This is only a listing of Planets that are currently being used in role-play by specific members. This is in no way a complete list. If a planet is missing please e-mail:

Avalon Base Patrick FurlongAlliance main Security Base, deep in All space, hvly guarded.
Archdale James casselburyHome of Governor Casselbury and Regional Capital
Border Station I Phaedra WhitlockOn Imp-All border. created by treaty. non-military.
B'yss Canon Secondary Imperial capital world.
Corel Canon/Geri Kittrell/Leslie Danenberger]Independant/neutral. Ruled by clan council. Prominent ship builders.
CoruscantCanonPrimary Imperial capital/Capital New Republic. Seat Old Republic.
DagobahCanonSwamp world. Used as a Jedi training ground sometimes.
Davron VI Dora FurlongAlliance Intelligence Base, On border of disputed Territories
Deneige Alex Kaempen The ISD Tyrannic stumbled across it and established a penal colony. Now in its twelth year the colony is generating a lot of wealth for the Empire.
Dhiva IV Terri RuweImp world given to P Anelis Palpatine. In Dhiva Stellar Combine
Iskander Moffet/OrwigImperial world. Gov Trinian Palpatine, Rellis Base
Langley Base Dora FurlongAlliance Intelligence HQ deep in Alliance space.
Mandalore Seth BonderImperial aligned. High tech.
Evaelon Amanda Wilcoxen, Jackie Keeler Neutral, High Tech
Nebula Jilly Harris Unaligned, Displaced ruler Midalah.
New Zoric UnknownDesignated home for survivors of Zoric.
Nysh IV K.V. Moffet Home of the Diplomatic Embassy.
Port Lansing StationPat GrantSpace station on galactic crossroads. Owned by Black Phoenix Corp.
Imperial Home of Sam Connely and Raven Palpatine.
Shardakour Dora Furlong Homeworld of Alderson family.
Torion John MedkeffIn Zoron Sector. Imperial world.
Tryskel Geri KittrellUninhabited except 4 Silverflight's Dangandargen Base and Sidhe.
Valass Pat Betz Serris's Homeworld. Located on rim.
Varelttas Mergenhiagen/MoffetHome of the Vader Clan.
Zoron John MedkeffZoron Sector Capital, a rich banking world. Imperial.

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