From the Vintage BMW Bulletin (of Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners, Ltd.)
- Jul-Aug '97 (V.25 n.4)
by Roland Slabon, Editor

It's not often that this Editor can find the time to read other people's BMW books, but this one, once started, was hard to put down. Gathering Speed - Tales of Motorcycles and Life, by David A. Braun, Vintage Member #540, is a 198 page, softcover illustrated compendium of BMW related stories dealing with touring, restoring, rallying, racing, wrecking, wrenching, and generally absorbing life's lessons via motorcycle. It's a wonderful read, one that should be on everyone's motorcycle bookshelf. You'll find no politics, no dull technical prose, no self elevating puffery. To review some of the stories, check it out at

You can read some of the Tales as originally posted to The Tales in the book have been polished and many photos added.

Rebus Knebus and His Leap...
Pony Maples - A Colorful Character.
Isle of Memories - Heaven on Earth in the Irish Sea.
Team Casual - (Very) Amateur Roadracing.
Thumper - My BMW Single.
(A Real Long) Zielfahrt - The BMW 60 Year Rally.
People In Gray - Behind the Iron Curtain.