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164S - Photographs


  had access to a Macintosh QuickCam 150, so I decided to shoot a few
pictures of a convenient and patient model.  I apologize in advance for the
mediocre quality of the images; it's hard to know whether my lack of skill
or the QuickCam's lack of resolution is more to blame.

The car in the photos is a 1993 Alfa Romeo 164S. It's black (Nero) with a tan interior.

I've obscured license plate numbers for security reasons.

Cousins enjoying a quiet moment, perhaps sharing snide comments about the
minivan in the background.  The Saab at right
is a 1990 9000 Turbo.
I'll probably shoot some more comparison shots later.  (Anyone
got a Lancia Thema 8.32 I can add to the stable?)

Front view. (Included for those non-Michigan drivers who haven't seen how nice the front looks without a license plate. ;-)

Closeup of the "S" wheel. Didn't come out quite like I intended (it's hard to tell what the actual field of view is in a closeup shot with a QuickCam, I've discovered), but I really like the way the wheels look, so I included it.

Anyone know why the nuts rust so fast?

Detail of the spoiler. Few small raindrops on the lens.

Side view of the engine compartment.

Closer shot of the engine.

Opening the driver's door. Note the stock "S" seats, with controls at the side. The camera doesn't really do the interior color justice; if you're considering buying a tan-interior Alfa, you really need to see it first. (I'll admit that I thought I wouldn't be able to live with it, but I've gotten used to it and, bit by bit, to like it.)

The place to be in a 164S -- the driver's seat. (For those who were following the discussion on the Alfa-Digest, I've included a shot that shows the
seat controls and their location.)

See that red stitching? That's how you know you're in an "S."

See that thing hanging down in front of the clutch pedal? That's how you know it's time to fix your driver's-side floor light (yes, they really put lights down there).

Center instrument console. Note the suspension control buttons at the top, another feature found only on the "S" model. Yes, the two settings really are noticeably different -- and on our salt-eroded, truck-battered, frost- heaved Michigan roads, you want it in Auto mode most of the time. This car has the factory stereo.

(This photo also gives you a better look at the cool red stitching.)

Driver's side door. The window tint was added by a previous owner; it is not stock.

View of the back seat. The seats in the rear are not adjustable, but they are quite comfortable and will fit surprisingly tall people. They're also heated.

Want more information on the Alfa Romeo 164 in general? Check out Colin Verrilli's Alfa Romeo 164 Home Page. Photos, specifications, tech notes, and more.

Last updated: 28 April 1997.

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