Forces Of the Empire

2003 Timeline



After successfully conditioning Jedi Master Zuren and his Padawan Danna Esme, Darana turns them over to the custody of Darth Aingidh.

Mikala is handed over to Karella and sent to Karella's arena to fight for her life against another Force user. As the fight begins, the Force null is dropped and she contacts her fiancé, Knight Darien Lell, through the bond they share and finds out that he, Knight Brus Colm, and her family are in orbit of Tatooine and are about to make an assault on Karella's fortress. She manages to hold out in the arena and convince the man she is fighting to join her and they will be freed.

The Steeles and company attack Karella's fortress with grenades filled with a virus to kill Karella's ysalamiri and destroy the Force bubble around the compound. They free Mikala and her opponent, but Karella and the bounty hunter, who is still holding Zeruah, go free.

Mikala is treated for her injuries and rests on the Temptation's Rest as the family searches to no avail for Zeruah.

Jennifer "Tina" Tinnaeus is led by the Force to do more than study in classes on Yavin and agrees to study with Eric Daniels.

Temptation's Rest lands on the Sapphire, Lord Steele's personal Star Destroyer, and heads back to Zoron as part of Lord Taras' troops leaves to search for traces of Zeruah and the bounty hunter.

Darana breaks Octavia's encryption codes and begins monitoring her transmissions.

Trinity brainwashes Zeruah, who is now Janelle.

Sean Conners-Fer'rar handfasted to Amalie Alderson.

Alec R'kell-Kilderaad is given the status of Knight by the Jedi Council.

Kaliandra Daroa returned to Yavin by Psylocke Lammashta.

Akeia requests a new master to the Jedi Council.

Alec requests to be Akeia's new Master. Both requests are approved and Alec takes Akeia as his Padawan.
Akeia and Alec immediately begin forming a bond, and her training begins.

Mikala goes by herself to talk to Xeven about his betrayal and is overcome with his pheromones. He orders her to release him and plans to use her as a bargaining chip to escape from her family. Xeven attempts to rape her, but is stopped by Lord Taras when he enters the Falleen's mind and distracts him as Mikala's brothers and Aunt Talessa storm the detention level and recapture the Falleen.

Mikala, overwhelmed by the Falleen pheromones, consummates her relationship with Darien. They later argue about the incident and Darien apologizes for allowing things to go too far. They discuss their relationship and settle several things.

Victoria starts mind controlling guards to help the Cult.

Lord Taras begins Mikala's physical training with a lightsaber lesson that later turns into a discussion with Darien about what happened on the bounty hunter ship and then later with Xeven.

Mikala is returned to Zoron and Darien leaves for Yavin while the family prepares for their wedding.

After Darien leaves, Mikala locks herself away in her room. Sandy later finds her scrubbing furiously on the wall to her room to the point she starts to rub the paint off the walls. Sandy sends her to clean up and Mikala accidentally knocks a glass onto the floor and has a flashback to the incident on Shardakour when she attempted to take her life. Sandy stops her from slashing her wrist with a piece of the broken glass. Dr. Vance Doha is called in to find the cause of Mikala's self-destructive behavior and he finds and remove a mental command Xeven had put in her subconscious when he had her under his control with the pheromones. He was attempting to use her to get revenge against her family.

Alidar D'med visits Alida on Telos.

Alida D'med visits Jedi Council meeting on Yavin.

Blaze undergoes surgery at the hands of Dr. Ezra on Yavin to remove a device that is causing the dangerous flashbacks. Surgery is a success and she recovers fairly quickly.

Mikala undergoes the last of the surgery to correct the scarring on her back and correct other problems.

Danna brings Timmonaeus, a Padawan, into Kyril’s reach per his orders. Timmonaeus is captured.

Taras enters one of Mikala's nightmares and confronts the image of the bounty hunter that kidnapped her. He vaguely recognizes her, but can't quite place who she is.

The funds that Mikala took from OffWorld are returned by Reanna Naray, Countess de Quillas along with a personal letter from Mikala apologizing for her actions. One hundred thousand credits were also sent as compensation to the men who lost their lives on the Crion after Mikala found that Xeven had taken those funds. Du'Cruet declined to finish the fund transfer and the credits remain in the accounts.

The Jinn bodies that Mikala took from the Crion were also returned to Captain Tor Kyrsk, Octavia Jinn's fiance.

Lieutenant Braxton Ezri returns from a deep cover mission. He and his sister, Corine, attend a political function on Zoron and he meets up with his former love, Lady Talessa Steele. They get reaquainted and he is introduced to the other members of the family.

While at the political dinner, Mikala is accosted by a man she had once been hired out to by Karella. He threatens to expose her persona as the assassin Darkfire to her father's political opponents. The man is taken into custody by Sandy and Polly.

Knight Darien Lell returns from Yavin and is picked up at the Galactic Starlines Highport by Mikala and Kieran.

Knight Darien Lell and Lady Mikala Volaris-Steele are married on Zoron. They spend their honeymoon on Zellar.

Sidra Roamstar spends her days at the Imperial Palace, going out only on the occasional mission to kill one of the Emperor's enemies. She leads a very boring life, not that she cares anymore. She spends her free time working out and practicing at whatever practice ranges they may have on Coruscant. She acts only at the Emperor's bidding, so hasn't any reason to socialize.

Octavia Syn-Jinn marries Tor Kyrsk.

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Octavia Kyrsk appointed as Telos' statesman to Arridor.

Jedi respond to a late news announcement and update on Arridor's relief efforts.

Braxton and Talessa resume their relationship.

Bi'Qua is getting by living on Port Lansing. It's pretty boring to her right now, not as much going on as there had been. She spends her time dodging Port Security and "borrowing" things she needs, grabbing food when nobody's looking, playing games with people... and she's become telepathic. She can hear other's thoughts, which makes it easier for her to do all the above. She is progressing into adolescence also.

While on Zellar, Mikala finds and befriends a runaway named Michelle. Michelle moves in the chateau that Darien and Mikala are staying at.

Alec notifies Mia that Lon is attempting a rescue by himself. Mia contacts Lon and says that he is receiving help from her no matter what.

Lon Solo attempts to effect a trade: himself for the release of either Danna Esme or Jedi Master Zuren. Lon is warned to come alone, instead he is followed by Mia Jesbar and Ricia Targan.
Zuren, Danna, and Padawan Timon are killed by Aingidh.

The Parallax takes Lon back to Yavin; with them is Nebulian back-up. Mia pleads with Lon to say something, but he remains silent for the entire trip to Yavin.

Mia is engulfed in grief and guilt over the 3 Jedi deaths and what it has done to Lon. D'Kahn tries to help her snap out of it, but she is physically unable to do much, including speak, and she inadvertently hurts him.

Ricia considers herself an immense failure after the encounter with Aingidh and is in doubt of herself after that.

Sandy stops into visit Darien and Mikala to check on Mikala's physical condition and medication and finds Michelle cleaning the house. They talk and bond. Sandy offers to help protect Michelle from her abusive father.

Kaliandra tries to convince Lon to take her off Yavin. He refuses and when she sneaks onto his ship, he stuns her and takes her to the medbay.

Psylocke tries to convince Lon to stay. He knocks her out and takes her to the medbay.

Brodin tries to convince Lon to speak with Mia. Lon refuses and Brodin asks him to keep in touch. Lon leaves Yavin.

Mia is contacted by Healer Matalla, who notifies her that Danna's body may still be alive. The Force healers from Nebula begin working on healing Danna's body as they take her to Nebula so she can heal faster.

Midalah takes it upon herself to help Danna learn to live again after Liliandra and her team of Force healers succesfully rejoin Danna to her body. She gives Danna a set of apartments within the palace and makes sure she is available to the other woman whenever she needs her.

Mia lies to D'Kahn by saying she doesn't remember a thing about what he said to her while the Parallax was on its way to Yavin.

Brodin asks to officially court M'lissa, then calls things off.

Eric Daniels and Talia Matthews visit Telos. Xanatos Du'Cruet speaks with Talia and comes to truly believe that Mira Lexor is dead.

Eric Daniels recognizes Michael Cairnfell through the disguise he is wearing and questions Michael about his purpose on Telos.
Eric contacts the Lady Darana and informs her that her son is on Telos. She plots course for the planet, leaving the fleet she was heading towards Arridor.
Eric also informs Lord Du'Cruet there is a potential assassin. Xanatos sends Nyssa C'rman to look into the potential identity that Michael has assumed on Telos.

