Forces Of the Empire

2002 Timeline



Persis Devyani begins Jedi training with Master Kalamytha Du'Sau aboard Lansing Station.

Talia Matthews and Eric Daniels are married.

At his birthday party, The Emperor produces a betrothal document between Azarra and Trinian Palpatine, pre-dating her engagement to The Emperor. He uses this pretext to divorce Azarra, who leaves Coruscant for parts unknown.

Lord D'Kahn Ti'ska takes over his rightful Senatorial position in the Nebulian Government after his father passes away.

Octavia goes with Luke Skywalker (Season) to Tatooine for more training. There improves on her skills.

Aella tries to re-establish listening devices on the Household, unable to accomplish this feat, and is frustrated at this. In the process finds a way to track the planet killer. Works on perfecting it.

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Mira Lexor reports to the Emperor that the plant is ready and the poison is deadly. She had tested it on herself almost killing herself. Receives information from Xanatos Labs on Telos that more of her parents' notes are on their way.

Kalamytha Du'Sau continues to train Persis Devyani, and though she has second thoughts, knows that the time is coming to let her continue her path and will have to let her go soon.

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Octavia and Luke meet a elderly couple on Tatooine and agree to help them get their products off of Tatooine to help people on another planet fight off the lack of fruit being grown. Unknown to them, the fruit is addictive, it makes one crave more and brings out their ego to the front.

During the flight Octavia quits eating the fruit and begins to suffer withdrawal pains, when she explains her theory to Luke he is quite firm that she is wrong. A fight ensues later which results in Octavia using the Force to break Luke's jaw in self defense.

Xanatos Labs ask for Mira's help in discovering a cure for Arridor who had suffered a disease that killed over 40% of their plants and 25% of their animal stock. Mira gets permission for an emergency leave, and heads toward Telos to see what can be done for Arridor.

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Victoria finds out that Octavia has a little 'Jedi brat' following her around. Goes on a camping trip with Retroy. When she returns she goes on her first mission to rescue M'lissa.

Midalah returns to the throne on Nebula with the aid of Colin MacDermott leading a coup with further aid from information obtained by Tara Alderson and Khando as well as troops aid from Tara.

Xanatos Labs finishes their new branch on Arridor and monitors the progress of the rejuvenation treatment for the planet. Before Mira leaves for Arridor she uncovers a secret in the burned out part of the labs on Telos. Discovers the frozen body of Xanatos Du'Cruet. Leaves Elrod Wilshire to watch over the body while she researches some information on DNA and tissue damage.

When Elrod and Mira leave Telos they are accompanied by Xanatos. Elrod is not happy about the time Mira is spending with Xanatos. Tries to tell her it will lead to trouble.

After landing on Arridor they discover the so called damaged soil is starting to grow and yield fruit. Xanatos starts taking a turn for the worse, Mira discovers his connection to the Force and his DNA is breaking down. Begins testing on Force Sensitives on Arridor.

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Xanatos Labs on Arridor announces its grand opening, many visit including Tara and Victoria Alderson with Topaz, and Raven Palpatine also arrives separately.

Alida D'med and Octavia travel to Arridor attempting to locate a lost ally.

Medenna La'Rose is kidnapped.

Alida and Octavia are captured and tortured by Mira Lexor, who is a director of Xanatos Labs. The pair escape only to be recaptured. At some point during their escape Tara makes contact with Octavia.

Tara visits the labs early and discovers that Octavia is held prisoner, she claims possession of Octavia, but is unable to take her off planet due to the local civil war erupting. The Lab is invaded.

Cassandra goes to Arridor to attend Xanatos Labs' product Demo. Brings Tarlon, Tirna, Janel, Attiles and Kathera Oris with her. She finds the plague and orders a quarantine. Places bounty on Mira Lexor. Then Cassandra moves on to Port Lansing.

Mira Lexor and Xanatos escape from Arridor. However, the poison Mira has been working on somehow has been let loose among the general population.

Alida has encountered her unknown brother Alidar.

Rachel Summers captured by Shade, during a Household meeting she is sent to the body banks by Darana.

Alida D'med, Kaliandra Daroa, Ricia Targen, Darien Lell, Ebon Chebal, Lena Galassdow and many others rescue Rachel Summers from Darana's goons en route to the body banks.

Keel laid for "Divine Trillogy".

Retroy Darkfire breaks both of Mern Dorf's legs. Mern swears revenge and a bloodfeud begins.

Victoria Alderson contracts the Mira Lexor poison. Kaliandra Daroa also contracts the poison not long after.

Boba Fett delivered Octavia to Victoria's custody, who decided to beat her aunt while she had Octavia in her grasp. Was then contacted by the Jedi Council and was questioned about how Octavia's health was. Soon afterwards, she released Octavia back to the Jedi. Later that weekend, she was cured from the poison by Jedi Knight Kaliandra while she was in a Force Damping cell at Port Lansing.

Mern Ganon Dorf, bounty hunter, appears on Port Lansing station and captures many bounties including Luke Skywalker, Alida D'med, Octavia Syn Jinn, Han Solo, and Percival Bay.

Kaliandra treated by Dr. Ezra to slow the effects of the Lexor Poison.

Two mercenaries from the Calico enter Imperial Court and inform all present that an auction will be held for the cure to the Mira Lexor poison.

At the Jedi Council Meeting Rachel Summers relays her Awareness of the planetkiller's continuing swathe of destruction. Sune Ilath reports on what is known of the planetkiller and Rachel, Ricia, Prism, Kylie volunteer to investigate further, alongside the Intel team. The Imperial Intel liaison agrees to coordinate with the team.

Shade, Eric, Takara, and other household members capture the two mercenaries. Eric interrogates them and discovers that their captain is holding Mira Lexor.

Mira discovers she is wanted and turns herself in to the nearest Imperial, which happened to be Shade.

Talmen Winters and several mercenaries claim ownership of Midalah's homeworld, Nebula, for the Corporate Sector Authority during Imperial Court.

Mern assists Wendy Sanders in the kidnapping of M'lissa, Midalah's Lady in Waiting.

Sharra N'Aquivar hires out to Wendy to assist in the interrogation of M'lissa. It is discovered that M'lissa knows nothing of the Imperial ships building up around her homeworld.

M'lissa is ransomed back to Midalah for 10 million credits. The ransom is unsuccessful, but M'lissa is returned and Mern and Wendy get away, identity unknown.

Retroy approaches Darana about the possibility of going to the Jedi Academy to train. Darana is able to convince Retroy to stay in the Empire and work with Kylie.

Sharra captured by Darana. Kyra and Sharra speak as Kyra preps Sharra for her interrogation session. Eric and his students are given first opportunity to practice on Sharra. Other members of the house also interrogate Sharra. Finally Darana enters and begins breaking Sharra's mental defenses in a quick harsh manner, risking Sharra's death.

