Everard Malcolm Reineach

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Homeworld: Telos, never been off planet
Age: 32
Profession: Telosian Guard
Height: 5'5
Weight: 190
Hair: Lt. Brown
Eyes: Brown

Marital Status: Married 
Spouse's Name: Alida Reineach

Children: Fenelon Reineach, not yet born. 

Mother: Tressie Reineach
Father: Caleb Reineach

Sisters: Malaika Falver 28, Tessa Mearin 36
Brothers: Laramy Reineach 36, Nevil Reineach 34, and Stephen Reineach 24.

Education: Standard Schooling

Force Training: N/A

IQ: Average
Fears: Large open bodies of water, Space Travel

Temperment: Everard is a down to earth guard, deoes his job well,
took a while for him to join the morning exercises etc..he has been
laid back about xani coming back and has a wait and see type
attitude...talk is cheap, about all the changes and now he believes
the changes were real and has faith in xani that things won't go back
to being the way they were.

He is very practical, keeps his head down and does his work. Once in
a while he will put an idea forward in the chain of command and then
goes back to being quiet again.

He is family oriented.

Likes: Spending time with his family
Pet Peeves: People who overreact, making moutnains out of molehills.

Goals in Life: To do the best he can in the guards and for his family

Military History:
Rank: Sergeant
Status: Active
Army: Telosian Guard
Branch: Assigned to Xanatos Du'Cruet's estates under Sgt. Ed Frost

Special Abilities: Hand to Hand, Blaster, Farming

Personal History:

Everard joined the guards against his families desires. They wanted
him to remain with the family and be farmer with the rest of them,
but he didn't desire such a life so he joined tehn guards.

He never was into bullying the merchants like many of the guards once
had been, instead he kept his head down, nose clean, collected a
paycheck, helped where he could and when he could, tehn goes back to
his parents farm most of the time to help his family out.

His career has been relatively unremarkable. Recently he has met
Alida D'Med and upon learning of her pregnancy proposed. To his and
his family's delight, she accepted.

He is enduring the general ribbing from some of the other guards
about socializing and now marrying one of the the members of Telosian
ruling class.

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