Motorcycle and Travel/Adventure Related Links - In No Particular Order

Note: If you find some link-rot or think something should be added, drop me a line. (Last checked for fragged links on May Day '01.)

Net Orgs

American Motorcyclist Association
BMW Motorcycle Owners of America
BMW Motorcycle Owners of Cleveland
BMW Motorcycle Owners of Vermont
Pure Stodge Touring Association
New Jersey Shores BMW Riders
The Vintage BMW Motorcycle Page
Motorcycle Online's Video Archive
Internet BMW Riders - BMW Mailing List Home Page
National Motorists Association
Club Desmo
Paris-Dakar - All the information live from the race, standings, photos, videos!
SENSE - Safety by Education Not Speed Enforcement
BMW Riders Association International Home Page
BMW Riders Association of the Mid South (BMW RAMS)
Pure Stodge Touring Association
BMW Motorcycle Owners of Alabama
Lone Star BMW Riders Home Page
Iron Butt Association
The Chain Gang (BMW-F650 Organization)
BMW F650 Adventure Motorcyclist

Travel Stuff and/or Mazagines

Wide Wired World (ezine)
S p l i t
e-zine-li st: Keyword: travel
Travel @ The Speed of Light - On-the-edge, off-the-wall travel stories, by the (often strange)
Web Surfer Travel Journal
Motorcyle Consumer News (MCN)
RoadRIDERS.Com - Thousands of motorcycle links, all categorized and summarized

Bidnizes and Racing

Dennis Kirk
Street & Competition
WheelBase Magazine
Sloan's Cycles
The MRA Page
Motorcycle Accessory Warehouse
Two Brothers Racing
Wright Machine / Superior Sleeving
Motorcycle Online
Hurricane Blenders - Two-Stroke Gas Engine Powered Blenders
Southern Motorcycle Supply
Fast By Ferracci
Team Obsolete Home Page
Blue Moon Cycle
Hemmings Motor News
The BMW Motorcycles of Santa Cruz Homepage
Whitehorse Press
Class ic Motorbooks,
Amazon.Com - Booksellers
Beach's Motorcycle Adventures
Tacoma BMW
French & Swiss Alps motorcycle tour
Aerostich & the Rider Wear House Catalog
American Super Camp
Motocom Inc.- Motorcycle Repair Manuals
Fort Collins BMW Ducati Moto Guzzi Fort Collins, Colorado

People Pages

Beast's Page of Personal Memoirs (and stuff)
Curt Conquest
Jupiter's Travels
CARLA - American Borders Index
Ronnie Cramer's *Best!*MOTORCYCLE WEB INDEX
Dr. Curve
Mike Felder
The Henry Pasternak Page
Alan Fleming's Home Page...
Todd Blachowiak's Homepage
Custard Wally! (Shank's Band)
halffast's Home Page
Rodkill Quarterly Vol. 2 No. 1 Fall 1996
The BMW R G/S and GS motorcycles
Motorcycle Ride to Cure Cancer and Save Children
Jack Hunt
Catness' Web Page (starting at the bike stuff, but you should see it all...)
Touring The Americas - Peter Petersen's Adventures
Ron Ayre's Home Page (IronButtman Extrordinaire)
10 Years on 2 Wheels - Helge Pedersen, Moto-Photographer
The Bikesters
Peter Griffin's Motorcycle Travel Tales (EXCELLENT!)
Ed Korn's BMW Tool's Page
A Motorcyclist's Website
Johnathan Gifford's F650 Page
Crazy Charles Statman (Be SURE to check out the STORIES "Batboy was Evil" and "Larry the Parrot."

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