Carol & David's Excellent Adventures

by David A. Braun

COPYRIGHT 1998, 1999

In December '97, we pulled up stakes in Fort Collins, Colorado and moved to Grenoble, France. What you have here is a series of observations, experiences, adventures, rants, whines, gloats, and some sort of general journal. Installments were meant to be made on an occasional basis.

On Halloween '99, we returned to Fort Collins, Colorado, a place we never thought we'd live again. Reminds me of the proverb: "Men plan. God laughs." Anyway, there are more installments to this mess that you'll not see unless I publish another book (or else polish them up and put them here). Our return was quite an experience. Someday I'll get around to writing that up, too. Reverse culture shock does exist, I'm here to tell you. Moving four times in two months is like living in a blender.

- Table of Contents

CDEA I - Which Way to the Egress? - December '97 -> Janvier Four-Twenties Ten-Eight
CDEA II - Happiness Is Just Around the Corner - Jan '98
CDEA III - Driving to Distraction - Fev '98
CDEA IV - Standards? We Don't Need No Stinking Standards - Mars '98
CDEA V - Toto, This Ain't Jersey - March '98
CDEA VI - A Trip to Paris - April '98
CDEA VII - A Vehicle (at LAST) - May '98
CDEA - Special Whirled Cup Edition
CDEA VIII - Partners - July '98
CDEA IX - To Die - Julliet/Aout '98
CDEA X - Tour de France - Aout '98
CDEA XI - Hungary? - Sept '98
CDEA XII - Flocculance - Oct '98 - Heaven on my way to work (with local photo link's)
CDEA XIII - Does Not Exist (in a form that YOU can see).
CDEA XIV - A Fall in the Alps - Nov '98
CDEA XIX - Bag Paris, Almost Italy for New Years - Jan '99
CDEA - May '99 - Going Nowhere, FAST
CDEA - July '99 - Cdg -> PEK -> SEL
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