboard the HERESIARCH, discovers that their guests name is Tahirah and she has to see the Emperor. Mira, with her Captain's permission, sends a transmission to the Emperor and informs him of their catch. He orders Mira to bring this Tahirah to him at Port Lansing. Gained with this information Mira goes to Tahirah and is led to a compartment on Tahirah's ship: it's a transmission from Tahirah's King handing her over to Palpatine.

Octavia receives an invitation from Tara Alderson Palpatine to meet with her and Victoria at Port Lansing. Octavia decides to go even though Luke warns her it is a trap and she needs to be cautious.

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Braeden Colter leaves Zahr to travel to Port Lansing where she gives the 5 Jedi holodiscs entrusted to her to Master Skywalker; she appears in Nik-Vie Windu's holovid for the Emperor; and returns with Master Skywalker to Yavin to complete her training.

Empress Azarra returns to Coruscant; visit to Port Lansing; renovations to the Imperial Palace.

Avon's search pays off. She locates Raven's missing son. (Just before Media)

MediaWest: Raven is given a student, Retroy, and ordered to Purge Nik-Vie's Jedi.

Samantha is assaulted by Arcturus at Port Lansing and found by Madame May.

Bourne appears at Port Lansing. He attends the court session, then later does battle with Luke Skywalker and Kirienne Nigheansidhe (nee Solo). The duel ends in a draw.

Octavia meets with Tara Alderson Palpatine and Victoria. There she discovers she has a brother and that he is a murderer. Victoria is given the opportunity to kill her father and all protests from Octavia are ignored.

At Port Lansing, Sidra was taken by Eric to meet someone. He turned out to be her son, whom she had been told died at birth. Immediately after Port Lansing, Sidra requested permission for a personal leave and went to kill the woman who had stolen her child.

RDW4, having taken all the abuse she could stand, finally decided to admit publicly to her sentience, and organized other sentient droids into a rebellion, which broke loose at Port Lansing. Due to a secret program being put into her (which is being looked into) she committed a questionable act and is currently heading to the Empire to stand trial for her actions. She is confident that she will either be exonerated, or somehow escape...

Lee Beckett is appointed as President to the Alliance Council. Starts to set up the Alliance Council.

Mira Lexor presents Tahirah to Emperor Palpatine at throne room and is given the rank of Captain for her accomplishments.

Octavia signs her rights of any custody to Victoria over to Tara and her people. Octavia, unable to look at Victoria or the body of her dead brother, leaves the room and no one stops her.

Mira Lexor finds herself guarding the Emperor as well as the Empress (skirmish).

Octavia captured and brought before the Emperor. There he taunts her about her dreams and that he is waiting until she is fully trained before he leads her to the dark side. The Emperor probes her mind and discovers the fact about Victoria and his granddaughter Tara. Octavia is rescued by Alliance members after she's hit with lightning.

Octavia meets other Jedi from an order of long ago. She feels something pulling her toward them, to their knowledge.

Octavia sends a transmission to Tara Alderson alerting her to the possible danger Victoria might face.

Mira requests an audience with the Emperor before he leaves Port Lansing.

She requests that her rank remain Commander so she can serve him better unhampered. Palpatine grants the request.

Midalah reunites with Lon Solo and S'Lara Mercetto, close friends from when she was a child, after hearing that Lon was taken to see the Emperor on Port Lansing.

(That same night) Midalah and Lon get reacquainted; while Lon is sleeping, Midalah watches the holomessage she had received before meeting him again. She finds from her lady-in-waiting and sister-in-law, M'lissa, that she needs to return home, soon.

(Same night again) Lon wakes Midalah after she has had a nightmare of an attack three years before, which was also when Midalah killed for the first time. He advises Midalah to talk to S'Lara about the problems on her world and what to do, and who to go to for help.

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Midalah talks with S'Lara about hiring someone for information and to help stage a coup. She suggests Colin MacDermott and Khando. Midalah tells S'Lara about how she thinks her "sixth sense" may be something more. S'Lara contacts Nicolai Rionni asking to have Midalah tested. He agrees and sets a meeting time.

Imperial Tours begin; Empress Azarra receives a 'middle of the night' holotransmission from the Emperor.

One week after Media, Raven follows Avon's information to her son.

Darien Lell kidnapped from Gaisheeda by Talasa Steele, Polena Blaine and Kathera Oris. They take him to Zoron where he is asked to train Keiren Lightdancer-Steele in the lightside.

Nik-Vie takes Lon Solo, Ebon Cheval, Tara Alderson, and Sharra as a student. Nik keeps a Force collar on himself to avoid being located by other Force users.

The ghost of her grandfather, Qui-Gon Jinn, appears to Octavia. He tells her that he is proud of her and she must not lose hope or heart in her quest. He also tells her she will become a Jedi, but must be careful. He shares with her his regrets and tells her it's normal.

Octavia gets another visit from Kirienne who tells her of her failures and trials. Thus to give Octavia a stronger resolve to succeed.

