Imperial Red Guards

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Michael Logan Colonel Head of Red Guards Mike Arquilla
Crimson Darkknight Major Red Guard Suzanne Anders
Psylocke Lammashta Major Red Guard Trainee Courtney Kraft
Janin Firestorm Cadet Red Guard Trainee Phaedra Whitlock

Red Guard Academy

Students are selected from existing Military or from Sith trainees. They can be recommended or selected directly by the head of the red guards or by the Emperor himself.

Sith trainees taken into the school are not residents at the academy, rather they remain in residence with the Sith Masters teaching them unless otherwise specified. All others are required to take up residence at the academy.

Sith trainees will participate in normal academy classes or other assigned program as determined by the Head of the Red Guards in addition to training given by their Sith Master.

Average Training lasts for one year, during which time all ranks are suspended and the student reverts back to a cadet. Previous military ranks will be reinstated upon graduation and those selected from among the Sith Trainees will be commissioned as Second Lieutenant.

A year end graduation audit is conducted by academy staff to determine cadet readiness. The cadet may be graduated, held back for more training, or returned to their previous duties/schools.

Red Guards

Ultimately the Red Guards are responsible for the protection of their principle, the Emperor. Red Guards may be assigned to other principles such as individuals important or related to the Emperor.

All shift assignments for Red Guards are determined by the Head of the Red Guards.

Protection of their principle includes performing physical security checks, handling crowds, court, public appearances, Emergency operation of air/space/water craft, design and implement risk management and threat assessment models and procedures for principal protection.

All Red Guards are trained specifically for close quarter personal defense, protective assignments, emergency medical techniques for attacks or accidents and proper injured party movement methods, principles of orienteering, map reading and movements in emergency situations.

Red Guards conduct house, office, vehicle and building searches employing state of the art techniques. They work on advance surveys and escort missions protecting principals in crowds and during actual vehicle movements throughout the area.

Participate in unarmed defensive tactics for close-in protection problems, embarrassment s and attacks.

Develop preventive strategies, countermeasures and operational guidelines.

Plan coordination and procedures for aircraft and yacht security; crew relationships.

Have extensive knowledge of surveillance and counter surveillance techniques.

Red Guards are not connected with the Palace Guards who are responsible for the day to day protection of the palace. Red Guards will travel in advance and with the Emperor and or an assigned principal and perform physical security checks. If An event is to occur in the Palace the Red Guards will work with the Palace Guards on Physical Security requirements and protection. Red Guard command takes precedent in such cases.

Just as Red Guards work closely with Palace Guards while in the palace, they work alongside Storm Troopers and other local law enforcement authorities in the area they are travelling in.

Red Guard jurisdiction is Empire wide and anywhere their principal is traveling. During times of an emergency they may commandeer any vessel, service, etc...required to execute their primary duty of protecting their principal.

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