[Ebon Chaval]

Ebon Chaval


Physical Description:

Age: Late Twenties

Race: Human

Weight: 1.93 Meters

Hair Color:
Eye Color:

Other Distinguishing Marks:

Current Status:

Current Job: Padawan
Army: N/A
Branch: N/A
Rank: N/A

Personal Information:

Homeworld: Obekka
Homeworld: Obekka

Marital Status: Single
Spouse's name: N/A
Children: None

Father's Name:

Mother's Name:

Education: Obekka
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 1.93 meters
Force Training: highly adept in future sight: light
Special Abilities: Lightsaber, blaster pistol
Vehicle: Solarmare (Cargo ship)
Affiliations: Jedi, Alliance, Tara Alderson (business associate)

Employment History:

Psychological Description:

Temperament: Ebon’s principle traits reside in pride and integrity. He believes in simple values nurtured from his "small town," hardworking upbringing. Ebon’s great physical stature and strength are matched only by his powerful personality and his extraordinary will. However, his connection to the Force makes Ebon sensitive and insightful to the world around him, often displaying wisdom far beyond his actual age and experience. Ebon also harbors great passion. This passion and his Force sensitive can lead to bouts of unrestrained passionate outbursts. Ebon continually strives to govern his passions so that they work for him, not against him.
Pet Peeves:
Goals in Life:




Ebon Chaval was born and raised to a middle class family on the planet Obekka in the Outer Rim of the Galaxy.

Obekka is a gigantic planet (equivalent to the size of Jupiter) whose major inhabitants dwell in various small underground cities that are interconnected though a series of tunnels. The enclosed environment of the underground cities created very tight knit, old-fashioned societies. For most of Obekka history, the citizens have made a prosperous living mining the mineral rich deposits of their planet and selling them to other non-aligned planetary civilizations. From his early teens Ebon worked in the family trade of mining, not excepting any special privileges and working his way up from grunt workforce to administration. Unfortunately, the Chaval family was one of the last families to profit from Obekka’s mining heyday as the resources of the planet depleted. Ebon’s family, like many of the insightful mining businesses on Obekka, restructured their industry to shipping. As an inheritance to their son, Ebon’s family used a great deal of their dwindling financial resources to buy their son the ship known as the Solarmare to break into the shipping trade. Ebon would use this opportunity to grow his own business and to support and repay his family. By the time Ebon is encountered for the first time at Port Lansing, he’s been in business for about six years and is in his late twenties.

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