Parts information for '94-'96 F650 is available online. MOST of these parts are identical all the way to Y2K. If you want to just access the info online, the best source is probably Just pick BMW and then hit the search button. You'll need to page down to get to the F650 stuff.

Here's how to build your very own parts manual (from another source) which will reside inside your peecee. has the gifs and jpg thumbnails. Go there and collect the whole set. But don't bother getting the htm (or html) files posted there. Instead, get (Note that when you go to get this page, it will have only errors where the pictures should be. You can hit the STOP button on your browoer after about a half minute or so because the pictures are not there and will never load.) Put ALL of the files in ONE DIRECTORY, pull up the htm file in your browser and you're in bidniz except for the fact that you don't have the actual part numbers. These are not available in the public domain, to my knowledge. But the exploded diagrams help with dis/assembly and communicating with folks on the phone or on the internet. We can all look at the same diagram number and discuss the same part identifier.

Note: if your browser happens to save the "jpg" files as "jpeg" then you have to fix it. This will be manifested as a bunch of squares which are not thumbnails when you pull up the htm in your browser. Your two choices are to change the name of each and every file or to load the HTM file into a text editor and do a global search and replace.