Back to the Places You Will Be From

By Dora Furlong
With Input and Approval from Mark Cogan


Every New Beginning

  Chapter 2 Back to the Places You Will Be From

    Darana marched forward in the midst of her escort. She could feel the
tendrils of hesitant contact from the members of her house, but a sharp
look from Lamont cut off any response she might have made.

    The phalanx reached the waiting transport and the cloak of the guard
in front of her billowed out as he executed a sharp left turn, the edge
of it lapping at her side. The wind settled as the ramp to the transport
was lowered. The guards behind her stood at attention waiting for Darana
to enter.  She had no other choice or opportunity to even attempt to go
elsewhere. With a sense of finality she strode on board.


"Ahhhh lady Darana." The Emperor spoke softly to her.

She entered the private audience chamber and knelt of her own
volition, "Master." Her voice was cold and hard, even to her own
ears. Her thoughts were for the members of her house.

"Concern yourself no more with the students. They are being assigned
to our best Sith Masters." The Emperor waved his hand, brushing the
topic aside. "The others will be reassigned befitting their skills."

"Yes Master." So that was how it was to be, no allowance for her to
speak on behalf of any of them, brushed aside and torn asunder. She
didn't like it, but then she didn't have to, her place was clearly to

"You have served us well, but the time  has come for you to focus on
the talents we need most." The Emperor paused, leaning back in his
throne, "We have had too many failures in the Empire of late." His
yellowish eyes narrowed as he spoke. "It will not be tolerated

Darana remained silent wrapping the darkness around her as the
Emperor continued, "You will be reassigned to Ground Forces Special
Operations Team." He rose and walked forward, "Rise General

Darana did as he bade her, scanning the visage of the man who held
her life. His aged features gazing steadily back at her with a hard
and discerning nature.

"You have proven yourself more than able to handle high risk
situations. You will take these missions and once again enter the
field." He flashed an unnerving smile at her, "This must be your sole
focus, the Red Guards will be commanded by another now and you will
accept no communication of any kind from anyone or thing outside of
your mission. I do not wish for you to be distracted."

"Yes My Master." Darana bowed her head, her eyes catching the
Emperors as she straightened. The underlying meaning of her
assignment, passing between them.

"Report to the ISD Maredour...and Darana, Do not fail me in this."

She bowed again, acknowledging both the Emperor's unspoken command
and the spoken.  With a heated darkness she had not felt before, Darana
exited the audience chamber heading for her new assignment.

The trip to her new home was quiet. No guards accompanied her, nor
was she challenged. The pilot merely nodded in acknowledgment to her
and off they went.

She was greeted formally by the Ship's Captain, one Captain Greery,
a small, thin pince-nosed man with an obvious dislike and mistrust
for Force Users.  Obviously the son of some favored Bureaucrat.

It was during the conversation with him when it hit her. Pain. A
backwash of energy from a connection cut. Darana gasped and clutched
at the air in front of her. The world reeled as she fell to the
floor unconscious. The guards at the house had breached her lower
levels and now sentenced her to this one body.

Captain Greery sighed audibly, he had been warned this would happen. He
turned to the officer closest at hand and gave the order for her to be
removed to quarters and their guest notified of General Cairnfells

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