Shan Connel assists Eric defending Talia from being captured by Talmen Winters. Janin assists Darana, Shade and Eric in his reconstruction and later in the torture of Sharra N'Aquivar.

Midalah is captured on Port Lansing by CSA Forces and taken back to Nebula. A rescue group goes after her, consisting of Lon Solo, S'Lara, Ricia, and Ebon, as well as Mia Jesbar, who is hired by Tara Alderson at Port Lansing.
When the CSA are aware of Lon's return to the planet, they attempt to kidnap Midalah again after releasing her into the palace. When the rescue group arrives, Mia stays on Lon's ship and the rest go in the palace and confront CSA guards as well as some of the CSA Force Sensitives. While Lon, Ricia and Ebon are dealing with CSA troops in the palace, Mia Jesbar flies Lon's ship into orbit to take care of ships that are coming onto the planet. S'Lara is assisting Midalah by helping her find her way away from the CSA troops through the hidden passageways in the castle. A showdown occurs with the man that Midalah spoke with on the ship. He is a Sith. Lon, Midalah and S'Lara fend off the Sith, eventually causing his demise. A Force like black-hole appears as he dies taking part of the castle down with him. With Ricia's help after she arrives, they all form a force bubble that saves them from the falling debris. Mia has crashed landed Lon's ship into the gardens after taking the fighters out. Despite a few mild injuries, all come out fairly unscathed and exhausted. Lon and Midalah hear nothing from S'Lara for a few days while she makes sure everything is secure.
Lon returns to his ship in the gardens after rescuing Midalah and meets Mia. They talk and she lets him know in no uncertain terms she doesn't like Force users, or Jedi, for that matter.

Kaliandra Daroa finds a vial of rare cure to Lexor Poison. She uses on herself, then later discovers that Victoria is also poisoned so uses it to heal Victoria.

Octavia turned over to Victoria after turned in for the bounty. Victoria then takes great pleasure in torturing her before turning her over to the Alliance.

Octavia remains on Port Lansing Station after everyone leaves to see if anything can be learned of Psylocke's fate for staying with the Empire.

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Shade followed Sharra to Shardakour and continued taunting her.

Darana attempts to follow Sharra and Talia to Shardakour, but is backed down by Tara.

Darien returns to Zoron.

Midalah feels jealousy towards Mia but stops it and offers her an exclusive contract to jobs on Nebula. Mia declines but states she will take jobs if she is available. Midalah accepts that agreement and also gives Mia a home on Nebula for her to return to when she needs time away.

A day or so after Lon, Ricia and Ebon have left to return to Yavin, Midalah worries for all of them, specifically Lon. She also worries for Nik-Vie, knowing what they are going to do. She speaks with S'Lara and learns that S'Lara is only Force strong on the planet. She has Force ability off planet when it comes to Lon and feeling when he is in danger, but she can't use it except on planet. Midalah asks S'Lara to seek out a former Senator for her, retired Senator Lady K'rrin. She wishes her to come out of retirement to give advice to Midalah. K'rrin was a Senator when Midalah's grandmother, Arianna Fredrica (Fred) was Queen.

Victoria meets a young boy, Kiefer'r, who bugs her and asks her questions about her family. In turn, she finds out some information on him. They talk before she told him she had to go. He lets her go before returning to his friends and 'reporting' on how it went.
Following day, Victoria gave Kiefer'r a tour of Sharkdakour. He then convinced her to meet a few friends of his. While they talk for a bit, Victoria soon became aware of their voices going to a low whisper. Alert, she asked what was wrong and is told by Kiefer'r that he can give her the power to be even stronger than the Emperor himself. -- By joining his group/cult.
Feeling uncomfortable with how he was talking and how his friends were staring at her, she excused herself and left.

Two - Three Days Later...Kiefer'r pops back up. Victoria is slightly annoyed, but is also glad since Tara told her to study him and his group and report back. She asks him for proof for this "power" he was talking about. Kiefer'r then broke her mental shields and violated her mind before she was able to push him away hard. Somehow, he convinces her to follow him somewhere. Victoria, now, is even more weary of him.

Blaze is sent on a mission to Shardakour in an attempt to kill Kaehlyiah. Blaze is freed of her control collar and the DarkSider who was controlling her. She is taken in as a student of the house.

The Household is disbanded. Darana is promoted to General and relieved of any duties relating to the Red Guards. She is reassigned to Ground Forces Special Operations.

Retroy Darkfire is assigned to Lady Sybil after the break-up of the house.

Kaehlyiah is reassigned after the Household disbandment to Raven Palapatine. She makes as though to go to her re-assignment with Blaze, who was also assigned to Raven, and fakes their death by blowing up a transport. They get off Coruscant after meeting a mercenary pilot named Tyler Mendez. Tyler thinks he and Kaehlyiah could learn a lot from one another and agrees to take her whereever she wants till he has the chance to teach her better flying skills. They take Blaze to a planet and leave her there to fend for herself and Kaehlyiah and Tyler leave together. Kaehlyiah makes sure that Darana can contact her if she returns, and that Shade and Rook both know how to get a hold of her and lets them know she isn't dead. She also keeps any link open that will allow Klaw to also contact her if need be.

Retroy and Alida meet on the astral plane. They spoke about whether Retroy was happy being part of the Empire and what she felt about the Emperor destroying the Household.

Shade is assigned as Governor of Valass. He is allowed to take Ralf Firestorm from the household with him.

Janin Firestorm assigned to the Palace and Red Guards permanently.

Jerrid Halvan assigned to Lord Taras, along with Retroy Darkfire.

Lilith returns from the rim. Jennifer is placed in a cell then assigned to Lilith for training.

Serris collapses as Darana's links are severed. Barezz reworks Darana's Force signature. Her Force abilities now altered.

Octavia Jinn was assigned to go with Nik-Vie, D'va and Kaliandra to rescue Psylocke. Was recalled by the Jedi Council to answer charges of misconduct from Port Lansing. Never made it to Yavin, joined up with her former ship the Electra with all intent to follow the team to Coruscant. Changed her mind when she had a vision/dream of Kaliandra and Medenna in trouble. Went to Hu'doc to rescue them. Was able to rescue them only with the aid of Alida D'med and Alidar D'med.
Octavia then headed back to Yavin to face the Jedi Council and to answer the charges of neglect. Luke Skywalker stood by her as well as Kirienne Solo and the ghost of Qui-Gon Jinn. All charges were dismissed and she was allowed to resume her training.

Kaliandra was lured way from D'va's ship by a mental voice impersonating Octavia. The voice led her into a trap set by Xanatos to kidnap Kaliandra to use her to get to Octavia and Alida.
Kaliandra was take off world by Xanatos and his accomplice, Mikala Volaris.

Anti-pink rioting breaks out in the Capital. Melora Lexor and Wynn Barezz devise anti-pink cures, while fashion aficionados attempt to talk Retroy down. The private war between the Mern and Retroy escalates across transmissions and revenge fantasies, and the procurement of carbonite freezing chambers...

