The Rescue and Interrogation of Mira Lexor part 3

Phaedra Whitlock, RJ Miller, Ginna Wilcoxen (July 2002)

Mira was led off the transport and taken to an area to be checked for
listening devices, or any hidden weapons. After she changed into new
prisoner clothes, Mira was led to a force damp cell.

Rachel walked down to the cell area to check on Mira.  She noticed
that Mira was sitting quietly in her cell. "Good evening Commander."

"Lieutenant."  Mira looked up at her. "What brings you here?"

"I did say I would check on you."  Rachel commented.

"So you did."  Mira noted as she waved her hands around her cell.
"As you can see, I'm still here."

Rachel offers a small smile. "I'm glad. I can't run off to Coruscant
again, my (cats) would never forgive me."

"We can't have that." Mira leaned back against the wall. "So what
type are they?"  She listened as Rachel decribed them.  Mira nodded.
"They sound interesting  for cats."

Rachel isn't concerned, some people just don't 'get' cats. "You did
ask."  Rachel said with a smile.

"Yes, I did." Mira confessed, "So what else should we talk about?"

"Your family perhaps?"  Rachel suggested.

Mira tensed. "They are all dead end of subject ... next?"
Rachel looked to the side, "I have someone who wishes to speak to

"Who?" Mira asked.

Rachel activated the hologram  Mira recognized Kaliandra Daroa
immediately. "I have nothing to say."  Mira stated.

Kaliandra gave a small dip of her head in leu of a bow. "Commander

Mira glared at her, then turned her look to Rachel, what were they up
to? Did they think anything would change, she hated Jedi and wished
that she had killed the one who now stood appeared before her.

Rachel raised her brows at Mira's reaction, this was interesting.

"Are you being treated well, Commander?" Kaliandra asked.

"Like royalty." Mira snips.

Kali gave her a small smile. "I know that one."  She cocks her head.
"Commander, perhaps you could tell me how you came across that poison
of yours. It's unlike anything I've ever read about.  I had a small
run in with it a couple of months ago."

"That is my secret." Mira stated. "How did you come across it?"

"How did you come across it?" 

"I brushed against an air duct grate on board Port Lansing. I
apparently brushed my arm up against it." Kali answered.

"And you live?" Mira let out a small grin. "I'm impressed."

"I nearly didn't.  Interesting trick about Force Healing speeding the
reaction of the poison."

"A side benefit. I'm Glad you liked it." Mira kept her eyes on
Kaliandra. "So how is it you are still alive?"

"Is it a natural poison or synthetic?" Kali asks

"Again my secret."  Mira stated with a grin.

"Through the hard work of a medic that recognized the symptoms and
managed to stabilize my condition until we could get a small amount
of the cure."

"I see." Mira looks from Kali to Rachel and let out a sigh. "So what
do you hope to get from me?" she asked.

"I don't know that you've ever met any Jedi, or 'Rebels' before
Commander. We aren't monsters, I hoped you might see us as people."

Kali shifted on the sleep couch with a grimace. "Commander Lexor, I
won't lie to you. I don't trust you.  My Master, Master D'med and
Octavia Jinn spent quite some time as your 'guest' recently.  You
should know by that time exactly who and what the Jedi are."

"People."  Mira looked at Kali, "You are suffering from side effects
of the cure?" Mira smiled slightly. "I know exactly who YOUR master
is as well as the one you call Jinn.  He talked about her ... the
spawn of Qui-Gon.  Too bad she's still alive."

Kali felt a chill run through her and shivers slightly. "You speak of

Mira frowned. "Who else. I take it you've met him?" she asked with
another grin.  One that reminded Kaliandra of Xanatos' smile.

"Yes," she says in a flat voice.

"I hoped you killed him." Mira muttered bitterly.

"No," she said. "He still lives"

Rachel saw Mira become a bit uncertain for a brief instant.  She
wondered if they were making progress with her.

"I see." Mira stated.

"You don't seem to like him very much," Kali noted.

Mira fell silent. "That is my business." Looking up at Kaliandra.
"What do you want?"

"I was asked to speak with you, Commander. We seem to at least to
have one thing in common and that is a common dislike of Xanatos."

"That is about the only thing we have in common." Mira spat.

"Is it?'  Kaliandra asked.

