Natura Arcanum

Free Spacer

Player: Jackie Keeler


Physical Description 


Race: Sprite (a spirit)

Homeworld: Evaelon

Age: Has no age, timeless. (but has the appearance of being 16) (May 2004)

Profession: N/A

Height: 5'6''

Weight: 97 lbs.

Hair: Long curly brown hair

Eyes: Green


Personal Information


Martial Status: Single

Spouse's Name: N/A (NONE)

Children: NONE


Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Siblings: Unknown


Education: Advanced schooling, Regular schooling


Force Training: Yes

Master's Name: N/A (NONE)

Light or Dark: Light


Psychological Description 


IQ: Extremely high

Fears: NONE


Temperament: Always calm

Likes: To mess with people

Dislikes: People messing with her

Pet Peeves: People saying she is wrong

Goals in Life: To understand the ways of people


Favorite Color: Cream

Drink: All juices

Pastimes: Coming up with new poisons

Food: All fruits

Hobbies: Coming up with new poisons


Military History  


Rank: N/A

Status: N/A

Army: N/A

Branch: N/A


Special Abilities: Immune to all types of poison. And poison. She can float. She can predict the future.


Personal History:


Natura was created on the planet Evaelon. All she knows is that a male and a female created her. She does not know how, why, when, and if there are others who were created too. The majority of her life has been spent on Evaelon. She has sort of been an advisor to the royal family there. 


In 2000, the Royal Family sent Natura to Port Lansing in search of Lonyay and Sicer Rouge and Tesa and Nikolas Nemerov. Natura was pleased to go on a mission. She took off a few days before she was needed at Port Lansing.


Halfway there the ship went off coarse. Natura could not control the ship. She surrendered to its will. A few days later the ship experiencing turbulence awakened her. She went to the cockpit only to see that she was being pulled into orbit by a planets gravitational pull. Fearful of crashing she tried to pull away, but the pull was too strong. She tried again, but it was useless.


An hour later she got a radio signal. "This is ground control, explain your status. If you cannot we have an aircraft that can do it for us." So Natura signaled back explaining how she lost control of the ship and it got pulled into orbit. Ground control signaled again. " Alright. We have an aircraft that will pull your ship to our base. That is what is to be done, nothing can be said or done to change that."


When she arrived on this planet the people did not tell her where she was. They placed her in a cell until they confirmed her story with the Royal Family on Evaelon. They set her free from the cell, but demanded that she was not to leave the premises. Natura told him that she had to get to Port Lansing to look for some people that went missing. She was contained her for a year.


When she was able to leave, she was not to leave alone. Three soldiers accompanied Natura. But contrary to what she thought, she was not going to Port Lansing. The men were taking her to another base because they did not trust her since she was a Free Spacer.


A week later she landed on a desolate planet. There she was not so well contained. She was not there long before she poisoned her guards and escaped. She found her ship that was taken with her there. When she tried to start the ship more soldiers came running out shooting at her. The ship started with a jerk and flew away.


Since she had no idea where she was she could not go anywhere because she did not know where to turn. She started to drift to find some place where she could go. She drifted for two years before she found a ship. Luckily these people were kind and also were going to Port Lansing. They wondered how she got from Evaelon to here when her destination was Port Lansing. They also said that it would take about ten months to get there.


Ten months later she arrived on Port Lansing for the very first time. (it was 2004)



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