Midalah requested Jedi training but found another to teach her and instead offered the Jedi the use of the former Temple on Nebula. A team Tory, Kalamytha, Alidar and Harlan are going to investigate it.

Sonya Wells has asked for training and suffered a mental collapse. Alida and Octavia rescued Kaliandra and Medenna from Xanatos.

Aella Skott sent to Yavin to help the Jedi break codes to allow them to get to Coruscant to rescue Ricia.

Darien continues training the Mathem lightsider on Zoron.

Master Cimemthymia Jantzen Derlyne Mikasta Rintala and her Padawan Cerelina Arynne return to Yavin after being on a training mission for 18 months.

Du'Sau continues training Persis Devyani when schedules permit. Sharra, suffering nightmares, sets fire to her rooms and joins the rest in medical. The Jedi have also been invited to Ilnaris for the ceremonies.

Mira Lexor captured by Alliance Intelligence. She was rescued from the Steele household and now sits in an Alliance cell on Langley. Mira is awaiting trial by the Alliance and expecting death as she refuses to give out anymore secrets. Kaliandra as well as other Intel personnel are trying to convince her to work for them and to turn over any secrets of Xanatos.

O'lea Sari'jek, the new director of Intel Operations, talks to Mira and tries to get her to open up.

Lady Cassandra orders her medical and legal staffs to prepare the criminal case against Mira. About a week later Cassandra hires the Electra to deliver all the evidence including Jedi Master Rionni's body to Alliance Intel.

Ricia Targan captured during an attempt by the Jedi to rescue previously captured Jedi trainees from the palace.

Lee Beckett called a meeting with Alida D'med to find out what the Jedi expect out of the Allaince.

Master Kalamytha Du'Sau has more conversations with Persis, heads back to Yavin to meet with the council to deal with Octavia Jinn's refusal to return to answer their/her questions. Unhappy of the supporters that Octavia have at the meeting, Du'Sau agrees that nothing should be done in the form of punishment.

Sharra comes to Yavin. Tory McNeil obtains her promise to remain on Yavin for rest and relaxation and major healing.

Tara sends a transmission to the Jedi Council demanding the return of Sharra N'Aquivar to Shardakour.

Zuren takes on Lon and Danna as students.

Alidar D'med rejoins the Jedi.

Retroy Darkfire and Alida D'med begin meeting on the astral plane by chance.

Darana survives her mission in Alliance territory, wounding Sune Ilath in the process. Darana sends off the information to the Emperor and is orderd into cryogenic chamber. She complies after killing the Captain.

Lady K'rrin returns to Nebula to meet with Midalah. Midalah finds out that K'rrin is also S'Lara's mother, Lon's grandmother. She agrees to train M'lissa as a Senator and work with M'lissa on controlling the sudden Force ability that she has. Along with K'rrin and S'Lara, Midalah plans an invitation only dinner.

Sam and Klaw arrive on Yavin. Sam asks for a tour of Yavin and has stated she would like to be considered for admission back in the temple as a student again. Klaw accompanies her on the tour and most likely as she trains as well.

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Blaze escapes with Kaehlyiah from Coruscant. Kaehlyiah and Blaze part ways at the planet of Vermullian II.

Ricia Targan 'returned' to Yavin by the Emperor on a shuttle programed to crash. The shuttle crashes just outside the Jedi Temple. Ricia survives.

Danna Esme assists in Medical after the attack.

Cheverra arrives on Yavin to survey damage and speak with Sharra.

Octavia has spent much of her time alone and training, talking to Alida and Alidar and spent some time on Kirienne's ship.

Octavia went to a gathering with some of the other students and told a ghost story. Has remained unnaturally quiet since the council meeting.

Distress message from Vermullian II is sent to Jedi Council to assist in capturing a "demon" that is killing livestock.

Octavia asks Kaliandra to go with her on a trip once she is healed.

Mia Jesbar kidnaps Medenna La'Rose believing she was hired by Medenna's father, only to find out it was actually Xanatos Du'Cruet. Mia realizes her mistake in kidnapping Medenna and swears revenge on Xanatos for manipulating her.

Aella Skott still on Yavin, has not been reassigned.

Kiefer'r tells Victoria that he will show her yet another piece of proof that he has this...power. -- He brings back her mother. Victoria was able to touch her and even hear her talk. This suddenly perks Victoria's interest and she asks Kiefer'r how to bring her mother back.
The next day, Victoria went to Tara and talked to her about it.

Master Rintala and her Padawan, Cerelina, are sent to Vermullian II to capture the "demon." They succeed in capturing the "demon," whom they learn is named Blaze. They bring Blaze back to Yavin and the Jedi temple.
Alidar is asked to take Blaze into his care and assist her in learning the ways of society and how to live in a human society.

Lee Beckett sends a delegation consisting of Evan Solari, Brynn Sulien attends representing General Branwyn, Lt. Colonel Cheverra, Owen Iridian, and Prism Nighthawk to meet with Eric Daniels.

Princess M'lissa of Nebula begins to have nightmares. She approaches Danna, Lon and Master Zuren to assist her in understanding them further so they will cease to plague her. The dreams do not stop.

Tory and Sharra arrive on Shardakour, after the Jedi Council agrees to send her and Tory. Alida will be checking in on them from time to time.

A bounty is put out for Eric Daniels, Talia Matthews, and Victoria Alderson.

Cheverra arrives on Shardakour.

While in Xanatos and Volaris' clutches, Kaliandra was tortured by Volaris to torment Medenna.

Shardakourian ships are attacked by pirates.

Du'Sau still on Yavin.

Alida D'med and Retroy Darkfire still meeting by chance on the astral plane. They also begin to communicate via transmissions.

Rintala and her Padawan go after a creature and bring back Blaze.

Retroy informs her master, Lady Sybil, about the astral meetings with Alida. Alida and Retroy confirm a place to meet in person with Master Du'Sau and Sybil with them.

Barezz arrives on Hoth, sets up booby traps around a very remote cavern, then wakes up Darana. After conversation he sends out a transmission to the Empire that they were attacked by Alliance.

Darana takes Barezz's shuttle to a nearby planet. During the trip she arranges to meet up with Deveron at a more secure location. She returns the shuttle to Hoth with a mind-controlled pilot. Darana is contacted by Rauss who agrees to take her to the coordinates set up by Deveron.

Intel picks up the transmission from Barezz and The Emperor's response. They also become aware of one by Lord Vader. Intel activates two operatives in the area of Hoth, Keith La'Rose and Trent.

O'lea contacts the Alliance fleet to request confirmation and update of the original transmission by Barezz.

