From: John Sloan
Subject: Re: Book review: "Gathering Speed", by The Nashville Flash
Date: Sun, 08 Jun 1997 09:38:44 -0700

I'd read most of this book in draft form while sharing a condo with Flash and other Denizens at the races at Steamboat Springs CO last year, then I re-read some of them in an "official" copy loaned to me by Todd Blachowiak. Finally, I ordered not just one copy, but several: one for me to keep, and others to give as gifts, especially to people -- like my parents -- who "just don't get it". The book says more about why motorcycling has played such an important part in my life than anything else I've ever read. The book has lots of other stuff, too, not just motorcycling, that I can relate to. But it's what it says about motorcycling, and the baggage (both good and bad) that comes along with it, that speaks to me.

And it's not just because I'm mentioned in one of the stories: the one about the infamous July 4th Ride'n'Freeze in which a bunch of us got caught in a unseasonable blizzard at 12,000'+ while crossing the continental divide in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. (Flash doesn't mention that, inspired by Alferd Packer, we had to put some Volvo drivers on the same pass to good use.)

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