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Member Information

Core Members: Core Members are fully trusted members of the house, Advanced students who are offered a place to remain permanently. The core members are the Elite Unit that works high risk missions with high mortality rates. Just because you go through Hell does not mean you automatically become core. There can be other reasons a person is not a fully trusted core member and it may also be that the person went through Hell but not is invited to become part of core team.

Advanced Members: They are people who are either trusted by Darana and have not been through hell, or are not going to be part of the team.

Household Associate Members: We also have non students and non force users who come in, mercs who sign a contract are considered Associate.

Household Student Members: The house is full of students. Some belonging to Darana, some to other Sith who are placed in the House for various reasons. Students can work with the House on missions if they choose, at Darana's option, or that of the designated mission leader.

House Regulations

  • Meals: all members must be present at 2 meals per unless out on assignment or otherwise excused. If a person is signed out that does not excuse them from 2 meals. Prior approval must be given.
  • Not all house inhabitants have the same access to other floors.
  • No internal warfare. House members do not attack or harm other members or their belongings or rooms.
  • Due to increased security needs for all household members, all students leaving from / returning to the household will now log said activity with Security, including time of departure, destination, and estimated time of return. All students wishing to go off planet must have prior approval from head of household. If the member is not checked back in within an hour of expiration Security is notified. A search may begin.
  • Regular physicals will be administered by the medical staff. No exceptions. Injuries will be tended to as well.
  • The House uniform is black uniform pants, a jacket with red stripe and a beret.

  • About the House

    The original house was located on B'yss. Constructed in 1994 it began operation in August and was destroyed or damaged in December during the Palace bombing.

    The new house on Coruscant is some distance from the Palace. The Palace is in DC, House in NYC. But the ride from the Palace is about 5 minutes. This second house is larger and more elaborate than the original.

    The house contains 25 acres in the center with house 5 levels on top and 10 sub levels. The house has a wall around it, a moat and drawbridge, and numerous security defenses. The central garden area includes a pool and a wilderness area.


    Description: Hell is a different thing than hell. Hell is in two parts with the second parts also having 2 subparts. There are many rumors of Hell and the household. It is very likely that they are all true. One thing is known for sure. All core members have shared the experience of Hell.

    Outside Intell Agencies

  • Alliance Intell - Aella Scott monitors all outgoing transmissions and attempts to decrypt them. Operatives observe who enters and departs. A recent House mission wiped out the majority of these observers but new ones are being put in place.
  • Imperial Intell - The House works closely with Imperial Intelligence.
  • Imperial Counter-Intell - Also observing the House. New director at Imperial. hasn't had time to set up any special measures yet. They consider it very frustrating, and maintain records on all known members. Their Big question right now would be Arcturus.

    Typical House Day

    4AM - Calisthenics (30 min) and 10 mile run through the Garden. Noone uses the turbolifts.
    5:30AM - Break for Shower before breakfast.
    6AM - Communal Breakfast
    Morning Classes or Work Assignments. New students will undergo an intensive gym session involving obstacle courses, extreme environments and hardship to wear them out utterly for the first few weeks.
    Communal Lunch
    Afternoon Classes or Work Assignments. New students will continue their intensive sessions. Some mental, some physical, pushing the student to their limits.

    The House Layout

    The original house was located on B'yss. Constructed in 1994 it began operation in August and was destroyed or damaged in December during the Palace bombing.

    The new house on Coruscant is some distance from the Palace. The Palace is in DC, House in NYC. But the ride from the Palace is about 5 minutes. This second house is larger and more elaborate than the original.

    The House itself is a large pentagon-ish building, with what look to be starred corners and a hollow center. The starred areas at the corners allow for the firing arcs of multiple gun emplacements to cross each other. The building surrounds 25 acres of various terrains. Though there is no visible cover to the center, there is a force field able to seal off the center from aerial attack. There is a separate crew than the Black Diamonds for defense of the walls. The outer shell of the building is designed to take Ion Cannon fire from space and still remain standing. As is the layer between the ground floor and the sub-levels (SLs). There is a third layer of this between SL8 and SL9.

