Dave & Dave's European Motorcycle Odyssey '99
One Good Pass Deserves Another


Notes: We've been working on this (or not) for quite a while. The trip was August 24-31, 1999. This Tale is going to take a long damn time to complete. First is the WHERE we spent our summer vacation. Cuz that bit was recorded on the GPS. When you look at the map.gifs, note that FLAGS were used for the passes and big FIRST AID type CROSSES for the passes over 2000 meters. Anchors represent places to catch trains, buses, boats and planes, all of which were involved in one form or another, besides the motorcycles. Next came the photos, linked at the bottom. Sooner or later will come the prose.

One more thing... in France, a pass is called a Col. So the names are in the list like that. I tried to differentiate between the Italian passes and the Swiss/Austrian ones by identifying the Italian ones with PSxxxx and the Swiss/Austrian ones with P-xxxx. Between the ID's and the names, you should be able to figure out where we were. The big-ass 1.2Meg gif with the map helps a little bit, too. But that doesn't include the whole route.

Size Title Description
2k emo99.html THIS FILE
11k vercors.gif Why the Route lengths are a lot shorter than actual distances travelled.
9k holiday.gif How you get to Holiday Bikes in Lyon
18k west.gif The French stuff.
15k central.gif The central section of the trip route.
14k east.gif The eastern section of the trip route.
1.2M emo99map.gif The BEST STUFF, overlaid on a bitmap of a map
81k emo99gps.txt The GPS Data in text format.

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