From the October 1997 issue of BMW Owners News (p.63)
The Magazine of the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America (BMW MOA).

Book Review: by Al Cohen, Consumer Interest Editor, BMW MOA

For me, summer means rallies - meeting up with both old and new friends at the campground, checking out modifications to the bikes, swapping stories around the campfire, where we've been, where we're going, and what happened along the way.

Before packing this summer for an extended trip (Fredricksburg and the Pacific Northwest), I picked up a copy of Gathering Speed - Tales of Motorcycles and Life by David A. Braun. Some of you may remember David Braun, formerly of Braun Motor Works, as a vendor of new and used BMW parts on the rally circuit.

The book is basically a compliation of motorcycling short stories (most BMW related) from his past motorcycle travels and recollections. Some of his favorites (and mine too) are "Thumper," "Rebus Knebus," and "Isle of Memories." Some of the others in the book are "White Trash," "B.A.D. Racing," and "Leather Jacket." You can get an idea of the story contents from the titles without me going into detail.

The stories mostly run about four pages in length. The entire paperback book is about 200 pages. Keep in mind this is not a novel, but a collection of independent sotries. I found it best to read a story or two after a day of traveling alone. If you enjoy a good rally tale or find yourself suffering from "rally withdrawal" this winter, this book may be the cure.

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