After being captured for 3 weeks by Xanatos, Medenna and Kaliandra are rescued by Alida and Octavia. Alida and Octavia went to the planet and hooked up with Alidar who had infiltrated working with the animals there and I'm kind of fuzzy on the details until Xanatos lead Octavia to where Kali and Medenna were being held captive in Force field pods. He offered the ultimatum that she join him or else, basically. She didn't and then Alida, who was lurking in the shadows, freed Kali and Medenna while Octavia and Xani fought.

Alida met up with Alidar and they got the girls to the ship. OOC Xani and Mikala let them escape. They have taken to referring to Kali and Medenna as "their pets." No one is aware of the brainwashing the pair are under.

Mikala has planted all kinds of spying devices on the girls and each has a nasty surprise that no one but Mikala and Xani know about.

Medenna and Kaliandra were returned to the Jedi Temple on Yavin. Kaliandra's foot was nearly destroyed by Xanatos and had to be repaired with cybernetics. It was found shortly after they were returned that Xanatos had forged a connection with them that Alida, Alidar, and Octavia helped to break.

An assassination attempt is made on Midalah's life on planet. D'Kahn, being a former military man, took the hit instead, getting injured. Feeling a disturbance in the Force brings Lon, Zuren and Danna to Nebula sooner than they were planning to come for the dinner. Mia also returns upon Midalah's request. Midalah assigns Mia and D'Kahn to work together to find out who is trying to kill her.
After two weeks of investigating and running into dead ends, D'Kahn and Mia are no closer to finding out who tried to kill Midalah, and she orders them to stop investigating. Midalah, who has been having nightmares, is unsuccessfully pressured by Mia to tell D'Kahn about it and Midalah leaves, upset. D'Kahn rips into Mia for it and the two part on bad terms.
Mia leaves for Yavin to see Medenna directly afterwards. She is under heavy guilt for her involvement in the kidnapping. Believing that she will most likely be punished by the Jedi for her kidnapping of the Padawan, Mia is surprised when Medenna is friendly and the Jedi simply want to talk to her. She establishes a bit of a rapport with Alida, Alidar, and speaks to Lon again about trusting Jedi.

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Darana arrives on Shardakour. Serris also arrives and confirms Darana's identity.

Retroy's mother's ghost appears to Retroy for the first time.

Princess M'lissa begins training with Lady K'rrin, a former Senator of Nebula, in both the use of the Force and Senatorial duties.

Mikala takes Xanatos to Telos. They argue briefly over where to place the ship. Mikala places a tracer on Xanatos.

Tara, Victoria, and Topaz go to Telos to investigate Xanatos and Mira's work in the labs. They run into Xanatos. Tara decides to try and capture Xanatos, just as they reach him Alliance Forces are attacking. Tara stuns Xanatos mentally and removes him from the building as Victoria cuts a hole in the wall with her lightsaber. But they are met by Alliance Forces.
Tara attempts to retain Xanatos, but fails. The Alliance is determined to hang on to him. So Tara leaves with Victoria and Topaz, returning to Shardakour.

Mikala attempted to rescue Xanatos, but realized the overwhelming forces and decided to bide her time.

Victoria becomes very unhappy with Tara. Before they leave Telos, she breaks away from Tara, but then returns. Once aboard Tara's ship and in space, Tara puts Victoria through several simulations of the situation they were just in, all resulting in death for the small group.

Eric Daniels, Rook, and Talia Matthews visit Yavin.

Cheverra meets Daniels on Yavin.

Rook learns of Darana's possible location and hires Mia Jesbar to investigate.

O'lea talks to Xanatos, who reminds her of her dead husband.

Talia and Rook escorted to Langley by Brynn Sullien. Talia intending to interview the agent who obtained the info on the bounty for her and Eric Daniels.

Cheverra returns briefly to Shardakour to speak with Tara.

O'lea contacts Mia Jesbar for information on Xanatos and his involvement with the Jedi kidnappings. Mia agrees to testify against Xanatos if there is a trial.

Cheverra leaves Shardakour to head for Langley, intending to loop in Yavin, but is captured by Mikala and Silo Matthews. Che is able to contact Tory, who in turn contacts Jacen Arsein.
Alicia Grey is informed and she passes information to the Alliance. A rescue mission is mounted by the Alliance.

Talia is granted permission to speak to Mira, by Cheverra. Che asks for Talia to also try to obtain other information about the poison and recent events.
During the conversation Talia is able to convince Mira that she has choice and does not need to be used as a tool. Talia asks Che if they can move Mira to a safe house and if Che will go along with a false death. Che agrees.
Mira's death is faked and she is moved to a safe house. Her handler is Lilandra Ardane.

Talia meets Zak Dyami, the merc who brought the news of the bounty on her.

Mia investigates Darana's current whereabouts and goes to Shardakour to see Tara for possible information. Tara winds up mind controlling Mia, including erasing her original memories of the visit and replacing them with fake ones. Mia gives Rook, aka "Malachi" to her, the false information planted in her mind by Tara.

M'lissa is introduced to Tristian Cole on Nebula. He has arrived to set up gardens on the planet for recreational purposes and begins courting her.

The governor of Telos demands Mira's body to be returned. The Alliance agrees and provides results of their autopsies.

Emperor Palpatine orders the Alliance to return Mira's body and to turn over those who deliver the body to him for trial.

Eric, Rook, and Talia examine Mira's body.

Mira's body arrives on Telos.

Mia is suspicious of something having happened to her while on Shardakour and decides to stir things up to see what kind of a reaction she gets. She hires a contact to hire someone else to hire someone else to begin asking questions about Darana on Betawan VII, with the instructions to leave no trail.
The result is Jed, who ends up being interrogated on Betawan VII after asking too many questions about Darana. He tries to kill himself when he discovers they are attempting to drug him, but he is saved and put into cryo and transported to Shardakour. After being questioned by Tara and two others, he speaks with Darana, who offers him a job. He asks to be her bodyguard and agrees to do other miscellaneous things for her.

O'lea is interviewed by the investigation team about the Mira Lexor situation and goes to Branwyn for information. She ends up revealing to Branwyn the fact that she is an empath, and although she is not Force sensitive, Branwyn grants her leave to go to Yavin to train with the Jedi. O'lea is also suspended from her duties as director of operations for Intel.

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The pirates attacking the Shardakour ships are found and taken into custody.

Kaliandra and Octavia are captured by Governor Brimmer and turned over to Lord Vader along with Mira Lexor's body.

Tara Alderson demands that Xanatos Du'Cruet be turned over to her. President Beckett and Branwyn agree to Tara's demands and release Xanatos to Tara.

Akeia Nepkins, a 9-year-old Jedi student, is taken on as an apprentice to Healer Toola Dora'Qua.

O'lea, while on suspension, is granted permission to speak with Cheverra while Che is under house arrest.
O'lea meets with her temporary replacement, Major Holden Platt, to discuss current cases, etc. She also undergoes a psychological evaluation by Dr. Benjamin Ezra and is somewhat slightly surprised when he says he doesn't think she is crazy.

