From the July 1997 issue of "THE SHAFT"
The Journal of the BMW Riders Association of the Mid-South.

A Book Review by Micheal Pandolf

Have you ever seen Harley's copy of the airhead, or an Amphicar? Have you ever raced at Talladega? Ever ridden in an all-day rain? How many times have you said "It just doesn't get any better than this!"? All this and more is in the book: Gathering Speed - Tales of Motorcycles and Life by David (Flash) A Braun. This 200 page book is chock full of short stories and cool photos from David's adventures on his BMW motorcycle and the various other vehicles he's owned. Racing, wrecking, wrenching, touring, and just plain riding are all in this book. So write to Flash for your own personal copy of this fun rag. (What the heck, ask for an autograph.) Then sit back in your garage or at a rally and go for a ride with Dave. Oh, by the way, just who are the Denizens of Doom anyway? (I know at least one species, COWS!-RK)

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