    Ground Floor - Public offices, workout areas for security and guests, including a pool, security locker rooms, library, dining hall, lounge area, general security office. The main entrance of the house is a double entryway with a desk. Concealed scanners check visitors for weapons, and there is a chute to deposit them in for safe keeping while visiting. The doors will not admit the arrivals until all weapons are dealt with. The building is surrounded by a moat which can be electrified.

    First - Fifth floors, guest quarters, servants quarters. These rooms are constantly being redecorated. No two rooms are ever alike, all doors are locked and keyed with codes for each person to access . During remodeling, constant bug sweeps are made. Each floor has a lounge area. Each suite has bedroom, living room, bathroom and office space and is monitored with concealed cameras. Serris, Rauss, Tachyon and Sam have quarters here. The servants' rooms are located off of the left wind top point, and the hired Intell folks are located in the auraters off of the right wing from top point.

    The south section serves as the arrival area for small personal ships and shuttles (the majority of House vessels), and ship maintenance areas. Ships come in through the center area so that the outer walls are solid except for reinforced windows and doors, and so the anti-aircraft guns are able to fire on any ship arriving. Makes it even more unlikely someone would try to land without permission. Landing here without permission is a Real Bad Idea (tm). Descending from the landing pads, one passes directly in front of the Security offices on the main level.

    The other two larger wings are guest/visitor quarters. The top floor's lounge area has skylights. Klaw is often found sunning himself here.

    Central Garden Area: Though there is no visible cover to the center, there is a force field able to seal off the center from aerial attack. There are also anti-aircraft guns able to fire on any point in the gardens. The inside area is 1,089,000 square feet, each side of the center area being 796 ft long. The Garden area also features a variety of trails and a well used jogging path. A stream running from the SE side diagonally SW, a rocky plateau at the western central corner which includes caves and nooks, a central grassy field, a large pond or lake nestled in the central eastern edge, a pool and a great deal of treeland forest. Various animals reside in this central area. Birds and an assortment of woodland animals both large and small though generally not predatory. Various House members hunt here regularly including Darana, Klaw, Shade and occasionally Eric, while others use it for training exercises or meditation.

    Sub Levels SL1-SL10: There are several elevators on these floors, each with a different access level needed for use. One covers G-SL3. The next covers SL3-SL5. Then SL5-SL8. There is also a separate elevator that accesses Darana's private levels SL9 and SL10. This, of course requires the highest of security clearance.

    SL1 and SL2 are household members' private quarters. Many of the members have redecorated their rooms to suit themselves. Many have placed their own security measures against prying eyes. All measures are non-lethal and most are very painful. The following members are on SL1: Klaw, Talia, Silver, Phoenix, Janin, and Jerrid. On SL2 are: Eric, Michael, Avon, Shade, Rook, Myra. There is also an empty room that used to be Arcturus' and one that was Takara's .

    SL 3 is the location of the offices for the senior members of the household, as well as Darana's training office, where she conducts private lessons for the students. She also uses this office during light punishment. There is a large debriefing/conference room here for major household meetings. Rook, Shade, Michael, Ralf, and Avon all have offices on this level. There is also a private library here for the obscure and esoteric volumes used for study. This floor also has the primary security office. This office is the most secure area of the household excepting Darana's private levels and labs. Several offices have adjoining labs, including Michael's and Ralf's.

    SL4 is the household's private training areas. The gym here is equipped with force dampers, training droids, adjustable gravity and atmospheres, and other telltale signs that it is specialized for the type of work that the house does. Health monitors in the walls provide information on those within the room. Saunas, whirlpools, jacuzzis, weight rooms, open dojo space, hand ball and racquet ball courts. There are medical facilities on this floor as well. Every room on this floor may be force damped. There is a master control room to vary the rooms as needed. There are also sensory rooms that can be used to simulate every sensory input known. Useful for training with out the distractions of environment. They can also be used to remove all sensory input.

