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"A system admin's life is a sorry one. The only advantage he has over Emergency Room doctors is that malpractice suits are rare. On the other hand, ER doctors never have to deal with patients installing new versions of their own innards!" -- Michael O'Brien

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"Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president or any other public official, save exactly to the degree in which he himself stands by the country. It is patriotic to support him insofar as he efficiently serves the country. It is unpatriotic not to oppose him to the exact extent that by inefficiency or otherwise he fails in his duty to stand by the country. In either event, it is unpatriotic not to tell the truth, whether about the president or anyone else." -- Theodore Roosevelt


My current place of residence is in Ann Arbor, MI, although I'm hardly ever home.

If you want to talk to me, your best bet is to see if I'm online, since I spend way too much time logged in.

I own two cats, Audrey and Goblin. Audrey is named after the dumb blonde in Little Shop of Horrors. She's incredibly sweet and cuddly, but not the brightest match in the box. Goblin is so named because, well, she was a kind of ugly kitten, but she's grown into her face now. I love them both dearly, and someday I'll get around to scanning in more of the numerous pictures I've taken of them.

I finally bought my first house, and am beginning to realize that home ownership is a real money pit (especially when one starts remodeling it). No, I'm not going to tell you where I live. :) However, if you're looking to buy a house in Ann Arbor, I highly recommend my agent, Jon Boyd. He works for The Buyer's Agent of Ann Arbor, and let me tell you, if you're buying your first house, a buyer's agent is definitely the way to go. The Nat'l. Assoc. of Exclusive Buyer Agents has a list of buyer's agents from all over the country, if you're interested in finding one in your area.

I hate making phone calls, so of course I got a job that involves consulting over the phone. :)

I am a Geek. Therefore, I have a Geek code.

Version: 3.1

GCS/IT d- H+ s+:>- a- C++(++++)$ ULAS+>+++$ P+ L>++ E++ W++>$ N++ o? K- w--- !O M++$ V-- PS+(-) PE+ Y+ !PGP t 5++ X+ R+(++)>$ tv b+(++) DI++++ D G e++ h r>+++ !x

Check out Robert Hayden's Geek Code page for a translation.


"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." -- Arthur C. Clarke


Airplane I'm a member of the University of Michigan Flyers club, out at the Ann Arbor Airport. I soloed on June 17, 1995, passed my written exam on October 14, 1998 with a score of 95, and finally passed my check ride to become a private pilot on December 31, 1999. What a way to end the year! Flying is definitely one of my favorite things to do, and I'll talk about it at length. Fortunately, so do all the other pilots at the club, so I'm in good company. For more information about the club, check out their web page, call (734) 994-6208, or send e-mail to um.flyers@umich.edu.

"Start living now. Stop saving the good china for that special occasion. Stop withholding your love until that special person materializes. Every day you are alive is a special occasion. Every minute, every breath, is a gift from God." -- Mary Manin Morrissey

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