Nyssa goes to the shop Eric reported Michael was at and then decides to investigate further on her own. She heads out to the woods and discovers Michael's ship. While investigating it she trips the defenses around the ship and is drugged.

Alerted to the fact that his ship's defenses have been triggered, Michael sends out several of the local folks he has working for him. They discover Nyssa unconscious and deliver her to the other assassin Rieger.

Michael directs Rieger to inject her with a slow acting poison, enclose Nyssa in a specially prepared coffin-like space with a flashing sign saying, "How does it feel to be helpless?"

Diamond and Sprite receive Nyssa a few days later.

Lon arrives on Shardakour to clean out his apartments, but Tara discovers him and reminds him that he has a contract with her and she is going to hold him to it. His first assignment is delivering supplies and goods to Arridor, then a trip on to Telos.

Anna, Nyssa, and Alida manage to overpower Diamond and Sprite, but disable the ship they are on. Their distress call is answered by Darth Aingidh and his apprentice Kyril.

Due to large numbers, the Jedi are asked not to come to Arridor.

Aingidh recognized Alida D'med as he had been hunting her since before the rise of the Empire. He moved to kill her but was stopped by Anna. He called a Star Destroyer and took them aboard the Prowler.

Kaehlyiah arrives at Arridor and squares off against Captain Langlois Wilson.

Nolan Talsiir, returning from a mission, recognizes the Integrator as Darana Cairnfell's Star Destroyer and offers assistance to Kaehlyiah. She accepts.

During the engagement against Arridor, the Mauredor's engines are sabotaged by Katyana. She is located and taken prisoner.

Darana Cairnfell arrives on Telos with Rook, Klaw, and Jed. She winds up arguing with Xanatos. During their conversation Xanatos is informed by Captain Wilson that Arridor is under attack by Imperial Ships.

Xanatos gives in and agrees to release Michael to Darana the next day. Darana orders Kaehlyiah to stand down, even though they had just broken through and were successfully taking the planet.

After interrogating Katyana, Kaehlyiah manipulates her to trust her and see the Alliance as her enemies instead of the Empire. Once she reports to Darana she asks for permission to take her on and train Katyana in the Force and Dark Side herself. Darana agrees.

Tara Alderson and Aingidh spoke via holofeed, the conversation did not go well. In the end Tara wound up taking Andre Stiasny and Topaz with her onboard a ship from Shardakour and picking up Alida, Anna, and Nyssa. Tara arrived on Telos with Alida, Anna, and Nyssa the next morning after Darana.

Diamond and Sprite escape. Sprite begins a fire in the Market Place as a distraction while Diamond frees Michael from the hospital just as they were going to move him back to the estates.

Xanatos had just begun to break through Michael Cairnfell's mental defenses when he was called away to deal with the fire in the Market Place.

Michael kills the majority of the guards in the hospital as he and Sprite make their way up to the waiting transport on the roof.

Through the Force, Cimemthymia is able to detect that she will give birth to a son. She is still not resting well and is still quite heartbroken over what happened with Kreeshten. It is not interfering with how she trains Cerelina, the young Padawan making sure that her master does not overdue things for the baby's sake.

Darth Aingidh accepts Xanatos's offer to visit Telos.

Lon Solo attacks Aingidh upon his arrival.

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Lon's life is spared by Aingidh, but he is given 15 lashes for breaking the law.

Darana sends offer of sanctuary to Diamond and Sprite. Diamond and Sprite try to talk to Michael about Darana Cairnfell. Michael is still drugged from the operation Diamond performed to help the blaster damage Michael received. He tells her that Darana is his mother.

Birth of Xanatos Alderson Du'Cruet and Lady Christine's twins: a son, named Kennard Lewis Alderson-Du'Cruet, and a daughter, named Rohanna Mariella Alderson-Du'Cruet.

Diamond and Sprite accept Darana's offer to meet up with her ship and there they make an Alliance with her and Michael is turned over to Darana. They begin to plan their next move against Xanatos and Telos.

Xanatos places a bounty on Michael, Diamond, and Sprite.

Darien, Mikala, and Michelle return to Zoron and Sandy discovers Mikala is pregnant. Mikala asks Sandy to be the child's grandmother.

Octavia Kyrsk kidnapped from the Hewlett by Darana. Xanatos is awakened by a feeling she's in danger and then receives notification that his public holdings were taken over by Shardakour. He accuses Tara, then they both begin to do research.

Octavia's ring finger is cut off by Sprite and sent along with a ransom note and her wedding ring to Xanatos. Conditioning is then started on her. Xanatos sends for Tor and his family for their own protection, fears they are targets and will be used against Octavia.

Mia arrives on Telos to help hunt for Octavia and is very upset to see Aingidh and Kyril again. Darth Aingidh leaves Telos after the dinner with Mia. Octavia is rescued three days later by Tara's family who were visiting Darana. Michael escapes with them and is also, to his surprise, returned to Telos.

Xanatos and Tara scan Octavia's mind and uncover a command to attack and kill Xanatos and her mind laden with traps. They still do not uncover the real conditioning, though they do uncover an anomaly. She is then given guards to escort her wherever she goes.

Mikala starts treatment with Dr. Vance Doha to work through her nightmares that have resurfaced when Darien left for Yavin.

Mia meets with Octavia briefly after she talks to Lon, then leaves Telos, planning to be on Nebula soon.

Lon leaves Telos to deliver flowers from Shardakour to Nebula.

After seeing Michael Cairnfell walking free, Nyssa C'rman starts harboring resentment toward Xanatos and Damien and pulls further away from them, feelingn that what she went through is immaterial.

Nyssa then breaks out the assassin they captured and takes him to the mountains and buries him alive. Damien Alderson takes a team along with Gar Rutile to go searching for her and is prevented from helping bring the trapped criminal out by Gar, and the man dies. Nyssa refuses to give up and is overpowered and placed under arrest.

Michael agrees to still go out after Diamond and Sprite and Darana but his price went up to include that Nyssa C'rman goes free.

Mikala hires Braxton Ezri to take over the position Zeruah held and he starts running the day-to-day operations of Darkfire Industries as it moves to Torion.

Upon arriving on Nebula, Lon is stunned and held for one day by his family. Lon returns to Telos once released.

While on Nebula, Mia tries to convince the others that holding Lon against his will isn't the way to help him.

Midalah is heartbroken over what Lon's family does when he returns to Nebula. Thinking she is apart of it, Lon directs a lot of hatred towards her which breaks her heart even more and actually makes her scared of seeing him again. The day after he leaves the body of Ty'ars R'ston is found. He was a former Senator that Midalah stripped of titles and rights due to crimes against the crown. Two weeks later the body of T'lin Ost'ko is found, killed the same way as R'ston was.

Mia tells D'Kahn she lied to him and apologizes.

Bounty on Michael Cairnfell is dropped.

Michael leaves and meets up with Sidra Roamstar and captures Diamond and Sprite they return to Telos. Diamond and Sprite interrogated and it is then discovered Octavia is programmed to kill the Governor of Arridor.

Mia leaves Nebula, alone, to talk to Lon on Telos. She finds him taking apart his ship and he refuses help. She attempts again to draw him out of...well, whatever's bothering him.

Michael leaves to go after Darana, but asks Xanatos to see if he can help Sidra to regain her memories.

Michael returns with Darana and is a catatonic state, Darana is unconscious. Upon being questioned, he goes to the astral plane and Xanatos follows and almost gets lost. Only with the help of Christine, Octavia, Damien, and Nyssa is he thrown back into his body.

While recovering, Xanatos Du'Cruet discovers two of his mining operations are attacked and one is totally destroyed. He is forced to release Darana -- she demands that Michael is turned over to her, Xanatos refuses. She then demands that the mercs are turned loose or more installations will be attacked. Xanatos gives in. Darana tries to buy Xanatos from Tara Alderson who refuses.

On the way to the Crion, Juan Fer'rer talks to Sprite and gets her to agree to stay and leave Diamond and Darana.
Darana then demands Michael's return and Xanatos refuses. Both Darana and Diamond leave very upset at the way things have turned out.

In medical on the Crion, Michael asks Xanatos his price for helping Sidra. Xantos tells Michael he could not pay it, but reluctantly names it as Michael's loyalty. Michael considers Xanatos's statement and in the end agrees and swears loyalty after exploring the meaning of loyalty with Du'Cruet.