Cheverra resigns as second in command of Alliance Intelligence as she is dismissed for her instigation of a questionable mission. Her post is assumed by Lt. Col. Eiran Doran.

Xanatos Du'Cruet and Tara meet. Tara informs Xanatos that she has claimed his life and demands to know why she should keep him alive. Xanatos is furious and becomes more so when he learns the actions that Telos Governor Bilo Brimmer had recently taken. Out of curiosity Tara allows Xanatos to return to Telos with her at his side. Xanatos kills Brimmer, places Wilson in as the new governor and grudgingly swears loyalty to Tara and asks Telos to do the same. Tara and Xanatos return to Shardakour where Xanatos formally swears loyalty to the Aldersons and to Shardakour during court.

Serris Suragar is healed by Tory and gives birth to her twins.

Tory reports to the Jedi Council that Mia Jesbar has had her memories altered by Tara Alderson with assistance from Serris Suragar and Deveron Arsein. He requests that his own mind be scanned for evidence of tampering with his memories.

Andre Stiasny approaches Tory McNeil about Force training for Mikala. Tory tells Andre to speak with Lady Alderson. Stiasny does and is given a permanent place in Shardakour medical by Tara.

Mia is contacted by Alida D'med and informed that there is great possibility she has been mind controlled by Tara Alderson. Mia travels to Yavin and is mind scanned by Healer Toola Dora'Qua, who can only find a slight time discrepancy in her memories. Mia requests that Alida contact Serris about the matter and waits on Yavin for two weeks before leaving, with no sign of Serris showing up yet.

Tory, Cheverra, and Sharra return to Yavin for one week. Che meets with Eric Daniels and extracts a promise from him to never harm her children that he will in fact do everything within his power and influence to protect them and see to their well being. She also informs Eric that the Alliance is aware of his and Talia's knowledge of Mira Lexor. Talia now feels betrayed by Cheverra. Tory tenders his resignation to the Jedi Council, effective after his promised time to Sharra is over. Though he is concerned for Sharra and may remain longer. Tara winds up coming to Yavin and remains for two days. She attempts to mediate for Talia, Eric, and Che. Tory insists on coming to the meeting.

Tara offers Che a job.

Alora and Shessinie Cheverra continue to train in the ways of the Force--on Shardakour.

O'lea travels to Yavin and begins training for her empathic abilities with Mind Healer Toola Dora'Qua. While there, she meets Mia Jesbar and they talk about Xanatos being handed over to Tara Alderson. Mia believes Xanatos and Tara allied together pose a greater threat than ever.

Late September, insurrectionists blow up the Telos spaceport and riot against the return of Xanatos Du'Cruet with his fiancee Christine Alderson, and Damien Alderson. Telos is blockaded and with the assistance of Doriann Arsein's fleet and Shardakouran Tarman units the riot is put down and ringleaders rounded up for questioning.

Nyssa C'rman attacks Xanatos and Damien in hopes of destroying them and thus giving the people she is working for free reign of Telos and allowing her revenge on Shardakour and the Aldersons for killing her parents.
Nyssa is rendered unconscious and has her mind invaded and searched. Begrudgingly she assists Xanatos and Damien, with plans to kill Damien at a later date.
Ross bites Nyssa infecting her with the drug to do as she is told, before he gives her orders, he is gagged.

Tara and Jacen Alderson arrive with additional forces the next day, but depart again as Xanatos, Christine, and Damien track those responsible to Arridor in time to prevent a planetwide poisoning of the water supply with another Mira Lexor drug, this one rapidly accelerating aging, and one to nullify Force use.

Mikala spends two days on Shardakour recovering from her suicide attempt, then for her home on Nar Shaddaa. She finds the signet ring her mother claimed belonged to her father, Torin Stellas. She goes to Torion looking for him.
Mikala meets Gerta.

Tory proposes to Brinn Cheverra. She accepts.

Mikala meets Taras in her hotel room and he reveals that he is Lord Taras Steele.
Mikala accidentally cuts herself with her vibroshiv which was infected with the Lexor poison. The next day she visits her father at his Torion house. Cassandra confirms that Mikala is Taras' daughter and cures the poison.
Mikala wakes up the next day at Steele Manor on Zoron and begins meeting her family.

Anelis Palpatine arrives on Shardakour and speaks with Darana, then attends the State Dinner, her adopted daughter, Tara, is holding.

State Dinner on Shardakour.

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Mikala explores the basement of Steele Manor, discuses surgery with Cassandra.
Mikala practices her katas in Kieren's garden, meets Darien, Kieren, and Quitana, talks to her father, and then meets Melody, Tiri, Jan and Kat.

The verdict from the Telos government is that the traitors are to be executed. Nyssa is to be spared from actual death, but is to share Elrod's fate in a sympathic death.

On a trip to the caverns which hold the rare stone Malab, Damien and Christine discover it holds a rare ability.

Cerelina Arynne is affected by strange Force dreams. It is decided by both her Master, Cimemthymia Rintala, and herself to return to Cerelina's homeworld of Eukenuba and seek out her family in an attempt to quiet the dreams.

The third circle is reformed under Anelis Palpatine. They plot to create further tensions between the Empire and the Alliance.

On Valass, Serris restores most of Mia's memories that were destroyed by Tara Alderson.
Mia contacts Tara, voice only, very angry about what Tara did to her. Tara insists that it was a necessary not only to protect Darana, but Mia as well. Mia considers it a violation and tells Tara to stay away from her, and she will do the same.

Cassandra operates on Mikala's back and arms with cloned tissue to replace the tissue damaged by her mother's abuse. Two weeks are spent growing new flesh and recovering.

Mia sends a message to Midalah, stating that she cannot work for Midalah anymore, and breaks their contract.
Mia goes to Nebula to speak with Midalah at Midalah's request and expresses her reservations at working for someone who has a trading agreement with Tara Alderson's planet and trains under Tara Alderson herself. Mia explains what happened to her and her extreme distrust -- almost hatred -- of Tara. Midalah promises Mia asylum while she is on Nebula and their contract is reinstated.

Mikala enters Astral plane for the first time, goes to Kieren's garden, meets Alidar, and is pulled back by Taras.

Persis Devyani is shot on Lansing Station and found by Mara Jade. Her family retrieves her while Mara hires Ikara to spy on those involved. Master Du'Sau, sensing something wrong, comes in search of her student and tracks them to Betawan with Thomas' help, Ikara on her heels.

Confronting Persis' kidnapper, Du'Sau, Thomas, Ikara, Persis and the kidnapper (her aide Vair) are shot by a local crime lord's lackeys and released. Hiring Wendy Sanders to recapture the Jedi trio, Vair's messages to Raven are intercepted by Darana who follows the Princess with a confused Klaw and Miranda after their hasty departure.
Darana hires a mercenary named Zak to delay the recapture until her arrival in the middle of a shootout, capturing everyone involved. Darana restores Persis to her Raven persona, kills Vair. The false Raven is dealt with and Sam rescued from her.

