Jane and Dennis Kilbourne's 50th wedding anniversay.  (Nov 1948 to Nov 1988)

    Cake!!!                                                                            Cheryl and Jake

    Jody and Jerry                                                                Norma and Jerry
    Jane and Dennis in 1953                                                Jane and Dennis in 1971

    Jane and Dennis in 1983                                                Denis

    The Girls (Becky, Helen, Cheryl and Joe)                    Gooch

    Inman group photo (1983) at Jody's wedding                Jake and Ken

    Jane and Andy (June '71) Traverse Bay                        Paul, Jane and Jody

    Jody and Dick                                                                Joe and Cheryl

                                                                                            John and Denis

    Ken and Helen                                                                Kilbourne

    Kris and Denis                                                                Kris

    Carol                                                                                Suzie and Carol

    Paul                                                                                Phil and Norma

                                                                                            Pinky (Monica)

   Emily and Pug                                                                Em and Rich

    The "Twins" (Joe and Jane)