Cimemthymia doubles over in pain while overseeing a balance training with Cerelina. Cerelina leads her master towards the temple, enlisting the help of Alidar D'med who was having tea in the gardens. Upon examination it is determined that Cimia is not taking as good of care of herself as she should be, and she is not sleeping well at all.

Sprite swears loyalty to Xanatos Du'Cruet and Tara Alderson. She is punished in front of those she injured.

Sidra has her memories restored by Xanatos and Tara. Michael and Sidra talk afterwards. Michael becomes upset when he says she might return to the Emperor.

Octavia visits Sprite in Medical and they talk.

Xanatos tells Michael he wishes him to be his bodyguard.

Sidra visits with Xanatos asking to remain on Telos. Xanatos declines and Sidra leaves, sending Michael a transmission. Michael is crushed when he learns she returned to the Emperor and becomes embittered.

Assassins that Sprite hired to cause civil unrest on Telos get their opportunity to attack when Xanatos goes to the Market Place.

Sean and Michael argue over proper procedures during the attack. Sean accuses Michael of wanting to get Du'Cruet killed, Michael punches Sean and leaves.
Michael leaves the estates going to the other side of the planet to hunt large game. He makes several kills and discovers the young of one of the ones he killed. He gathers up the prey to take to the kitchens on the estates and collects the young. He takes them back to the estates to raise them.

The next morning Xanatos and Michael have an argument. They leave the estates very agitated. Alida D'med follows Xanatos, and Nyssa C'rman goes to follow Michael.

Nyssa leaves Telos with Michael trying to find out why he's leaving, ignores compulsion and TK's Alida off the ship's ramp. Realizes on the trip to wherever Michael is going that she has indeed overstepped her boundaries with him, after he makes a statement that she is naive and weak, intentionally hurting her.

Michael sends a transmission to Xanatos telling her where he can pick Nyssa up. Once they arrive he gives her a credit chip with a homing device in it and sends Xanatos the frequency so thy can locate her.

While on the neighboring world, Nyssa uncovers that there is a traitor inside Off World, contacts Damien and asks for permission to check it out and is surprised when she gets it.

Nyssa implants a suggestion in her contact Eiol that he has to protect her at all costs even his life, and also establishes a link with him for later in case she needs to find him.

Nyssa is recognized by the Off World Captain and he moves to attack, before he can is drugged by Michael who had been watching to make sure that Nyssa was okay per Xanatos' request.

Nyssa then asks permission to remain when she finds out that Michael may be in danger from unknown assailants. Realizing he can take care of himself, she offers to be his friend and leaves to board the shuttle to the Crion.

Rikka Kozel leaves Zoron, hiding on a transport to seek her fortune elsewhere.

Nyssa returns to Telos with the prisoner and hands over a preliminary interrogation data padd. Nyssa is then questioned by Juan, Amalie, and Damien about her actions. She receives 15 lashes for ignoring compulsion, and Alida is then given 8 for omitting the fact that Nyssa attacked her on the ramp and thus not helping Nyssa overcome her problems.

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Tara Alderson returns to Shardakour, taking Nyssa C'rman with her.

Cerelina Ivy Arynne and Brus Colm go camping. A friendship seems to form and he enjoys teasing the Padawan.

Dr. Tachyon sneaks on to Zoron and into Sandy's labs looking for a sample of Sandy's ysalamiri killing virus. While on the lab level, he finds Mikala unconscious and secrets her into a nearby office. He is very quickly found by Darien, who had been monitoring his wife's condition, and then by Kieran and Sandy. Mikala is found to be suffering for a severe bout of 'morning sickness' relating to her pregnancy. Sandy and Dr. Tachyon have a talk about his presence on Zoron.

Victoria meets with Nyssa and gives her the will reducing drug.

Kaosti is named by the Rintala-Thute clan to be a Diplomat for their clan and Firrerre at Port Lansing station when meetings convene there. He sends a letter informing Cerelina that he will be traveling to Port Lansing in a month's time. While he does not state so, he hopes to see her there.

Eueycoytle and Laraina travel to a matriarchal planet and rescue kidnapped villagers. Euey looks good in a skirt. Jedi Student Ro-Zen Turani stowed away on their ship and they allow her to remain as they travel.

Mikala continues her session with Dr. Doha and discover that the bounty hunter that kidnapped her and Zeruah was, in fact, Mikala's mother.

Cimemthymia and Cerelina leave Yavin to visit Cerelina's family on Eukenuba. Not due back until May.

"Divine Trillogy" casts off, heading for Port Lansing sector.

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At Cerelina's urging, Brus asks Char Sadimon to be his Padawan.

Everard and Alida are married in secret. Alida accepts a position as Xanatos' aide.

Ikara discovers Rikka Kozel on her ship.

Blaze and Alidar discuss series of nightmares haunting Blaze's conscious which reflect her past and her beginnings. They start research in an effort to find the world she was created on.

Cerelina in touch with Kaosti, letters increasing as time passes and the more she must encounter her Master's memory loss.

Linora Terreille assigned as Corridom to Shardakour palace.

Mern realized he was Force sensitive and has convinced Luke to train him.

Adan and his group arrive a couple of days early at Port Lansing as does Governor Zelek and his group including Octavia.

Octavia cornered in changing room by Adan's Padawan Rensime and asked about her reasons.

Xanatos and his group arrive on time and settle in. Anna and Nyssa go exploring, as well as settling into security arrangements for everyone.

Anna goes to a spa with guards while she is with the masseuse, she and her guards are attacked and Anna is taken captive.

Nyssa and Alida end up in the Force Users' battle. It comes down to Nyssa and Klaw and Klaw wins.

Octavia after speaking with Alidar agrees to have him scan her to insure she is staying on her own, and is not being held against her will and she is happily married and looking forward to the birth of her son.

Xanatos is approached by Alidar D'med. He informs them that he has had a vision of Xanatos and Alida being held by Princess Palpatine and tortured. Xanatos informs Alidar that precautions will be taken. He also warns Alidar that the Jedi are to leave his people alone.

Nyssa engages in conversation with a woman and discovers she's an assassin and then discovers there's a bounty out on Xanatos Du'Cruet.

Xanatos approached by an assassin named Nan stating that a Lady C'rman suggested she talk to him. After a brief discussion he agrees to pay 35,000 for information.

Xanatos, Alida, and his guards attend Imperial Court. He's noticed by the Emperor and called forward. He's asked about his gift then the emperor notices Alida. Sent aside while Tara Alderson is called for. Xanatos notices Sidra but says nothing.

After court, Xanatos is called before the Emperor, and informs Du'Cruet that the one sent to get him has been taken care of and that Xanatos is now indebted to him again.

Nyssa continues to roam the station without guards trying to gather information.

Alida meets with Adan Caudell. At first she agrees to a mind scan by Kalamytha Du'Sau, but upon being reminded by Damien of what memories she holds, she refuses. Eventually, Tara Alderson scans her. The Jedi seem to accept that Alida is not being controlled.

Tara Alderson calls a meeting of Damien's regents to decide if Damien's incorporation of his ancestors' memories as his own should be allowed to stand or be undone. During the meeting Lord Fer'rer became insubordinate and was removed as a regent. The final decision was to undo the change. Juan Fer'rer goes with Drysi to get drunk after the meeting with Regents. Later put in a cell to cool his heels and to think about the disrespect he gave to Tara Alderson.

Xanatos posts a reply to the kidnappers of Anna Woven-Alderson.

Drysi Adyna learns that "I guess" is not an appropriate response to being questioned by Tara. While Juan remains in detention, Drysi goes off to the cantina on her own and has a run-in with Darth Aingidh and his apprentice, Kyril.

Xanatos has a private discussion with the kidnapper and buys Anna back for 150,000 credits. She is delivered to Governor Zelek's rooms, Octavia alerts Xanatos that she arrived under the room service cart, the server is held and scanned for information.

Nyssa runs into Klaw on the lower levels and they talk.

Cerelina recieves a gift and note from Arcturus. She speaks with Master Alidar D'med about it and when he asks her for the note and gift she gives him an empty envelope. Before she can leave to meet Arcturus Alidar discovers the empty envelope and prevents her from leaving and she gives him the gift and note.

Cerelina's relationship with Kaosti furthers itself while on Port Lansing.

Blaze and Alidar have a series of interesting discussions among which include birds and bees and imbiding.

The Jedi capture Darana Cairnfell and decide to execute her. Prism Nighthawk requests to be the executioner. Before Darana is taken off of Port Lansing Station the Imperials blockade the station and Adan Caudell is captured. Alidar D'med authorizes the exchange of Darana Cairnfell for Master Caudell.