    Through a special access way is a small prisoner area. When you enter the room the door behind you seals and the one before you will not open without an access code. There are cells for creatures and the condemned prisoners that are used during interrogation training. This area is guarded by Black Diamonds, an elite unit on loan to Darana and a part of the House security force. There is a fully functioning interrogation chamber here. The tables can start out as chairs then slide up into a table without releasing the prisoner. A person is completely incapacitated. Extra bindings are located at the waist are area to account for slack when the chair becomes a table. An IV pole is attatched to it. Various instruments, high and low tech, are on the walls and in cabinets. The wall can slide over and hide them if desired. The lights are modified and the vents are way up at the ceiling which is a bit higher than normal. There is a drain in the floor, several in fact. Some of the wall panels are set with special heating/cooling panels. Health monitors in the walls provide information on those within the room.

    The cells used by the Household have been standardized and put in place on all House facilities. The bed is one solid chunk of plastic formed from the wall no space under it, it does not pull out or fold up. The sink and fresher unit are also formed into the wall and produce water that is neither very hot nor cold, pretty tepid. The air vents are very thin and very high up out of reach. The ceiling is perhaps about 7'. The door has a energy barrier controlled from the outside along with a sliding door behind it which is also controlled from the outside. There are areas of the wall that look like they might slide back. Walls and the mentioned furnishings are completely smooth without sharp corners, as is the ceiling. The entire ceiling has lights in it, and the level of lighting is controlled from elsewhere. It is minimalist. No electronics, nothing to open, nothing to hurt yourself with. Temperature, atmosphere can be regulated to any extreme, and the cells can be force damped. Often prisoners are gassed before transfer. Health monitors in the walls provide information on those within the room.

    SL5 contains the various labs and medical facilities to perform the household's varied experiments.

    SL6 and SL7 are the Re-Education levels. This is where the household completes the final phases of Hell. This is also where the heaviest punishments are administered, other than execution.

    SL8 is the maximum security cell areas. These cells contain the most dangerous enemies, or housemembers undergoing the early stages of Hell.

    SL9 and SL10 are Darana's personal levels. She has office space and medical areas. These levels are guarded by the mindless husks of previous enemies or failed students. It takes Darana's direct involvement to gain the access codes necessary for entry. The security on the access for these levels is lethal. In 1999 Darana gave part of Lvl 9 to House Intell Services. August 2001 Darana gave part of level 10 to Deveron.

    Darana personally oversees the conditioning of each new subject before they are allowed to take their place among the other servitors on the lower levels. First their tongues are cut out, eyes and ears are replaced with perfect, more controllable senses, then finally they are mind burned and reprogrammed into top of the line, yet somewhat feral guards and servants. Quiet, Obedient, and completely loyal. New subjects consist of those who have tried to kill her, failed students, and the occasional rebel; all of whom attempted to defy her at some point in time.

    The House contains servants for the upper levels, and security is very tight throughout most of the house. Sonya used a TARDIS once to get into the House, and immediately afterwards Darana bought TARDIS bouncer from Fixer. The only person to ever break into the House is Tina, as an exercise, and Shade used it afterwards to fix his holes. The only person to ever escape from the house was Rauss.

  • Household Ships
    Ship Class Owner Player
    Blood Hawk Corellian Freighter Sidra Roamstar Pat Grant
    Neskaya Incom Scout ship Deveron Arsein Phaedra Whitlock
    Silver Lining Modified Lt Freighter Shan Connell Phaedra Whitlock
    RSD Topaz Royal-class Star Destroyer Darana Surragar Cairnfell Dora Furlong
    SSD Darkwind Super I-class Star Destroyer Darana Surragar Cairnfell Dora Furlong
    ISD Dauntless Imperial-class Star Destroyer Darana Surragar Cairnfell Dora Furlong
    ISD Integrator Imperial-class Star Destroyer Darana Surragar Cairnfell Dora Furlong
    ISD Planetfall Imperial-class Star Destroyer Darana Surragar Cairnfell Dora Furlong