Du'Sau and Thomas are placed on the detention level of the Topaz, but in regular appearing quarters. Unknowingly, they are infected by a virus through the ventilation system and become carriers for many different viruses that will remain latent until they return to Yavin.

Du'Sau and Thomas are removed to regular Force damped cells after Du'Sau interferes with the interrogation of Miranda, who has volunteered to have her memories altered and then subjected to interrogation.

Darana visits with Du'Sau, requesting her to stop interfering with her duty and job, but Du'Sau insists. Raven appears and defends Du'Sau. Raven and Darana fight, Klaw and Jed come in and assist in neutralizing the situation, but not before Darana knocks Du'Sau unconscious.

Du'Sau is allowed to see Miranda, but Darana warns her that if Du'Sau heals her it will only lead to her having to go through the session all over again, thus prolonging the agony of the girl. Du'Sau regrettably refuses to heal her, much to Darana's delight.

The next day Du'Sau and Thomas are 'saved' from Darana by Klaw and Raven. Miranda is also sent with them by Raven in order to save Miranda's life.

Cassandra lets Mikala out of bed. She walks in the garden and talks to her brother Tarlon while he brushes Goldie's fur.
Mikala sneaks out at night to Kieren's garden and attempts to work out. She injures herself and accidentally enters the astral plane where she meets and confronts Sharra, who drives her back to her body. Darien and Goldie find her lying in Keiren's garden and she is put back in traction.
Darien visits Miklala, sneaks her food. Second Astral meeting with Alidar.
Mikala released from traction, put into grav chair. Jerrid visits Makala. He gives her the wyvern.

At the Jedi council meeting Du'Sau announces she is leaving, to search for her student and is not expecting to return. When pressed, she snaps at those present.

Miranda recovers on Yavin. She occasionally talks to Jedi Knight Brus Colm.

M'lissa becomes engaged to Tristian Cole. The announcement is not made public.

Kalamytha Du'Sau steps down from the council and considers leaving the order so she can join her student who happens to be Raven Palpatine. Is infected with a virus by Darana before she and Thomas escape and return to Yavin.

Mia is captured by Boba Fett and taken, unconscious, to an unknown planet where Tara and Topaz await. Tara scans Mia's mind for any and all information relating to the research Mia did of Tara, who Mia told about being mind controlled, and anything else relating to Tara, Tara's abilities, Shardakour, etc. Tara plants a mental Force tag in Mia's mind so that she can check up on Mia whenever she likes.

Mia is returned to the planet she was taken from three days later and her cousin Brodin contacts Alida and requests permission for them to come to Yavin and see if Mia's mind has been tampered with again. Brodin contacts Midalah for the second time and informs her what has happened, even though they're not sure who kidnapped Mia.

Mia and Brodin go to Yavin again and Toola scans Mia's mind for four hours, during which she finds the Force tag and is able to remove it. Toola also forges a Healer's mind link with Mia, without telling Mia or asking her permission.

Cassandra puts Mikala to work in the garden. Darien visits her. That night she has the Astral nightmare.

Danna confirms for Tory that his memories have been altered.

Mikala invites Alidar to Zoron.

Blaze is kidnapped and delivered to Darana by Sprite and Diamond. Lon, Danna, and Corwin pursue. They fail to rescue Blaze before she is delivered to Darana, but they do ID the Topaz. They escape.

Ricia Targan and Ebon on a training mission out of the system.

The Jedi start falling ill with no cause or reason found. A cure is eluding their doctors and healers. Yavin is placed under quarantine.

Upon Cimemthymia and Cerelina's return trip from Cerelina's homeworld, they hear of the quarantine on Yavin and change course for Dagobah where they spend a week.

Xanatos, Damien, and Nyssa attacked by winged creatures while investigating an old abandoned area that Off World used to use as a landing strip when they did illegal mining. They are from the planet Hu'doc where Xanatos once held a temp base with Mikala. Many of their caverns were destroyed when the base was destroyed. They went in search for Xanatos after being contacted by a man called 'father'.

After the battle the Dakans surrender and ask for passage back to Hu'doc, later they as for some of them to remain in the tunnels on Telos since some of their females are ready to lay their lavae.

Xanatos' shuttle is attacked mentally by 'father' in an attempt to take over... beaten down and father is killed, his true identity is discovered to be Samuel Du'Sau.

Midalah hears of the quarantine on Yavin and worries for her friends there. During the past few months she has chosen to form her official court. Pouring over various documents of past queens, she takes what she thinks is best from each court to create her own. She asks D'Kahn to be her First Escort and he accepts. For the first time in Nebulian history, a woman is named as Mistress of the Guard. And Midalah asks someone to be her Steward, but the only people that know are herself and a few chosen others. Even the members of Midalah's First (Inner) Circle have no idea who is behind the mask. She also begins to "purge" those that committed crimes against the Queen and Nebula, ensuring stability for her system.

Blaze is assisted in escape from Darana by Sam and returns to Yavin.

Darien, Mikala, Talasa and Polena meet Alidar on a neutral planet. Darien and Mikala admit they are falling in love. Alidar falls sick. Everyone on the Pied Piper quarantined.
Mikala tells Taras and Cassandra she and Darien are in love.

Aella Skot still held in custody (being treated for injuries) after her failed attempt to escape the Alliance, had no reason to why she ran or where she was going.

Octavia and Kaliandra interrogated by Allyn and Vader about the death of Mira Lexor as well as Xanatos' location.

Akeia falls ill with whatever illness is plaguing Yavin, shortly after her master falls ill as well.

A cave-in in the market place reveals that there is an illegal operation of slavery, especially Force senistive children. Again the name 'father' came up as well as a man called Emmaus. Upon further investigation, this operation goes back to previous traitorous actions by the C'rmans (Nyssa's parents). Nyssa discovers she has a 2-year-old nephew from a sister she thought dead. Sare was sold by her parents to Emmaus.

Damien Alderson orders genetic testing on Dylan and Nyssa C'rman. -- They carry a specific gene related to passing memories on.

Kaehlyiah and Tyler Mendez are married.

Victoria Alderson is captured by Constance and delivered to cult members who keep her there for two months, brainwashing her.

Trap laid for bounty hunters Diamond and Sprite--they were to take possession of Emmaus' cargo.

M'lissa is made a Junior Senator of Nebula.

Cassandra finds the cure for virus, and cures her patients. Promises Alidar to send it to Yavin.
Alidar uses the Force to tell Alida that he may have found a cure for the virus.

Xanatos and Christine are married at the end of October. Representatives from both the Empire as well the Alliance and Shardakour attend. Xanatos had a surprise meeting with the Emperor, announcing he had a wedding gift.