"Divine Trillogy" docks at Port Lansing, flyers promoting Cruise Line start appearing in all major populated areas.

The ISD Tyrannic docks at Port Lansing. Tyr Annic jumps ship and signs on with the Imperial Forces. He is caught by the Alliance and developes a hatred for the Rebels. As the conflict dies down Tyr disappears and begins to make a low profile for himself.

Kalamytha Du'sau sits in on the Jedi Council meeting listing to the events brought before them by Adan Caudell. She volunteers to take Phoenix under her guidance to help him over come his anger and agrees to go someplace neutral and away from Yavin for everyone's safety.

Lady S'Lara Mercetto bought bar at Port Lansing to obtain keys to Millennium Falcon, making Han pay the back child support he owed for years to get his ship back. He used Alliance funds to pay his personal debt. S'Lara returned the ship very much altered by redecorating inside and out.

Mia talks to Alida and finds out that Alida is pregnant and engaged. Mia is disbelieving at first, but finally 'asks' to be invited to the wedding.

Victoria's body is finally washed free of the will reducing drug after trying to give it to Nyssa in April. Ended up in medical for a few weeks. While in medical, Octavia had visited her and after waking up, they talked and caught up on things. In the end, Victoria forgave Octavia and hugged her. Was healed enough to travel to Port Lansing where she amazingly socialized with Jedi and talked with Mern. Was told by Nyssa that she had a bounty on her head, and she basically blew off Nyssa's warning and went back to dancing. Talked to Mia Jesbar on Sunday, and when asked why she had a bounty on her head, she basically blew Mia off as well. Was captured on late Sunday night by Trinity and Janelle.

Lady S'Lara Mercetto introduces Drysi Adyna to Han Solo while he sat at bar drinking in Port Lansing, S'Lara mentioning to Drysi that he needed a bed warmer.

Aurra Sing seen at Port Lansing searching for Lord Lon Solo, and met with two people at local tavern who were trying to find out who held the bounty on Lon. Noticing their actions and speaking manners, Aurra warned them knowing they were Jedi to be on their guard - they could be next. Then Aurra informed Ricia Targan she had a bounty on her head.

Tara senses that something is wrong with Victoria and tries to search for those that took her, but Trinity and Janelle get away.

Medenna meets and talks with Rachel Summers on Saturday night while at Port Lansing and they talk about their *sight* gift. Is captured several times, even suffers some broken bones, but heals before departure. Has time to talk with Mia on Saturday and meets with another Jedi Padawan. Talks with Acona and Serena.

Emperor Palpatine takes on a consort, an assassin.

Trinity, Mikala, and Taras all meet together for the first time. Trinity tells Taras she never wanted a child. Mikala has the urge to kill Trinity and blames her for almost all that's gone wrong in her life. She threatens Trinity, who finally gets fed up with the conversation and leaves, half-expecting a knife in her back as she does so.

Lt. Colonel Melora Lexor delivered a live experiment to Shade on Port Lansing Station.

At Port Lansing, Mikala Volaris-Steele slipped her Jedi husband, Darien Lell, a mickey to keep him out of the blaster battle.

Taras introduced Mikala to the Emperor in the Throne room. They run into Xanatos as they are leaving. The meeting goes off without incident, other than a merc interrupting to inquire if they knew who had put a bounty on Xanatos. Taras telepathically establishes that Mikala knows nothing about it.

K'nd'l asks Toshia to marry him.

Taras and Mikala assist Imperial security in capturing some mercs who were auctioning off one of the missing devices and also capture the device.

Mia and Klaw meet in the cantina after the skirmish and have an interesting conversation.

Masters Adan Caudell and Jossen discuss Mikala with Darien and decide to call for a Jedi Council vote to accept his previously resignation.

Ikara sells Rikka to Mern, as the girl wants to train to be a bounty hunter.

Ikara meets up with Shadow again. He is attacked in the hall by Gahren, but Ikara interrupts.

Lon and Mia meet Rikka in the cantina and find out she was bought. Furious with Mern, Mia goes to "buy" Rikka from him and finds that he is beginning to have a change of heart. Mern won't let her pay him anything for Rikka, even though he had 100,000 credits in his hand.

Leaving Port Lansing, instead of leaving for Yavin, Knight Kaliandra Daroa left for Corellia to speak with Kiri. While at a refueling stop, she left the ship she was traveling on and felt a stirring in the Force. She followed it and found a boy hiding in the cargo off loading from a cargo ship. Kali found the boy was a runaway slave by the name of Mathias Kanneelo. The boy's former Master had been killed by a bounty hunter and he had stowed away on the cargo ship to escape. Kali took the boy under her wing and soon found he was Force Sensitive. After much meditation, she asked him to be her Padawan.

Blaze and Alidar leave for Bakura which they have evidence leading them to believe it is Blaze's "homeworld."

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M'lissa goes to Midalah and requests to leave on a diplomatic envoy to Shardakour, Yavin and a variety of other worlds. Among those to originally go with her are Liliandra, K'nd'l, and a personal assistant yet to be selected.

Toshia tells K'nd'l that she'll marry him.

M'lissa meets and becomes friends with one of the gardeners on the palace grounds, C'mrn. She asks him to go on the diplomatic envoy with her to care for any plants that she may bring with for research or may bring back from other worlds.

Telyn Saffir takes position as M'lissa's aide and takes on the task of getting M'lissa organized and ready to travel to Shardakour.

Blaze and Alidar arrive on Bakura and find the laboratory where Blaze was created and encounter some slight resistance to any attempts of diplomatic discussions.

Alida D'med formally marries Sgt. Everard Reineach. The wedding reception was attacked by Collin MacDermott and a group of hired mercenaries.

A group of Telosian guards is sent after Alida and Everard, but they are ambushed and Alida, Everard, Saul Sanders, and Octavia are taken prisoner.

Xanatos is handed over to Darana and is tortured for torture's sake. He does well in holding out until he learns that others from Telos have been captured. He is forced to watch Octavia's child removed from her and Sgt. Saul Sanders tortured in front of him. Unable to watch Saul killed in front of him, Xanatos takes the opportunity when given to bow before Darana and states he will not give her any difficulties and remain of his own free will if his people are returned the same way they were when she captured them.

To his amazement Octavia is given her child back, though she is quite disturbed by this. And begins to give into her fears unknown that Darana and Diamond are taking this opportunity to strengthen her fear and mistrust of Xanatos as well as others.

All are returned to Telos, including Xanatos.

Kali and Mathias arrived on Corellia.

Voren Elgram's rogue rebel cell on Torion begins his campaign of minor harassment of Darkfire Industries new headquarters and plant on Torion, but slowing construction with a series of "accidents."

"Divine Trillogy" Cruise Line office opens on Port Lansing station.

On Yavin: Jedi Coucil votes 6-3 not to accept Darien Lell's resignation.

An agreement is reached to have an exchange program with the Jedi. Nyssa C'rman, as well as Sean Fer'rer and Gar Rutile go to Yavin, while Padawan Rensime and Knight Ultan go to Telos.

Ikara receives a gift of spirits from Shadow. She agrees to act as pilot and bodyguard when he travels to Shardakour.

Mia finally gets to go on the vacation she's been wanting since January. She goes to her home system of Harbisyn and takes Cejac, the ship's engineer with her, at Brodin's insistence.

Drysi begins working with Gar on self-defense.

Alida as well as the visiting Jedi try to help Octavia while drugged, when she becomes more distressed. It is decided upon to erase her memories of the event giving her only vague shadows until there is a time she can take the truth of what was done to her.

Drysi starts working out with the guard, under Helen Sanders.

Diamond contacts Drysi giving her a false hope that she has had a change of heart. They begin making plans to meet and talk.

One of Voren's people tries to defect but is caught and killed before he can meet with Darkfire CEO Mikala Steele-Lell. Voren's agent manages to lock Mikala in a secure storage vault when she, without either her husband Darien or Braxton's knowledge, went to a clandestant meeting with the defector. Darien and Braxton are alerted to her problem when she disappears from the Force, when the storage room's Force Dampers were activated. Darien Lell is able get past the secure level's security systems and to cut his way in before Mika suffocates as the vault's vacuum seal is put into affect. It is later found that the security system had been prematurely activated before the safeties were in operation.

Euey and Laraina end up on Dathomir, as reluctant guests. They escape the planet without major incident.