Staying away from other Jedi students, Octavia is drawn into a simple childhood game with Jerella and some other children. After the game, she talks with Jerella and allows herself to fully empty her doubts and fears. Jerella listens and shares her own thoughts. Afterward they go back to the Academy and decide to be a positive influence on each other.

Midalah contacts and hires Colin MacDermott to lead the coup on Nebula. A day later she contacts and meets Khando, a Toydarian information broker, and hires him to find out information for her.

Mira Lexor, still fuming over the Jedi Master who mind probed her, begins working on a plant to be delivered to Yavin to cause illness and death to the Jedi.

A young Jedi Student seeks out Octavia and talks to her. Medenna tells Octavia she needs someone like her and tells Octavia many things, then leaves to go to her studies again. Octavia shakes her head in wonder.

Victoria Syn officially adopted by Tara Alderson. Changes her name to Victoria Alderson.

Talia now interacting with the household.

Rumors that representatives from the Old Jedi Order are coming to Yavin. Everyone is making preparations to meet them. Octavia has her own questions for them if she is allowed to ask.

Aella Skott - still listening to the transmissions from the household trying to keep up on the ever changing frequencies.

Lee Beckett - reviewing the Alliance Council and conferring with General Branwyn.

Octavia leaves Yavin and goes to Gaosheeda, Medenna stows away in the shuttle and both are captured by Raven.

Master Alida and her Padawan Daroa stop off on the planet Gaosheeda. The old Jedi's ship is recognized from the Port Lansing roster and is captured by Imperial HUnters, then turned over to Raven.

Midalah meets with Jedi Master Rionni for testing. She has Force abilities.

Raven places her captives, Octavia, Medenna, Daroa, and Alida, in Sensory Deprivation tanks, links their minds together, and induces dreams.

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Braeden has a meeting with Octavia Syn Jinn about her grandfather, Qui-Gon Jinn, who appears to her when Octavia is taken prisoner.

Flyers sent out announcing a 2-week Imperial Cruise aboard the ISD Empress. The Empress throws a nirthday party for her brother, Lord Rikonis Vader-Rividh, on Coruscant.

Deveron Arsein, Darana's ex-husband, returns to Coruscant. Moves into house.

Midalah meets Nik-Vie Windu and he agrees to train her. Midalah begins training with Nik alongside Lon and some others.

Klaw winds up with a Force enhancing stone from Deveron.

Midalah meets Tara Alderson, heir to the Shardakourian throne, on Nik's ship one night. While talking, Midalah finds out that the trade agreement the two planets had was dissolved. Tara agrees to help Midalah, and Midalah promises that once back on the throne, their trade agreement will be re-instated.

Talia follows Deveron onto the overworld and bonds to his matrix. Deveron presents her with a stone of her own.

Klaw takes Talia, Eric, Rook, and Sam to investigate the annihilation of his village. Discovers a mining company was responsible. Klaw kills all of the local miners and then after a few weeks goes after the company itself.

Michael Cairnfell almost dies from contact with Deveron's matrix. Michael shows latent telepathy.

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Klaw completes his revenge against the mining company responsible for the destruction of his village.

Eric learns that Deveron is Talia's father. Talia discovers this information from Eric.

Empress Cruise departs August 6th.

Darien returns to Yavin, attends the Jedi council meeting, and receives permission to continue training Keiren.

Octavia, Alida, Medenna, Kaliandra, Tory, are rescued from Zoron while Sharra is rescued from Darana. Klaw is kidnapped by the Alliance.

Talia spends 24 hours trying to assimilate the information she has learned.

Aella Skott captured by Darana. Reprogrammed and returned to the Alliance as a spy/operative.

Talia spends three months on a distant planet trying to decide her future.

Braeden Coulter, one of the Lost Jedi, began healing training with Jedi Master Cilghal.

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Nik-Vie Windu now showing signs of stress related to having the Force collar on. Nik appears to be becoming a dark jedi.

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Garrek Palpatine presents his wife and son to his Mother and to the Emperor.

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Talia returns, realizing that the Alliance was no longer her home. Eric moves her to the student level and gives her an office of her own down in the Household Intel section.

Empress Azarra debuted her new line of lingerie at a fashion show on Coruscant. Immediately afterward she left the planet on Dani's ship.

Imperial Intelligence assigns Katyana to investigate the planet killer.

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Empress Azarra send holiday gifts to The Emperor and his daughters, but does not appear in person at Court.

Midalah leaves training with Nik-Vie to return to her ship. Receives transmissions from Khando and Tara. Tara sends her the information she found out about Nebula, Khando makes arrangements for a rendezvous.

Khando and Midalah meet. She receives the information Khando got from her. She takes it gratefully and heads back to her ship to go over it.

Midalah meets with Colin again and passes on the information from Khando and she instructs him to begin plans for the coup on Nebula.

While going through one of the pieces of information that Khando gave her, Midalah notices that she has her aunt's journal. While reading it, Midalah finds out that a man she killed three years before was the man responsible for assassinating her family at her aunt's orders. Very upset thinking the last three years of her life have been a waste, Midalah goes to S'Lara to talk. S'Lara reassures her that it hasn't been a waste, and also reassures her that when she gets her throne back, she will be the queen her mother was.

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