Mira shrugged her shoulders. "As far as I can tell, except you want
to know of my poison and it's compound." Again Mira gave a small grin
that reminded Kali of Xanatos. "The Empire has the cure, why not ask

"As I said, that was just personal curiosity," Kali told her. "You
can't tell me you're completely happy with the Empire's treatment of

Kali forced herself not to react to memory of the man.

Mira's smile faded. "Hazards of the job. Thanks to Xanatos."

"The Alliance has offered to help you, have they not?" Kali asked
looking at Rachel.

Rachel gave Kaliandra a nod, glancing at Mira in the cell.

Mira looked at Kaliandra then to Rachel. "I'm an Imperial citizen,
and officer .. was an officer.  You ask the impossible."

"How so?" Kali asks. "Many of those in the Alliance were once
Imperial officers."

Mira fell silent to Kaliandra's statement. "That might be, but I am
not them." Mira stared at Rachel.  "What do you hope to get out of

"You keep asking me that. My answer isn't going to change Mira."

"You are as bad as the Jedi, thinking all the Imperials need to be

"No. Half the galaxy wants you dead. Is that what you want?"  Rachel

"Is having protection from that better than coping on your own?"
Kaliandra asked.

"Protection?" Mira scoffed. "I don't see spending the rest of my life
.. if I'm allowed to live by Alliance standards, life in a CELL!"
Mira spat.

"You don't have to be in a cell. That is entirely up to you."  Rachel

"How long do you think you would survive on your own with both the
Empire and Xanatos looking for you?" Kali asks bluntly.

"If Xanatos was looking for me, you know as well as I, he would find
me.  As for the Empire ... I'm dead as far as they are concerned."
Mira stared at her. "I don't see either of you trusting me very far,
and I don't see your precious Alliance trusting me either."

Kali met Mira's gaze squarely. "Xanatos has yet to have his complete
will over the Jedi. Both times he has come up against us, he has

"He's only been alive for little over four months, he will get
stronger, once his  he understands things. Besides he has my poison
and the notes on making it more deadly."

"Then help us stop him," Kali says.

Mira shook her head. "He killed one of you ... I don't recall the
name, but he hasn't always lost."

"Medenna and I were rescued from him before he could do whatever it
was he wanted to do with us," Kali told her.  "You help us stop
him,we will help you."

"Look at you, you barely can help yourselves." Mira shook her head.
"The poison he has is natural, it's from hybreeding plants, and you
have the cure in your possession."  Mira stated.

"You know this is about more than just a poison," Kali says. "You're
afraid of him," she states, staring at Mira.

"Of course I'm afraid of him!" Mira hissed. "He took over my life,
destroyed all I built. The labs, my career.  If you were smart you'd
be afraid of him too."

"I am," Kali confesses. "But I'm not letting that fear control me. He
nearly killed me. I've lost nearly half my foot to an infection he
caused that would have killed me if I hadn't been rescued when I
was.  He needs to be stopped before he harms anyone else.  Before he
kills someone else."

"The time for that is pass. The serum made from the force users, will
finish adding to his strength, will finish healing him."  Mira placed
her hands behind her back in a military stance.

"That's why we should work together," Kali tells her. "There is
strength in numbers."

"Perhaps,"  Mira states. "Either way I'm dead, it' s only a matter of

"Aren't we all?" Kali asked flatly.

Mira looked over at Rachel.  "Some more so than others."

"Think it over, Commander Lexor," Kali tells her.

"I will think it hard." Mira answered. 'I never meant for children to
die.' She thought to herself.

Rachel shrugged. "When they take away everything in your life, you
either pick up and get back to it or you die Commander."

"Make him pay for that, Commander," Kali says. "Help us to make him
pay."  Kaliandra asked as the transmission faded.

"I've  already lost what I held dear a long time ago." Mira
whispered. "Lt. tell your superiors I'll give what information I can,
on my poison, and the poison alone."

"Thank you Commander." Rachel smiled at Mira, mind racing to the
logistics of convincing her bosses now.

Mira sat back on the bed. "And Lt."

"Yes?"  Rachel questioned.

"No strings attached." she added, her voice becoming firm. "I'll face
my crimes, the ones I'm guilty of ."

Rachel nodded, impressed. "I will return in the morning. If you need
me I'll leave my home number at the security desk."

"I'll be fine, for now. Xanatos has no idea where I'm at, at least
not yet." Mira closed her eyes. 'neither does the Emperor.' She
thought to herself.  She wondered just what had she agreed to do.

Rachel put in a call to O'lea on her way out the door.  She made sure
that if Mira asked for anything to make sure that she was called.

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