Jakalla Nights

Our Tekumel campaign has been running since February of 1996. It is set in Jakalla, Jewel of the Empire, in the time of the reign of Emperor Dhich'une (may He join His honorable ancestors in the catacombs beneath Avanthar as soon as possible!). The player characters are all members of very high clans, with one being a member of the Imperial clan, and are mostly in their mid-twenties. As befits such high-status characters, plot threads tend to concentrate on Imperial or Clan politics, with a goodly portion of social strife, sex, duels, sex, gambling, and other Jakallani recreational activities. Yes, it is possible to run a Tekumel campaign with such a diverse group of characters -- unifying forces within our group include a web of mutual obligations, as well as the periodic interference, uh, patronage, of a certain Imperial Prince.

The group currently has five active players. We also have two "alumni," who have moved away or left the campaign due to overwork, and one occasional player (who lives on the west coast). They all generated their characters using the Adventures on Tekumel solo adventure books. Read about our first character generation session, as reported to the Blue Room mailing list. We run using the Gardasiyal rules, with some modifications (particularly to the experience system).

We decided as a group to put information about our campaign on the Web in the hopes that we can encourage others who are either looking for ideas for what to do (or what not to do) in their own games, or are considering starting a campaign. We've included information on each of the characters (supplied by their respective players; the GM does not warrant the accuracy of anything there), as well as a series of tongue-in-cheek game logs. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we have enjoyed living through them.


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