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Nyssa C'rman goes on trip with the other Padawans, gets frustrated at the some of their behavior and walks away from them and goes off on her own, while alone, has a short conversation with Yoda's ghost.

Daniella and Mlissa arrive on Telos

Daniella speaks with Juan

Sean goes to Chauceria.

Malaika opens her pottery shop in the marketplace on Telos.

Cerelina leaves for a Padawan excursion to Dagobah. She finds several personal tests for herself during her time there, including leadership patience.

Char goes on his first trip as a Padawan with others to Dagobah.

Cerelina and Nyssa converse in the gardens and spar, starting to build a friendship.

Princess M'lissa and her party arrive on Shardakour.

Shadow Va'Chon and Ikara arrive on Shardakour. Va'Chon is there vacationing.

Gahren attacks Mair Corwin and Medenna just outside Maulithov's. Beren winds up with them. Corwin nearly goes Dark during the fight to escape Gahren. Gahren is captued and held by Mair, Corwin, Medenna, Lyz, and Beren.

Gahren escapes and steals Mair's ship dropping Mair, Corwin, Medenna, Beren, and Lyzoun off on Gifford Three.

It is arranged for Juan and Drysi to meet Diamond on Bimmiel. Darana arrives and things go downhill quickly. Helen Saunders is controlled and shoots Juan. Darana is controlled through battle meditation and releases those taken prisoner before boarding the Telosian's shuttle. They are attacked en-route to the Crion and diverted to Darana's ship. The majority of the prisoners are returned to the Crion. Anna, Helen and Drysi remain with Juan on Darana's ship until they are ordered back. Darana and Xanatos meet on board the Crion. Darana saves Juan's life through use of the necklace that had almost been lost to her at Port Lansing. He is returned, as well, and the Crion continues onto Shardakour.

Senator Shadow is invited, and accepts, a dinner invitation at the palace.

Michael runs into Rensime and Rory in the workout rooms on Shardakour. He makes the connection that Rensime is the last of her species and the same species that made the dagger Saul Sanders took from his cousin Margaret. He calls Saul and Rensime looks at the dagger. She was surprised it existed. They are a legend to her people and were invovled in detecting Force ability in her people.

Michael decides to return to the arena where Saul's grandfather won the dagger. In order to locate the other dagger Michael attempts to touch the first dagger mentally. He unknowingly becomes linked to it.
They find the second dagger and decide to find Alida, asking her to read the history of it for them. As Alida touches the daggers, Michael cries out in surprise and mild pain. It fades and Alida touches them again without reaction from Michael. Alida learns of the weapon's history including the fact Margaret Sanders killed Saul's grandfather with the dagger in order to get it from him.

The trio go to Rensime and discover that Michael is being tested by the daggers. Rensime explains to them that he must throw his emotion back to the daggers. So Michael takes himself to the astral plane. Rensime and Alida are quick to follow. Rensime explains he can achieve the result by fighting an imaginary enemy. He produces an image of Darana and begins to fight her. Once the fight is over and Michael has suceeded they return to find the daggers have melted. Alida and Saul help Michael back to his room. He eats a little and then passes out.

While on a training exercise with the Knight Maruko in Yavin's Jungle, Nyssa C'rman begins to feel guilt over her actions towards Saul Sanders and Michael Cairnfell. Maruko realizing this will only stand in her temporary Padawan's way of progress decides they must go to the Sergeant and his friend and let Nyssa deal with this issue. Permission is granted for them to go to Shardakour and meet with Saul and Michael.

Still bothered by the legend of the daggers, Michael decides to locate the box the daggers were kept in originally. After a few hours of searching he locates it and several other potential matches. He travels to the world to meet with the current owner and convinces the man to turn it over to him in exchange for supplies delivered to the local hospital where the man works as a doctor.
Michael returns to Shardakour. Once more he, Saul, Alida, and Rensime meet. Damien and Xanatos interrupt and is very unhappy to discover the work they did on the blades without notifying him or Lord Du'Cruet. Michael becomes quite belligerent towards Damien who refused to move out of Michael's way and let him leave the room. The situation is resolved and all agree to not repeat their actions without notifying Xanatos or Damien.
They continue their inspection of the box, then decide to go to the workroom and notify Damien of their intent. During this time Alida's baby is recognized by the box and the Force energy of the daggers, now contained in Michael Cairnfell, reach out to test the baby. The action is cut off and alida, believing michael was part of the process, requests to test Michael to validate her beliefs. She finds nothing.

Bi'Qua has been having fun helping to run the cantina at Port Lansing. She enjoyed helping to decorate the Millennium Falcon for S'Lara, and so has decided to open a sideline business, offering her decorating talents for a minimal price.

She is also trying to get a handle on her newly developing Force ability which seems to be upsetting some of the customers at the cantina.

Toola and Sonya go back to Port Lansing. Sonya has business to attend to with the running of Port Lansing, and Toola goes with her.

On the trip to Yavin from Shardakour, Knight Maruko, Nyssa C'rman, Gar Rutile, Lieutenant Sean Connors-Fer'rer, Alida and Everard Reineach, Sgt. Helen Sanders, and three Telosian guards are presumed dead in the destruction of the shuttle Atlyn.

The victims of the Atlyn explosion wake up with explosively rigged null cuffs on them. They are informed of this fact and that they will be dropped off on the planet Gamorr where their 'benefactor' will pick them up if they live.

Damien and Anna return to Shardakour to inform Dylan of his Aunt's death. A message is waiting for them from Xanatos that Nyssa may yet be alive. They now head to Gamorr.

A private auction is held where Prince Xizor, Karella the Hutt, Darth Aingidh, and Darana Cairnfell are invited to bid for the coordinates of Telosians and the Knight.
Meanwhile, Gar Rutile is able to deactivate the explosives and the null circuitry in the binders. Nyssa contacts Damien while Alida contacts Xanatos. Gamorrean bulls attack before Gar is able to deactivate Maruko's cuffs.

Darana contacts Xanatos and informs him of the auction. She assigns Katyana to bid for her and be certain she wins. Prince Xizor wins instead. Darana sends Katyana to serve Xanatos until his people are returned. Diamond is assigned to deliver katyana to Du'Cruet.

Michael and Saul meet up with Captain Wilson and his ship 'The Truth and Reconciliation'. They begin to work on tracking the ships and monetary trail of the auction in an attempt to locate the individuals responsible for the attack and now known capture of their people and the Jedi.

Xanatos travels to the shuttle company and begins interviewing their personnel. He discovers one of the employees sent a transmission to the same drop box the auction bids are being sent to. He receives contact from Alida and sends the Truth and Reconciliation to Gamorr. Xanatos then contacts Master Adan Caudell and invites him to send in Jedi to assist in the rescue.

Michael contacts xani after learning of Du'Cruet's intent to meet the Truth and Reconcilliation at Gamorr. He talks xanatos into not coming. Saul Sanders also contacts Christine as a backup to keep Xanatos from risking himself on Gamorr.

Voren has Darkfire COO Braxton Ezri's speeder sabotaged. Braxton is injured when his speeder wrecks in the heavy rush hour traffic.

Adan contacts the Jedi and Luke Skywalker, Ricia Targan, Jossen Talviera, Teegan Keelin, Ricia Targan, Blaze, Cimmethymia Rintalla, and Daien Lell meet up with the Truth and Reconcilliation and all go down to the surface of Gamorr. Gar Rutile refuses to let Damien go down with the team.
Darien Lell leaves Zoron to join the Jedi rescue team going to Gamorr.

Prince Xizor and his party arrive on Gamorr and begin tracking the property they won in the auction. He comes across them before the rescue party and works to convince Alida he does not work for the Emperor and that Black Sun is his.

Xizor requests to accompany Alida and her group back to their ship. Maruko suggests he accompany them aack up to the ship the rescue team came on.

Diamond is publically held accountable for her actions during her and drysi's escape from telos and the tortuing of Anna, Alida, and Nyssa. Afterwards Diamond is asked to remain on Telos. After agreeing, but contact with Darana convinces her to leave and return to Rehalla.

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Darana is furious with both Katyana and Diamond. Sends them 'hunting' for an unkown target. She drops them off in an enclosed village. The inhabits attack and capture the pair after some effort and decide to exeucture them. Diamond and Katyana kill the inhabitants, but not after sustaining serious injuries themselves.

Sidra Roamstar is on Zoron with Mikala. She is awaiting surgery which will be done by Sandy, and which has been approved by the Emperor, to restore certain parts of her body through the use of clone parts.

