Player: Dora Furlong

System Description:

There are a total of 6 planets. Two of them, Shardakour and Kadarin, are inhabited. The planet Shardakour has two moons, Linney and Nirea, Kadarin has one, Malbour. Shardakour is the primary populated planet and seat of the Alderson held and aligned worlds. The system has two suns.

Sun: F8
Temperature 6200K
Visual Luminosity: 1.93
Mass: 1.190
Radius: 1.260
Terrestial Equivalent Orbit in AUs: 1.45; 1.39 for higher radiation.
Lifetime in billions of Years: 6.880
Color Index: .31
Approximate Color: Yellowish

Sun2: G0
Temperature: 6030
Visual Luminosity:1.36
Mass: .606
Terrestial Equivalent Orbit in AU's: .32
Lifetime in Billions of Years: 9.180
Color Index: .59
Approximate Color: Yellowish

Gravity: 1.15
Temperature: 4060
Visual Luminosity: 42.1E-3
Radius: 4
Density: 2.35 gr/cm3
Axial Tilt: 90
Terrestial equivalent orbit in AUs: 1.39 around
Color Index: .82
Approximate Color: Orange

2.7 Earth years=1 Shardakourian year
985.5 earth days =1 Shardakourian year.
32 earth hours = 1 Shardakourian Day.

Moon 1: Linney
Viewing Angle: .2

Moon 2:Nirea
Viewing Angle: .8 (Higher than earths moon)

Gravity: 1<
Visual Luminosity:.97
Radius: 7.75
Terrestial equivalent Orbit in AUs: 1.62
Density: .71.

2.06 Earth Years = 1 Kadarin Year
751.9 Earth Days = 1 Kadarin Year
17 Earth hours = 1 Kadarin Day

Location: Shardakourian system is located on the rim of the galaxy. The system is too far out for either the Empire or the Alliance to use strategically or wish to take over.

Shardakour's Climate: Indo-Malaysian Tropical
Dense tropical canopy covers the majority of the planet. Lower layers of the forest reach only approximately 2% of the light in the densest part of the planet.

The capital city of Shardakour is Irilaun

Places of Interest:

Kadarin's Climate: Tundra, with pockets of Boreal forests. Kadarin's axial tilt is erratic, It fluctuates over a 100 million year period between 10 and 27 degrees with respect to a line perpendicular to the plane of its orbit. Since Kadarin is located at it's furthest point in the systems life zone, Kadarin retains unusual and as of yet, unpredictable weather patterns.

Exports: Hard Wood, Exotic Flowers, wine, herbs, and Spices, Energy Crystals.

Imports: Ships, Technology related imports.

Economy: Tourism is allowed but strictly controlled as to the number of tourists allowed into the System and on either of the primary planets. Many scientific requests are made for research and study grants in the shardakourian forests, these groups are also strictly limited to the number present at any given time and to the number of individuals allowed in any given research team . Kadarin has a lot of winter sports and maintains a tight clientelle of winter sports enthusiasts.

Current Trade Agreements: Nebula, Valass, Telos, Arridor, Aldragrin, Purgatory, Messina, Betawan VII

Tech level: Limited and concealed on amount of high technology. When one walks into a building any communications equipment in a room is hidden behind panels. Visitors to the planet may have the feeling they have stepped back in time. Due to local radiation problems special shielding is required for the technology to work reliably.

Blasters and energy weapons are not allowed on planet. They don't always work anyway and the shielding to make it work is not practical. To heavy and bulky.

Planetary defenses include shields, with special modification on planet base to compensate for the interference.

A space dock for larger ships and the Shardakourian navy is located near one of the systems unpopulated planets.

Political Structure: Monarchy, ruling family Alderson, based on Shardakour capital planet. family survives by bringing in Vassals, becoming overlords to other planets, and negotiating trade agreements. Loyalty is very important, betrayal is grounds for execution.

The current queen and king are Tara Alderson and Jacen Arsein. Children: Damien: 16, Kimber:61 deceased, Valentina 12, Auster: 8, Lorill: 5

Christine Alderson: Tara's cousin and one of her body doubles. Force User.

Jarek Alderson: Tara's father and previous king, deceased. His consort was Doriann Arsein

Current Prime Minister: Derek Ionsoch

Other influential families: Ionsoch, Arsein-Davis, Deonaris

The palace is a large stone structure with a maze-like interior.he throne room contains seating for all 200+ vassal representatives and a gallery above for visitors to observe from. In the lower levels is a special room that is used for 'Awakening Ceremonies'. These are when the Alderson special abilities are brought out. It is risky for any of the teens to go through, it kills more than the number who live through it and of those who live through it.

The Alderson 'Gift'

The Alderson gift, handed down from generation to generation. Children of the direct Alderson line are genetically manipulated, if necessary, to ensure the presence of the family gift. Only those with the ability can inherit. And of those with the ability, only the ones strong enough to wield it and survive can ascend to the Shardakourian throne. This is the true Alderson secret. What makes the family such perfect manipulators of the sentient being. Mind destruction and mind control, backed by careful training in Social Engineering skills.

The gift may easily tear apart the mind of the person who wields it, leaving behind nothing more than a living husk. Even after the awakening, there are few who manage to live through the training required to control it.

Those who do survive are the the lucky ones. They would go on to inherit positions of power within the Alderson family. While these some of these individuals may not truly posses the full ability to destroy, they certainly possessed enough of the ability to control another beings mind. This made them the perfect envoy, ideal to entrust them with limited segments of family power.

Those who managed to survive the awakening and the training, they would inherit the throne or other areas of authority within the Alderson worlds.

Shardakourian Humans:

Human looking for all outward, and most inward, appearances, but with a subtle enough difference. The descendancy of the population is rarely discussed by any other than the scholars and story tellers who liked to exaggerate the possibilities and glorify the fabled war that led them to colonize this very system. It is not publicly known that they are genetically descended from Human and Valassian mix. Which means the population is made up of mostly latent telepaths.

The Shardakourians have implemented a very strong genetic breeding program. In particular they are concerned with passing on the Specialized genetics of the Alderson line and the force ability. They believe in genetic diversity. If a child is conceived genetic manipulation may occurr to ensure the baby will have certain traits.

It is imposisble for an heir to the Shardakourian throne to inherit if they have not developed and survived the onset of the alderson mental potential.


The Alderson Worlds are a complex collection of trading partners that have sworn loyalty and vassalage to the Alderson family. Formalities are strictly adhered to. There are appropriate responses for everything. Family is everything to the Shardakourians, adoptions are taken very seriously.

Marriages are often arranged for political ties and therefore many may take a consort even when married. Children are highly valued as are the genetic matches that are often paired, again even if one is married. There is no word for illegitimacy of children.

Music is an important part of social gatherings as is dancing. All Shardakourians learn dancing in basic education and very few lose their interest in it as they grow to adult hood. Many students of music and dancing come to Shardakour to study.

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