Jon (Jack) Renardine

Player: William Hsu

Physical Description

Race: Human, mostly Kaledi (Shardakouran colonial stock)

Homeworld: Kalimant, secondary vassal planet of Shardakour (one of four
secondary planets under Kaled)

Age: 16, nearly 17

Profession: Elected planetary delegate from Kalimant to the Kaled General
Assembly (this is a regional senate consisting of only 5 worlds)

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 130 lbs.

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue-grey

Personal Information

Marital Status: Single

Spouse's Name: N/A

Children: N/A

Mother: May Renardine, manager of a fishing fleet on Nomini (this is an
important job to the locals)

Father: Sal Renardine, mayor of a small fishing village on Nomini (the
southernmost continent of Kalimant)

Education: completed secondary education (11-13) on Kalimant, tertiary
education (14-16), served briefly as a page in the general assembly
during this period, was elected when he returned home

Force Training: No (very limited potential; may be able to develop very
mild empathic abilities with a lot of practice, but not more than a
typical empathically-gifted politician)

Master's Name: N/A

Light or Dark: N/A

Psychological Description

IQ: well above average (140-150)

Fears: is still a bit intimidated by big movers and shakers, especially
those with an evil reputation, but is starting to come into his own as he
becomes less starstruck

Temperament: Very eager to please, a little hyper, just a little nervous,
very intelligent, ambitious but ethical

Likes: people like himself (especially intelligent women and other hyper

Dislikes: very grave people (intimidating)

Pet Peeves: few to speak

Goals in Life: would like to become a Councillor of Shardakour or a
representative to the Alliance someday

Favorite Color: green-blue

Drink: Kalimant single-malt, but doesn't drink much - mostly when
entertaining visiting heads of state

Pasttimes: mystery holonovels, music concerts, deep-sea fishing

Food: any and ALL (no, really!)

Hobbies: music, singing (sings well), languages (genius with archaic
languages), writing

Military History

Rank: none; went through basic training with cadets at the Naval Academy
of Kaled (mandatory for aides to the Assembly) but not as a midshipman;
knows which direction to hold a blaster

Status: N/A

Army: N/A

Branch: N/A

Special Abilities: Jack speaks about four regional languages fluently in
addition to Bocce and the "official" Shardakouran dialect.  He can read
and write in his regional alphabet as well as Aurabesh.  Like everyone
from Nomini, he can sail, but not well.

Personal History:

Jack is an ambitious young planetary delegate at the start of his
political career.  He comes from a no-nonsense business family and is an
only child.  He was identified as a good candidate a public service
career due to his knack for languages, natural intelligence, and other
technical aptitudes, which he manifested at an early age.  In some ways
he is quite naive, but he is learning quickly under the tutelage of his
mentor, Arnav Gregorius, the ambassador to Shardakour from the five
vassal planets of the Kaled Region.  Arnav is a weathered-looking man of
about 45 who also serves as senior planetary delegate from Kaled and Vice
Chairman of the General Assembly.  This makes him Jack's boss about three
times over.

Jack is a good-looking but unassuming youth, thin of build but not
slight.  He has an extremely voracious appetite and a Toydarian
metabolism.  He dresses neatly and lives a clean and ascetic lifestyle
except for his love of ear-shattering Rex Meepo synth rock music.
Recently he has begun to broaden his musical palate as Arnav has ordered
Jack's fellow delegates to drag him to orchestra concerts in an attempt
to save him from early deafness.  He is otherwise culturally
well-educated, being an eager reader and connoisseur of Old Republic
holovids.  He has been through adequate training in formal protocal as a
page in the Kaled Assembly, and later as a junior planetary delegate
whose main job is to meet and greet visiting heads of state.

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