Voren Elgarm attacks Mikala Steele-Lell, Mikala's assistant Michelle, and Braxton Ezri on the front steps of Darkfire Industries with poison darts. Mikala is hit with one of the darts and Braxton is grazed by another. Michelle escapes without injury. Michelle is able to contact assistance and get a security team and a medical team to their location, but Voren escapes. The poison sends Mikala into respiratory and cardiac arrest, she is placed on life support. Braxton only recieves a minor dose of the poison, but develops severe breathing problems. Lady Cassandra Mathem-Steele goes to Torion take charge of her stepdaughter's treatment. Due to her pregnancy, Mikala cannot be given the antidote to the poison until her unborn child is removed from her womb as the antidote will be fatal to the infant. The medical team prepares a cloning tank for the child to be transferred to as Cassandra is in route.

Voren's team sets off a bomb on the landing pad as Cassandra's yacht Martlet lands. They fail to take the yacht's armor into account and Cassandra only suffers a broken wrist.

Cassandra and the Torion medical team transferred Mikala's baby to the cloning tank to finish maturing and she is administered the antidote, but the extended time the toxin has spend in her system, leaves her in a deep coma.

Voren and his cell are captured the next day by Lonnie and Tiri Steele, Jan Galthan, Attles de Quillas, Katy Oris and Jennefer Tinneaus. Captain Vedrick Yon and the crew of the Temptation's Rest are dispatched to find Darien and bring him home to be with Mikala.

Diamond meets with Juan and Drysi aboard the Crion. Maruko accompanies them since Nyssa C'rman is also going. Damien and Anna are also onboard the Crion.

Knights Rory Ultan and Maruko locate 13 force sensitive children on Telos and bring them back to Yavin when they return from the end of the cultural exchange project.

Mair, Corwin and Medennea arrive on Chandrilla.

Alida and Everard arrive on Yavin, speak to Adan etc..

Nyssa and M'lissa spoke when Nyssa returned from Gamorr with the others.

Maruko goes to the village with Nyssa and arranges for ten Force sensitive's to be taken back to Yavin with them. Rory arranges for three others from Telos's other continent. While Damien captures two POWER operatives from the same location.

Interrogation of the POWER operatives reveals a plan to attack the sacred springs during the villages annual festival. Rory and Maruko observe the interrogation.

Gahren sells Mair's ship to Aurra Sing
Gahren Dissembles Mair's lightsaber

Rory and Maruko return to Yavin from Telos with the 13 force sensitives from Telos.

Drysi asks to join the Guards and starts looking for housing off the estates

An Alliance X-Wing crashes onto a planet, right onto an Imperial base where there is a complete Stormtrooper garrison. Funny thing: he crashed in front of the base bar, which upset everyone on the base, as it closed down the bar. Pilot survives and is recognized by the base Commanding Officer, Colonel Stover. Pilot is Beren Strait, the son of a good friend of his, Darius Strait. Darius is an Imperial loyalist, and runs a leading manufacturer and export business of Corellian Ale, called Cervesa Ale. Beren is questioned and finally his father shows up. His father convinces him (through threats) to switch sides. Darius works a deal with Stover, and arrangements are made. Beren is sent off to Imperial boot camp. He has a VERY rough time there. During that time, his father is busy designing a new bar for the base and having it built.

The Jedi Council has a meeting. They question Alida and Everard about the wisdom of not turning over their child to be trained by the Jedi from birth.
Cerelina Arynne is assigned her Trials.
Mern Dorf is accepted for Jedi training.
Rory Ultan approaches Alidar D'med afterward the meeting and asks him to come to Medical, as Alidar's behavior has been very 'off' lately. The scans reveal nanites in Alidar's body.

Alida and Everard are taken to Medical for the same scan. A foreign object is found in Everard's bloodstream. They are very uncomfortable around the Jedi and rush back to Telos with Eric and Talia to have it taken care of.

Alidar is cured of the nanites several days later.

Eric is able to tell Alida and Everard what the object is that it came from Darana and that xanatos also has one in him.

Mia asks Midalah if she can get that tour of Nebula now. Midalah grants permission, and Mia arrives, shocked to see Lon on Nebula, although she had received notice of it from Midalah. Mia has been...distracted of late.

Darana holds a briefing with Katyana, Diamond, Kaehliya, and Talsiir in preperation for attacking a neutral world.

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Knights Rory Ultan and Maruko finally receive permission to go to Arridor.

Captain Blackthorn is 37 years old. He is considered to be a Privateer by the Empire, and a notorious Pirate by the rest of the Galaxy. He still proudly carries the Letters of Marque from the Emperor.

Beren returns from boot camp and reports in for duty on the same base where he had crashed landed. For some reason, he doesn't feel overly welcome here... On the fourth day back, his Dad brings him a "visitor," his cousin Tonya. Beren is also Tonya's godfather, and her parents have just been killed (along with her godmother). By Corellian law, this makes Beren her legal guardian now, and he takes responsibility for her. For the time being she will live with his parents until he is with the service long enough to allow him the priviledge of arranging for off-base family quarters. Beren sets up a financial account in Tonya's name and begins contributing to it. He doesn't tell anyone on the base about Tonya, except for Sgt. Zelim.

Beren pretty much doesn't talk much to anyone on the base except in response to orders.

Darana contacts Adana informing him of Alida's part in her interrogation while in Xanatos's hands.

Adan Contacts Alida verifying her side of the allegation. Afterwards Alida and Everard speak to Xanatos, Damien, and Juan. During this conversation they decide to contact Adan and discuss the issue. Damien becomes upset when Xanatos requests Adan to inform him of the councils decision in regards to Alida's status.

Jennifer Tinneaus is granted permission to visit Arridor.

Maruko and Rory, after touring the medical facilities and relief efforts of Arridor, speak with Octavia about the training of her son. She and Tor Refuse to turn him over to the jedi for training.

Rory meets with a young force sensitive and is granted grudging permission to bring back a twelve year old force sensitive from Arridor.

Nyssa requests her oaths returned to her and prepares to leave Yavin after learning that she is to be replaced as Damien's aide and will soon be sent on a mission, which she has not been informed of.

Alida meets with Huxley Dunbar and learns she has an old account that has recently matured.

Damien speaks with Juan Fer'rer and orders him to take a vacation as he is overworked and stressed and also suggests Juan take an aide. Ed Frost becomes Juan's second in command.

Alida teaches Damien about meditation from the Jedi perspective.

Alida leaves for Adega to retrieve crystals to build a new lightsaber.

Malaika leaves for her art show on Chandrilla

Damien is asked by Master Caudell and agrees to pick Knights Ultan and Maruko from Arridor and return them to Yavin on his way to visit Yavin.

Damien arrives on Yavin accompanied by Lord Regent Roger Lappin, Anna, Nyssa, Gar Rutile, and six personal guards.

Damien speaks with Master Caudell and is informed that the Jedi Council will vote on Alida's status and is denied permission to speak to the cuoncil when it meets.

In an attempt to influence the council members Damien speaks with Knight Rory Ultan and learns there is little he can do to influence the knight as neither he nor the Jedi are willing to compromise.

Damien speaks with Alidar D'med.

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Jennifer returns to Yavin with an orphaned Force sensitive baby. She turns the boy over to the Jedi. She is invited to remain at the temple, but is uncomfortable having to be escorted everywhere so she remains in town after meeting up with Eric.

Talia suggests to Eric that Jennifer may wish to have her memories removed of who and what she is since Jennifer had a vision of her own death at the hands of the Jedi. Talia and Jennifer go down to Yavin and discuss the option. While on the planet they meet with Rory and Alidar at the coffee shop.

The next day Jennifer speaks with Eric briefly and agrees to consider her options. She goes down to the surface and speaks with Rory. Rory, unknowingly, convinces her to go ahead and allow the memories to be destroyed. During the conversation she tells Rory she may not remember their current conversation. Rory becomes concerned and refuses to let her leave Yavin.

j Jennifer agrees to remain on yavin with Rory as long as Rory does not express his concern to anyone else. Eric speaks to Master Caudell demanding Jennifer's release. A mind scan is requested of Jennifer by Rory to ease the minds of the Jedi that she is not ill. Jennifer refuses the mind scan, but agrees to show Rory what she has been hiding. After discovering her background Rory agrees to go with Eric and Jennifer to Shardakour to have their memories of this removed.

Rory, Jennifer, Eric and Talia go to Shardakour, where Tara removes memories from Rory and Jennifer.

