Tara Alderson Palpatine


Race: Human
Age: 29
Height: 5'8
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Silver
Weight: 135
Profession: Owns several corporations and is involved with a lot of trade
and real estate industries. Heir to the throne of Shardokour. 
Homeworld: Shardokour 

Marital Status: Married
Spouces Name: Jacen Arsein 

Children: Victoria, Damien: 16, Kimber:16 deceased, Valentina 12, Auster: 8,
Lorill: 5

Birth Mother: Nina Alderson
Mother through Adoption: Anelis Palpatine
Father: Jarek Alderson

Military History: Imperial Brevet Commander for Port Lansing 05.2000, 
OOC info: Alliance Intel Lt. Colonel as Alicia Grey.  

Force Training: Yes	Master: Sargon, Jarek Alderson	Light/Dark: Dark

Education: Tara was tutored by the top Tutors available not only 
in academic subjects but, physical training as well. She completed all normal
coursework at the school on B'yss at age 16, then entered the Sith
Academy to finalize her training in the Force. She has been learning to
use the Force since she first exhibit her abilities at age 2. 

IQ: High     Fears: Wandering through life aimlessly.

Temperment: Tenacious, Vengeful, and Manipulative. Will serve only those
stronger than her or those she feels she can gain something from.
Tara was raised to believe that loyalty to the family came first. Loyalty
to her people is imperitive and family is everything. 

Abilities: Photographic Memory, Acrobatics, Social Engineering, Mind
Control, Mind Destruction, and Acrobatics/Gymnastics.  

Likes: A good fight, warping people's perceptions and their power.

Pet peeves: pettiness, weaklings, those who refuse to use thier power,
and idealists. 

Dislikes: Traitors and betrayal. Being called your highness. 

Ship: Silver Hawk 


Tara, at age 4, watched as Jarek Alderson cornered his wife at dinner about her
activities with the rebellion. Nina denied all charges at first but, then
realizing she could not hide the truth from her husband, admitted to being
a rebel spy. Jarek killed her immediately, then finished dinner. 

After many years she reopend her fathers files to verify for herself her
mother had been a spy and was reporting information on Alderson family
activities. With this informaiton confirmed she committed
herself to training as her fathers apprentice and heir.

The Alderson family line established itself through bartering with
various planets, giving them what they needed in return for whatever
suplies they had in abundance. In this manner they built up a large
following of worlds reliant upon them for many resources. The Alderson
family then built a strong political platform not caring if there
personnel were Sith, Jedi, Rebel, or Imperial. All sides had somethign to
offer. As long as the personnel were committed to the way of life
provided by the Aldersons and loyal. The family founder was crowned King
of the planet Shardokour after uniting all of the minor clans against
three major clans in a great war. The founding Alderson  began the
culture of trade and loyalty to prevent future wars between his people
and to bring about a quick economic stability. 
Tara's father married Anelis Palpatine, then with Tara's help established
a coup and named himself Emperor with Anelis as his Empress. The coup 
lasted for seven months. It ended with Anelis killing Jarek and forcing
Tara to order the troops to lay down their arms. Tara complied and was
then promptly arrested. She remained in an Imperial cell for six months
before being broken out by renegade Sith Daniel Tarkenian. She worked
with him for two years before he was killed by the Emperor. 

During this time Tara worked to rebuild Shardakour and reestablish ties 
to associate Alderson worlds. Tara also made her way by setting up an elaborate
smuggling ring fronted by various legal companies. She also set up many
real estate agencies and other employment placement agencies.  
To gain information Tara also took jobs for the rebel alliance which
eventually led to her accepting a temporary rank with Alliance

Daniel left his base of operations, an old abandon military base, to tara 
upon his death. Some of the personnel left and some were intrigued by 
the possibilities of working for her. Tara kept the base as it was and
left a skeleton crew behind. She keeps it in reserve should she need to
hide again. Two months after Daniels death Tara was contacted by Anelis.

Anelis had conceived twins via Jarek. These twins and her other children
had been kidnapped and Anelis wanted tara's assistance in locating them.
Curious, Tara agreed. When meeting with Anelis in person she was rather 
surpsied to learn she had been officially adopted by Anelis. Anelis insisted on
the palace staff refereing to Tara as "your highness".   

This annoyed Tara to no end. She eventually got used to it and learned to
ignore it. Once the children were returned Tara began to get to know her 
adopted family including Garrek and the Emperor. Much to the chagrin of
the council of Alderson worlds. They have begun to insist that Tara
return to Shardakour and marry to ensure the direct continuation of the 
Alderson line. 

The council was, in fact, so concerned about Tara's safety that Topaz, a
mercenary body guard, was hired to protect her. The council also has
expressed thier growing concern at her covert involvement with the Rebel

Tara was assigned as the Imeprial battle leader at port lansing in
05.2000. Here she met NikVie and her adopted uncle Trinaian Palpatine.
She is very curious about the relationship between Trinaian and his
father the Emperor. As well as any potential feelings her adopted mother,
anelis, may have about the situaiton. 

Tara was amused by Anelis desire to kill Princess Vader. Anelis own soon
to be step mother. 

After Port Lansing of 05.2000 Tara visited the planet Telos to meet up
with her Body Guard Topaz and to check on one of her operations. While
there a young girl attempted to steal a pouch from her. Something about
the girl struck Tara as familiar. Instead of handing the girl, Victoria
Syn, over to the authorities tara claimed her as her own and begun
training her as her apprentice. 

Favorite Color: Royal Blue
Drink: Tea 
Food: Fruit
PastTimes: Confusing Diplomats 
Hobbies: Gymnastics

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