Brodin and other witnesses watch as the building Mia is in explodes as she tries to stop a bomb from going off. Her tracking signal and lifesigns disappear from the planet, Gemiae, and Brodin has trouble coming to terms with the fact that she is dead. News reports go out, and Midalah has D'Kahn contact Brodin, and she tells Brodin that she will be sending D'Kahn to investigate, whether Brodin likes it or not. Brodin finally gives in and agrees to also investigate the circumstances.

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An Imperial Bureau of Investigations team (ooc, sent by Tara Alderson) arrives at Gemiae to investigate the explosion. When a member of the team uses the Force to see the past through Mia's eyes, they leave the planet immediately in search her.

Brodin is informed that there was an Imperial investigation. D'Kahn Ti'ska and his team arrive on-planet, and through a coincidence they realize how Mia faked her death. Their search leads them to Myrkr. Brodin, Ryatt, and Toshia, along with D'Kahn and two members of his team (K'nd'l and Marco) go down to the planet. During the search, it is revealed that K'nd'l is D'Kahn's half-brother. D'Kahn admits somewhat to having feelings for Mia.

The Imperial team scans an encampment full of mercenaries (still no Mia) and calls in two Star Destroyers. Stormtroopers put the planet into lockdown and arrest mercs everywhere. Eventually, the Parallax team disguises themselves and continue until they find a disguised Mia in an underground tunnel. With her is a dying man which she announces is her mother's cousin, Alec. And he's a Jedi (sort of), who needs a Force healer to live.

The team escapes to the Parallax but K'nd'l is shot non-fatally in the process. On the way to Nebula to save Alec, Mia and D'Kahn call a truce from their previous bad parting. Toshia and K'nd'l begin a relationship.

When they reach Nebula, D'Kahn has finally told Midalah about his brother. Mia is upset by a lot of things and says she's leaving. D'Kahn asks her not to go. Midalah asks Mia to be a part of her First Circle, and Mia agrees to both counts. Midalah realizes how differently Mia feels about D'Kahn than the resentment before.

Among other things, Brodin and Midalah talk about M'lissa's engagement to Tristian Cole. Neither of them like it and believe M'lissa is making the wrong decision. Midalah encourages Brodin to do something about it. Despite his previous attraction to M'lissa, Brodin isn't sure exactly how he feels, what to do, or how to do it, but resolves to not let M'lissa marry Cole.

Xanatos travels to Coruscant to retrieve his wedding gift. Is surprised to discover it's Octavia Jinn.

Octavia sends a holo message to the Jedi, it is held up by the Yavin being quarantined. Message doesn't arrive until the day before Alida and Medenna prepare to leave for Telos.

Danna falls ill aboard the Shadow Phoenix, after healing Lon and Corwin's contraction of the Yavin illness into remission. All are contagious. Zuren contacts Danna through the Force, helping her put herself in a healing trance.

Cimemthymia and Cerelina go to Tatooine after they were on Dagobah. While there, their bond is tested as the excitement of the pod races tempts Cerelina to disobey her master. They are on Tatooine for two weeks. They then travel to Cimia's home planet, Firrerre. Upon their arrival they are pretty much dropped into the middle of a clan war between the Rintala and Thute clans. Cerelina is captured by the Thute clan, Cimia is taken by her own clan. It is revealed that the man that rescued Cimia was to be her betrothed because she was the future leader of their clan, but her destiny with the Force sent her on a different path. The two fall in love and become lovers while she is home. Cerelina grows close with the son of the Thute clan leader, Kaosti. Riona, Cimemthymia's cousin and proxy clan leader, makes arrangements with the Thute clan leader to agree that they need to end the clan war. In doing so, Kreeshten, Cimia's lover, must marry Culash, Kaosti's sister, in order to ensure unity between the two clans, and Kreeshten must take over leadership of the Rintala clan. Accepting the fate Kreeshten now has, Cimia walks away and she and Cerelina leave the planet. On their return to Yavin they decide to stop at Eukenuba again. During that time Cimia comes to realize she is expecting a child. The baby will be born in approximately one year.

Tara admits to altering Tory's memories. She promises to not enter his, Brinn's, or the children's minds without their permission.

Miranda assists on Yavin, for reasons of her own. She has a particular interest in Michael's survival.

Midalah continues training with Tara Alderson in the use of the Force as well as rebuilding the Nebulian government, restoring it to what it once was before it was under Melantha and Reesha's rule.

Keith La'Rose and Trent take on an assignment for Alliance Intel.

Toola begins speaking in Twi'lek while suffering from a high fever because of the plague. O'lea attempts to comfort her, also speaking in Twi'lek.

Tory and Cheverra scan Dral Warthen, finding no undue influence or insanity.

Alidar, Mikala and Darien arrive on Yavin with the cure.
Darien tells Alida about Mikala and offers to resign form the Jedi.
Mikala demonstrates the deprogrammer.
Mikala and Darien talk to the Jedi Council.

Mid-November, the cure is tested and distributed and the quarantine on Yavin is lifted.

The Parallax goes to Yavin and Mia, Brodin, and Alec see Alida briefly before she leaves for Telos. Alida is surprised to see Mia alive and Alec speaks with Alida about possibly joining the Jedi. Mia also talks to Toola and Alidar.

While still recovering from the plague, Akeia meets Alec R'kell-Kilderaad.

Zeruah begins to investigate hijackings of shipments for her employer, Mikala Volaris-Steele. She is kidnapped.
Mikala leaves Yavin.

Shortly after their return to Yavin, Cerelina receives one of many letters and transmissions from Kaosti, keeping in touch with her as promised.

After the Jedi council votes to allow Shardakour to handle the claims of Du'Cruet's involvement in the murder of Jedi Master Nicolai Rionni, Alida D'med travels to Telos to speak with Tara Alderson and Xanatos Du'Cruet about the matter.

Alida and Medenna arrive to see Xanatos punished for murdering Rionni. When a decision can't be made on how Tara should handle his punishment, Medenna suggests the flogging, then him traveling to Yavin to apologize to the council. He is given pain enhancers and 50 lashes is equiv to 120 lashes. Alida has no idea that Octavia Jinn is on Telos and Force nulled.

Frustrated with the turn of events, Brodin returns to Nebula and tells Midalah he's kidnapping M'lissa whether Midalah likes it or not. Midalah gives him her permission. Brodin kidnaps M'lissa, and tries to convince her to break her engagement with Cole. When she does, he's thoroughly surprised.

Mikala is kidnapped.

Darien receives a panicked flash through the bond he shares with Mikala and realizes she has been kidnapped as Alida D'med leaves the Council Chamber. He then contacts the Steeles and his fears are confirmed.

Kiefer'r comes to Tara to tell her that Victoria might be in danger.

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Xanatos, Christine, his personal guards as well as Damien Alderson, Anna Woven-Alderson and Nyssa C'rman travel to Yavin to see the Jedi Council. Alida promises their safety with her life to Tara Alderson.