Michael attacks Xanatos' door. Due to Xanatos^ order to the guards, demanding that Michael not be hindered, no one stops him. Xanatos gets him down to detention, Alida and Damien follow. After Xanatos attempts to force a mind scan on Michael, Michael retreats to the astral plane and begins to die. Alida goes up to try to bring him back. Darana is already there, fighting with Michael. Alida calls on Xanatos. Darana calls for Eric. Sharra becomes involved, and her attempts escalate the situation. When Michael manages to extricate himself from Darana and head toward Alida and Xanatos, Darana blasts him with energy. Alida steps in to take part of the blast. Michael winds up in a coma. Alida spends a few hours in medical. Tara demands that Xanatos depart early for Shardakour.

The Telosians arrive. Dinner with Tara, Eric, Talia, Xanatos, Christine, Rory, Jennifer, Damien, Anna, Nyssa, Lon, Alida, Everard, Sharra and Victoria.

Xanatos taken to task. Spends the next two weeks learning, kneeling and silent, by observing. Assigned to meditation with Alida. A compulsion is put in Xanatos to prevent him from acting so rashly and based totally on emotion. Eric is asked to become Xanatos' regent. He accepts.

Damien taken to task. Assigned to meditation with Alida. He and Anna begin to actively attempt to conceive.

Sharra taken to task. Assigned to meditation with Alida.

Compulsion inserted into Alida to prevent her from putting herself and her child at risk. Assigned additional training. Misses the first session of meditation with Xani, Damien and Sharra in order to undergo a test. At the completion of the test, she willingly swears herself to Shardakour and Telos. Tara assures Everard that all is well, while Alida is gone for a couple days.

Rory Ultan takes over meditation duties with Xanatos, Damien, Sharra and Nyssa in Alida^s place. Is invited to Telos by Damien.

At Court, Michael swears his loyalty and vassalage to Telos.

Two weeks after arriving on Shardakour, the Telosian party returns home, including a recovered Michael.

After coming out of a coma, Mikala struggles adjust to her new role as a Mother and the rigors of physical therapy.

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K'dra, Director of Intelligence for the Hapan Gunthelm clan accidentally discovers a lead to the fate of Princess L'sha, who was kidnapped as a baby, during a failed coup 80 years before. The name of her kidnapper, Volaris has surfaced on Torion. K'dra begins investigating.

Day 1

Arrival on Telos in the evening. Nyssa spends time with Marcus, much to the disapproval of Anna and Damien.

Day 2: Merchants hold dance to welcome Marcus and the resort being built in Thani.

Day 3:

Xanatos, Christine, Lt. Ed Frost and three guards are scheduled to be taken to task over Xanatos' order to not stop Michael. Everard argues with Juan Fer'rer, that the guards were only following orders, as they were trained to do. His concerns are not addressed and he is expected to handle the lash. In front of all, he hands the lash to Juan and kneels with the guards. Juan only orders punishment for Xanatos, Christine and Ed, dismissing the other guards.

Christine speaks with Juan and decides to leave the next morning for Shardakour with Saul Sanders. She then goes to medical and begins reading through the genetic records of Saul, Helen and their cousin, Margaret.

Afer speaking with Christine, Saul talks to Michael and begins to work on getting Michael to accept responsibility for his past actions against Telos and Xanatos. Michael and Saul go to the other continent and get drunk.

Day 4

Christine and Saul leave early morning for Shardakour. They arrive early evening, where Saul is immediately tested and passes membership into a Shardakourian society.

Everard leaves Malaika a note. He is convinced that he will be killed by Fer'rer at some point in the future. He asks Malaika to watch out for Fenelon and Alida should anything happen to him and get them off of Telos.

Everard and Damien taken to task, Damien for not providing proper training, Everard for his actions in publicly refusing an order.

Michael accidentally drains Nyssa of Force energy and takes her to medical. Battles with himself and the power of the daggers, ends up on the astral plane. There he and Damien are able to redirect some of the energy back to Nyssa, saving her life.

Michael is Force-nulled and returns to his ship, picking up the small box the daggers were once housed in. He speaks with Juan Fer'rer about his interactions with others on the estates. He tells Juan he will accept whatever it is that Juan needs to do to put the past issues to rest. They agree Michael will be taken to task the next morning.

Xanatos contacts Adan and requests that Rensime be sent to Telos, although Michael has indicated he does not want the Jedi involved. It is agreed, with Maruko accompanying Rensime and Rory remaining on Telos.

Rory and Alida go to research information at the library, to find additional information on Rensime's people in the Jedi archives.

Michael destroys the box, as he had promised Rensime he would do, but winds up taking the energies into himself as well. Once Michael comes to, he is able to feel the Force flowing around him, so he goes and speaks with Xanatos over this. Xanatos discovered that Juan was going to take Michael to task and he and Michael argue. Michael leaves the estates and goes to the other continent, informing Juan he will not allow himself to be taken to task.

Alida talks to Malaika about Everard. She is unsure why Malaika is concerned about Everard.

Michael refuses to come back to the estates, but does finally agree to be back by practice the next morning.

Michael removed the Force null binders and works out, allowing the Force to flow freely through and around him. He obtains memories of the final guardian of the daggers and identifies with the love of the kill the man had. He decides to go hunting, but isn't satisfied, so he returns to the estates, drops off the animals for them to cook and returns to his room.

Day 5

After a while, Xanatos visits. He and Michael argue over whether or not Michael can take a contract. Michael raises Xani's concern because he agrees he will not leave Telos without arguing. Xanatos informs Michael that he spoke with the Jedi and Rensime would be arriving soon.

Michael becomes enraged that Xanatos followed through on the contact, regardless of Michael's wishes for Xanatos to not contact the Jedi. Michael leaves his room quickly and Du'Cruet follows, catching up with him at the exit to the estate gardens. Michael reacts without thinking when Xanatos touches Michael's arm. Xanatos' wrist is broken.

A major build up of the Force between the two attracts other Force users on the estates.

Xanatos goes to visit Governor Wilson. While there he and the governor are posoined. Germaine dies and Xani is in a coma. Juan orders guards on for all of the guests and locks down security on the planet.

Christine and Saul arrive back on Telos and are met by guards informing them of the events. Christine goes to the hospital and speaks with the doctor about Xanatos' chances for survivak. She then sends guards to bring Elizabeth and Langlois to the estates.

Damien orders Michael into the hospital and force damped after michael comes to the hospital to visit xanatos. Michael reluctantly goes with the guards to the hospital room rather than being dragged to a cell.

Alida and Rory are able to use post-cog to discover who the culprit was. The woman, a servant at the governors office, is arrested and then interrogated by Lord Eric Daniels. It is discovered that she acted alone out of revenge for her son who was killed during the avalanche when Michael was first on Telos.

Healers are gathered and work with Rory, Damien, Alida, Christine and Jennifer to stabilize Lord Du'Cruet and eradicate the poison. Meanwhile the labs continue to work on a cure.

Saul contacts Juan and obtains permission, after giviing juan his word that michael would remain force damped, to take michael back to the estates. The pair then go and visit Nyssa in her rooms, after Saul overrides Damien's orders for michael to go nowhere near nyssa. Saul approves the order after the fact.

Anna's lady in waiting informs anna that michael was visiting with nyssa and that Damien's orders were overridden.

Upon arrival back at the estates Jennifer insists on going to her room rather than eating dinner. Rory takes her a meal and ensures that she eats.

Damien learns of Juan overriding his orders with regards to Michael and Nyssa and contacts Juan, very upset. Juan finally agrees that michael should not be in with nyssa and then orders saul and michael to return to their room.

Juan visits with damien in private and then agrees with Damien that Michael should be under observation and agrees to have saul return michael to the hospital.

Saul returns to michael, after speaking with Juan, and tells michael they have to remain in the room. Michael agrees to return to the hospital just to make the others feel better. When back at the hospital, michael tranquilizes saul, uses a holodisguise, and makes his way up into orbit and confrtons rensime again.

Rensime Binds Maruko, at michael's urging, and goes over to michael's ship. In the end she succombs to michael and gives him her energy willingly. The pair begin to bond with Rensime's signature beginning to match michael's.

Michael controls rensime to forget the current incident and orders her assistance in dealing with maruko. A compulsion is placed in maruko to ensure that rensime will come down the next day to 'help' michael as was originally requested. Michael then returns to the hospital.

