Player: Jackie Keeler


Physical Description


Race: Human


Age: 15 (May 2004)

Profession: N/A

Height: 5'5''

Weight: 100 lbs.

Hair: Strawberry Blond

Eyes: Bluish Grey


Personal Information 


Martial Status: Single

Spouse's Name: N/A

Children: NONE


Mother: Lonyay Bane

Father: Sicer Rouge

Siblings: Unknown


Education: Regular Schooling, Martial Arts, Some in the Ways of the Force


Force Training: Yes

Master's Name: N/A (NONE)

Light or Dark: Light


Psychological Description


IQ: Above Normal

Fears: Death


Temperament: Keeps cool, serious yet can relax


Dislikes: all Imperials. Jedi that try to control her or use the force on her. (It takes a long time for her to trust jedi.)

Pet Peeves: Being bossed around by someone who has no authority (right) to do so

Goals in Life: To stay alive


Favorite Color: Peach

Drink: Foosha (Juice of a rare poisonous plant - Very deadly)


Food: Monta (Fruit of the Montat tree)



Military History 


Rank: N/A

Status: N/A

Army: N/A

Branch: N/A


Special Abilities: Immune to all poisons from plants, Age slowly (appearance wise), TK ice balls and fireballs, Telekinesis and Telepathic


Personal History


Grew up on the planet Evaelon. Her parents Lonyay Bane and Sicer Rouge were Jedi. Evaelon was and is a very beautiful place to live. Very natural. Her parents and her best friend's, Naetasha, parents were good friends. Acona and Naetasha are second cousins.


One day during 1999's trip to Port Lansing, while defending the Rebels base, Acona's parents and Naetasha's parents died. Imperials came from both sides and they were the only four defenders. Naetasha was the first one to find the bodies of the loyal Jedi. Soon after that Acona came. She couldn't get over the sight of her dead parents lying there. When Imperial troops were heard coming around the corner Naetasha had to drag Acona away. They escaped Port Lansing in an escape pod and flew away.


They did not know where they were headed. While trying to land on a planet they crashed. They had no idea of where they were. They found civilization on this planet. These beings told them that they were on a planet called Hyrkania. They helped Acona and Naetasha by giving them a ship to leave on.


While on the flight the ship experienced malfunctions. They soon crashed on another planet. These beings were not as kind as the ones that they had encountered before. They had many of conflicts there, and the beings captured them. Two years after they were captured, Acona escaped. Naetasha told her to go and to come back for her with help.


While at Port Lansing for the first time since her parents' death, Acona was scouting out Mercenaries that would suit her propose. She returned the next year and asked the Mercenary for help. After Naetasha was free, Acona returned to Port Lansing for the third time and brought Naetasha with her.


CLASSIFIED INFO - {Acona is related to the royal line on her planet. She is the second cousin to the King's children. Her mother, Lonyay, is the cousin to the King. Lonyay's father is the uncle of the King.}


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