Miranda is scanned for mind control, which is found and removed. She is also found to have had neurosurgery, and Alida agrees to turn Miranda over to Tara's custody since Miranda is a Shardakourian and Imperial citizen.

Hours before the council meeting, Nyssa, while having a discussion with Master Zuren, ends up invading his mind in anger.
The Jedi council, thinking that this was a ploy of Xanatos', don't fully accept his apology. After leaving the chamber and on the way back to their quarters, there is an explosion and an attack upon Xanatos and his group. Several are severely wounded.
Feeling she had failed in her promise to Lady Alderson, Master Alida D'med goes to her and turns herself in.
Alida's life is then claimed by Tara Alderson.

Tara Alderson and Xanatos Du'Cruet leave for Shardakour, along with Miranda in the ship's medical. Eric and Talia follow them to Shardakour.

Darien and Knight Brus Colm leave Yaven. Steeles leave Zoron.
Steeles and the two Jedi meet in deep space near Nar Shaddaa. Land on Nar Shaddaa, capture Xeven, find Rikka and the Temptation's crew. Lord Taras Steele has both the Nar Shaddaa and Coruscant offices of Darkfire Industries seized.

Mair Li-Jun comes to Yavin and takes Medenna La'Rose as her Padawan and offers a ride to Corwin. Corwin accepts.

During a Jedi council meeting, Zuren won't give anyone a chance to strike out at Tara, thereby honoring Alida's wishes.

Xanatos arrives for court/execution on Shardakour.
Stephen Du'Sau, known as Emmaus, and his sister Iso, (brother and sister of Kalamytha Du'Sau) are executed on Shardakour. The executions are interrupted by a small group of Du'Sau's supporters. The supporters are quickly subdued by Shardakourian Guards and the executions completed.
Alida D'med monitors Tara Alderson, who conducted the executions through the Force.

Damien Alderson Officially named heir to Shardakour.

Day one of Alida on Shardakour: Tory and Che offer themselves if Tara will release Alida. Tara allows Alida to make the decision if she will allow them to take her place or not. Alida visits with the pair in their quarters, however, Che leaves to speak with Du'Sau. Tory had considered stunning Alida and sending her back to Yavin, but was convinced by Alida that she truly was following the will of the Force and agreed to respect her wishes.

Talia and Eric are walking in the gardens and See Che approach Alida. Talia determines that Che is a potential threat to Alida as she initially intended to stun her. Talia and Eric intercede, Talia becomes upset and feels rebuffed by Alida.

Eric and Talia have tea with Xanatos Du'Cruet. Talia becomes very angry and full of hatred towards Xanatos as she remembers breaking the traps and conditioning Xanatos had put into Mira Lexor. Talia relapsed into despondency over the death of an innocent Rebel prisoner due to the trap Xanatos set in Mira's mind.

Juan Fer'rer adopts Sean Conners.

Xanatos and Juan refile the marriage pettition for Amalie Alderson to wed Sean Connors-Fer'rer, against both Sean and Amalie's request to let the petition drop.
The petition is granted with the condition that the handfasting, promise of marriage, will occur on Telos and then in one year, the wedding itself will occur on Shardakour.

Sean is introduced to the domain he will inherit on Shardakour, as well as the martial arts form he will inherit from Juan.

Karon Zelek is officially fostered to Xanatos Du'Cruet by her father, Governor of Arridor, Tobias Zelek.

Cheverra and Tory marry on Yavin.

Blaze begins having flashbacks taking her back to the life she lived after her creation and before her escape from her creators. During the flashbacks she injures Alidar D'med, and in a separate incident, Toola Dora'Qua.

Alidar and Blaze form a Padawan/Master link.

Akeia realizes that Blaze's flashbacks only occur around adults that have no child presence. Blaze immediately calms in Akeia's presence, who is a child, or Cimia's presence, because she is pregnant. Once she tests her theory with Cerelina's help when Blaze is staying with Cimia and Cerelina while Alidar is away, she makes sure she is near in case Blaze starts to have a flashback despite being told to only be around Blaze with another adult.

Alec approaches Du'Sau and informs her he would like to officially join the Jedi Order.

40 children from Drysani are kidnapped in retaliation to the execution of Emmaus and his sister Iso. Shardakour reacts very quickly. Alida D'med and Octavia participate with other Force users in the efforts to locate the missing children. All information is relayed back to the planet Drysani allowing the local officials to coordinate effective rescues of all the missing children. During the search, Damien Alderson and Nyssa C'rman are injured and their memories of the search are destroyed.

Dr. Andre Stiasny goes sailing with Alida for a few hours, in between recovering his own personality.

Darana Cairnfell sends a forged message to Jedi Master Zuren. He believes that Alida is calling him for assistance in regards to the kidnapped children. Zuren leaves Yavin with his Padawan Danna, sends a transmission back that never arrives, and is captured by Darana.

During the interrogation of individuals related to the incident on Drysani, Alida D'med discovers another planned attack on the planet Valdimeer.

Dr. Stiasny’s resignation is refused by Tara.

Lon Solo arrives on Shardakour. He speaks with Tara briefly about his missing Master, Tara recommends he speak with Eric Daniels. Lon also speaks to Alida D'med while on Shardakour.

Force nulled and blindfolded, Mikala and Zeruah, Mikala's personal assistant, are held by a bounty hunter known to Karella as Trinity. Her name is never revealed to Mikala and Zeruah. Mikala is questioned about an attack on one of Karella's ships that appeared to be by an Alliance vessel.
Xeven had sent Karella doctored comm conversations to incriminate Mikala. Mikala had no knowledge of this and was unable to answer their questions despite she and Zeruah both being tortured. Mikala is led to believe that Zeruah was killed, but can't bring herself to believe it.

Eric informs Lon that he does not find any official record of capture for Zuren or Danna.

A man named Ruyven is picked up and during questioning, Alida discovers the location of the building the attackers were planning on destroying. A team is sent to Valdimeer and the bomb is stopped. However, Alida also discovers that a team of individuals by the name of Youngs was sent to Arridor as well.

Arridor is successfully attacked by terrorists protesting the execution of Emmaus and his sister Iso Du'Sau on Shardakour. The dams are broken and Arridor City is flooded, killing thousands.

A day or two goes by after the attack on Arridor before Xanatos and others leave to assist with recovery efforts, in that time, Miranda 'sees' Danna.
Alida goes with Xanatos, Octavia, Damien, and Anna to Arridor. Damage is surveyed and the Crion (Xanatos' flag ship) meets up with the Shau, another ship from Off World, to begin recovering bodies and clearing away the debris.

The parties responsible, Barret and Michelle Young, are captured and interrogated by Captain Langlois Wilson. A follow-up interrogation is conducted by Alida D'med. A further connection is found to Off-World ships.

Victoria Alderson is rescued from the cult.

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