Creating a Persona for FoE

When you you create your character you will use a Character Bio Sheet. The sheet has all the things necessary to create a background for your Character, such as: Parents, Siblings, current job, special abilities, and Character history.

If you decide to create your own world you will fill out a Planet Bio form. It has all of the background information you will use to create your planet, such as: Location, Sector, major Imports, Climate, Tech Level, Sun Type, Government, and much much more.

The forms are available here as Word Documents, Plain Text, and PDF.

Text only Character bio form and Planet bio form.
RTF formatted bio: Character bio form and Planet bio form
Membership Renewal Form: As a PDF or as an RTF file

FoE does not use ranks or statistics, except in live actions role-plays. We rely purely on role-play.

When creating a character, you should talk to the Division Leader of the Division in which you are creating the character.

See the Alliance Sections

Here are somethings to keep in mind:

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