Chapter 1 (in progress)

It was a dark and stormy night. Lightning flashed and thunder raged as a fierce storm pummeled the small Midwestern city of Jefferson, Michigan. Yet, over this din, the insistent beeping of a cell phone was loud enough to wake its sleepy owner. Sean 'Mac' MacGregor rolled over in bed and checked the 'damned electronic nuisance.' An automated text message informed him that one of the college's computer servers had crashed. As the current oncall member of Jefferson Community College's Information Technology Operations Team, responsibilty for this tonight fell to him.

As Mac pulled on some jeans and grabbed an only mildly rank t-shirt off the floor, the phone beeped several more times. More computers were not responding, all from the same area of the college's machine room.

"Something has probably brought down the whole rack," Mack thought to himself. Yawning, he headed out to the garage. Tonight his semi-restored 1968 Camaro would stay indoors, as would the vintage Honda CB750. So, with a sigh, he headed over to his very un-hip 2005 Toyota Corolla.

As he pulled out of the garage, the storm seemed to redouble its fury. Rain pelted the roof of his stoopid car. During the five minute drive to the college lightning lit up the night with stark blue-white contrast several times.

Mack pulled in the parking lot, and parked as close to the door as possible. The rain was still coming down in sheets. He pulled on a Detroit Red Wings cap in an effort to stay dry, flung open his car door, and raced into the building. (fumbled with his key?)

Between the roof of the building and the unsuspecting computer consultant, stood two industrial circuit breakers, several power-conditioning units, and an enterprise class surge protector/ups.