Day 6

Xanatos wakes up. Rensime comes down to the planet and meets Michael. She then remembers the struggle from the night before and agrees not to leave Michael. Michael refuses to go to Yavin and Rensime refuses to leave Telos.

Adan orders Rory to be certain to return to Yavin with Rensime.

Malaika speaks to Kerri Connors on behalf of Christine.

Christine and Xani attempt to sway the jedi for them to remain on telos and work through the situation there, the jedi refuse. Master Caudell also holds firm and refuses, insisting that rensime be returned to yavin. Chrisitine and Xanatos agree.

Karon speaks to Kerri Connors and is unsettled by the announcment that Karon is not telosian and therefore not welcome to assist in the matters of the governors funeral. Karon informs Christine of her conversation with Kerri.

Alida speaks to Kerri Connors and learns that a state of mistrust exists within the merchant class.

Malaika talks to Alida again about Everard and admits to the note he left for her.

Alida returns home and speaks to Everard about his note, the pair argue and both go to bed upset with one another. Before retiring for the night Alida sends a report to Christine on her discussion with Kerri Connors.

Damien speaks with Rory about the situation and agrees to make certain michael is sent to Yavin with the Jedi. Meanwhile Eric, Xanatos, and Christine decide it might be best to send Michael as well.

Damien orders Michael bound and taken to the Jedi's ship. Saul Sanders takes michael from the hospital room unbound. Michael paralyzes him and escapes while Rensime knocks Maruko unconsciouss. Both escape from Telos.

Maruko has a concussion, but Rory gives permission for the Shardakouran healers to work on her.

Day 7

Xanatos is able to get in touch with Michael and convinces him to meet up with Damien Alderson near Kamino.

Later in the day Master Caudell is able to reach rensime. A struggle ensues and Rory, Damien, Eric, Alida, Xani, Christine, and Jennifer all work to keep Michael from severing Rensime's link to Adan. Michael and Rensime are knocked unconsciouss, picked up by the Crion. Lord Roger Lappin, Damien, Rory, Jennifer, and Nyssa rendezvous with the Crion and head to Yavin.

Anna has picked up the final clone of Rensime.

Later in day they arrive on yavin and work with Jedi Master Matalla and Master Caudell to remove the influences from padawan rensime. Damien almost dies in the process. Nyssa is injured again.

Day 8 Damien, Anna, Nyssa, and Roger leave Yavin. .

On the way back Michael is kept drugged and linked to the clone of rensime. When the link is a success rensime is renamed to Brynelle Odeen and undergoes major cosmetic surgery to alder her appearances.

Rory tests Jennifer's skills. During dinner he tells Jennifer that she does not have to wear the Jedi robes they placed in her quarters, but he thinks it would be easier if she did.

Day 9

Darana, Diamond, and Katyanaa arrive on Telos.

Damien and company arrive on Telos from Yavin.

Day 10

Xanatos wakes michael and undrugs him, they talk.

Governor Wilson is buried.

Jennifer finds pastel blue and green jedi robes and begins wearing them.

Diamond and Katyana meet up with Karon and Malaika in town. Diamond orders a custom piece from Malaika to pick up on Corel at Malaika's next show.

Michael, accompanied by Lady Anna and four guards, talks to Diamond Karon, Malaika, and Katyana briefly, then goes to see Kerri.

Lady Linora Terreile, Lady Tara Alderson's aide, is taken to task by Xanatos on Telos for insulting him.

Tara is informed of the second rensime clone's existance and her new identity as Brynelle Odeen.

Day 11

Brunch was held with Karon, Langlois, Maruko, Nyssa, Linora, Tara, Damien, Anna, Christine, Eric, Talia, Diamond, Katyana, Darana, Deveron, Octavia, Michael, Sean, Amalie, Tania Fer'rer, Juan Fer'rer, Roger Lappin, Daniella Elorie, and Xanatos.

Maruko leaves Telos to return to Yavin

Berka is executed for poisoning Governor Wilson.

Langlois Wilson is named as the new Governor of Telos

Darana argues with Michael when she walks in on him and Deveron, she then requests to speak with Xani. Xanatos agrees to meet with her and Darana rescinds any claim she has on michael. Xanatos apologizes for breaking her trust over Diamond.

Day 12

Everard and Alida talk, he tells alida he is considering resigning and is uncomfortable with the execution.

Tara visits Malaika's shop.

Brynelle Odeen, the new name for the clone of rensime that is now bound to Michael in place of the original Rensime, begins her duties as a lady in waiting for Christine. The day does not go very easily for rensime and Michael assists her in adapting to the mindset necessary for some of the tasks she must accomplish. Later when she is released Michael comes to her room and they talk. He draws on the blades and the part of her that he knows can handle life on telos. The pair go to the gym and work out.

Xanatos and Christine are drawn to the gym wondering why they sense unusual things from michael and rensime. They discover the pair working out. Chrisitne unintentionally distracts Brynelle and is the cause of her being taken down by Michael. Without a thought Brynelle adjusts to Telosian way.

Michael and Saul take Brynelle out to see thani and get Brynelle drunk.

Day 13

Everard is called into speak with Commander Fer'rer. Juan orders Everard to report to duty the next morning with Saul Sanders in preparation for a special unit to protect Telos. Everard does not feel it's fair to begin training when he was going to resign after the difficulties with the planetary leaders and other events surrounding the death of Governor Wilson had passed. Everard submits his resignation. Juan tells him to take the week off.

Everard argues with Kerri Connors on his way home. He accuses her of siding with the royals since Sean had become one of them and was very unhappy that she seemed to be trusting completely in Juan Fer'rer again.

Sean is very angry upon learning that his mother no longer planned on attending his wedding. He and Amalie decide to leave the next morning.

Juan convinces Kerri to go to Sean's wedding and learns that her decision was based on her conversation with Everard Reineach.

Langlois has lunch with Karon Zelek

Day 14

Juan calls Everard into his office. The pair argue and Juan refuses Everard's resignation. Everard is arrested for disobeying a direct order. Everard files charges against Juan.

It is decided that Everard will recive the lash for failing to obey a direct order and Juan Fer'rer will be demoted to Senior Lieutenant and removed as Commander of the guards. Ed Frost is prmoted to Commander and placed in charge of the guards.

Saul stops Sean and Amalie from leaving.

Everard is told his resignation will become effective at the end of the week.

Alida and Damien talk, Damien get's alida's cooperation to try to convince everard to remain in the guards at least for a while longer. Alida does speak to Everard, he winds up discussing this with Malaika who agrees with him.

Alida and Malaika argue after alida goes to see Malaika trying to understand why she encouraged Everard to resign.

Juan is brought before the society's council.

Sean refuses Xanatos's request to return to Telos and assist with the guards. Xani contacts Tara. Day 15

Everard and Juan receive the lash .

Everard begins looking at potential positions in the city. He applies with the labs for a security position.

Drysi Adyna is recommended by Everard to take his place. Commander Frost speaks to drysi and she agrees to consider it.

Malaika and Kerri talk.

Drysi goes to Gar Rutile and discusses the change in duties with him. Gar then goes and speaks to Damien about the changes in the guards.

Day 16

Everard interviews with the Labs.

Xanatos calls Everard to his office with Ed. Damien is also present. Everard still inteding to resign, xanatos dismisses ed and damien and xani use the force to convince everard to remain.

Everard receives a note and meets with Malaika.

Day 17 Tara notifies Xani, Ed, and Langlois that she has approved Sean's transfer from Chauceria to Telos for the time. Tara then dispatches others to Chauceria to assist the local government in maintaining it's stability.

Amalie and Sean Speak to Juan and inform him of the council's decision and that amalie will be returning to Telos."

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K'dra confirms that L'sha was rescued by the Jedi and grew up as a padawan using the name Lesha Volaris. Mikala Volaris is L'sha's granddaughter.

Princess M'lissa of Nebula kidnapped by a group attempting to surgically remove the force from force users. She is rescued a week or so later through the comnbined efforts of Shardakouran and Nebulan forces. Though they discover that the princess has some braindamage.

Xanatos and Christine Du'Cruet visit Arridor.

Alida Reineach gives birth to Fenelon Reineach.

The Jedi council decrees Telos is off limits to all Jedi. Alidar D'med speaks with Master Caudell and goes to Telos knowing that he is on his own should he face danger.

Darth Aingidh and his apprentice visit Telos

N'Sheaya Gahren crash lands into Telos after an attack by pirates. She has no memory of who she is or how she got there.
Investigation discovers she was working on a freighter as crew when it was attacked randomly.

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