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    Household Core Members
    Character Position Duties/Profession Player
    Darana Surragar-Cairnfell Major General / Chief of Red Guards Keep everything together
    Assign missions
    Teacher-Force Skills
    Dora Furlong
    Rook Second in Command, Eric's Second for Security Keep everything together
    Assign missions
    Armand Banooni
    Eric Daniels Third in Command Security/Intell Chief Patrick Furlong
    Lady Lilith Second for Security Administrator of Hell and House Interrogator Angel Grewe
    Shade Darana's Hand, Teacher ? Rob Smith
    Michael Cairnfell Adopted Son Assassin Dora Furlong
    Lady Avon Sith Master, Ally ? Pat "Avon" Betz
    Sidra Roamstar Assassin Assassin Pat Grant

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    Household Advanced Members
    Character Position Duties/Profession Player
    Klaw Sith Student Trainee Armand Banooni
    Janin Firestorm Red Guard Trainee Intell Phaedra Whitlock
    Deveron Arsein Teacher-Force Skills ? Phaedra Whitlock
    Shan Connell /
    Sam Connelly
    Pilot Trainee Phaedra Whitlock
    Rachel Summers ? ? Rachel

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    Household Associate/Student Members
    Character Position Assignment Player
    Anastazya Rowan House Pilot House Pilot MaryAlyce
    Jerrid Halvan Sith Student Trainee Phaedra Whitlock
    Morgen ? ? Carla Rodriguez
    Jennifer Student ? Dora Furlong
    Silver Student? Trainee Kathy Kehoe
    Kylie Renorren Visiting Jedi Ambassador ? Valerie Meachem
    Rauss ? ? Angel Grewe
    Phoenix ? ? Joe Dorffner
    Shadow ? Trainee Tracy Pegg
    Corwin Oakenshield ? ? Patrick Furlong
    Ralf Firestorm House Chemist ? Patrick Furlong
    Kaehlyia ? Trainee Jilly Harris

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    Household Intelligence Service
    Character Position Duties Player
    Eric Daniels Boss Intell Patrick Furlong
    Rook ? Intell Armand Banooni
    Kyra Matthews ? Intell Dora Furlong
    Talia Matthews ? Intell Dora Furlong
    Janin Firestorm ? Droids and other devices Phaedra Whitlock
    Piro ? Technical Intelligence Gathering and Systems Support Patrick Furlong
    Largo ? Technical Intelligence Gathering and Systems Support Dora Furlong

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    Dagorian Assassins Guild
    Character Position Duties Player
    Darana Cairnfell Guild Leader Assassin Dora Furlong
    Shade Organizer Assassin Rob Smith
    Rook Organizer ? Armand Banooni
    Michael Cairnfell Assasin Assassin Dora Furlong
    Sidra Roamstar Assassin Assassin Pat Grant

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    Character Position Section Arrival Estimated
    Katherine "Retroy" Darkfyre Visiting Sith Student Student July 2001 August 2001 Katie
    Psylocke Lammashta Visiting Sith Student Student Mid-August 2001 Mid-September 2001 Courtney Kraft
    Serris Surragar Visitor ? August 2001 - Pat "Avon"
    Aella Skott Prisoner ? Late August 2001 Late September 2001? Ginna Wilcoxen
    Sharra ? ? July 2001 - Heather Melville
    Prism Nighthawk Visitor ? August 2001 - Leslie Danneberger
    Dr. Tachyon Visitor ? ? ? Leslie Danneberger

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    Teachers and Students
    Character Teaching Learning Player
    Darana Surragar-Cairnfell Force Skills ? Dora Furlong
    Eric Daniels Interrogation ? Patrick Furlong
    Rook Administration ? Armand Banooni
    Shade Force Skills, Security, Saber ? Rob Smith
    Klaw Saber ? Armand Banooni
    Deveron Arsein Force Skills ? Phaedra Whitlock
    Michael Cairnfell ? Force Skills Dora Furlong
    Lady Lilith Interrogation ? Angel Grewe
    Janin Firestorm ? Force Skills - Dark
    Security, Interrogation
    Phaedra Whitlock
    Shan Connell ? Force Skills - Light
    Interrogation, Security
    Phaedra Whitlock
    Jerrid Halvan ? Force Skills - Dark Phaedra Whitlock
    Silver ? Administration ?
    Katherine Darkfyre ? Force Skills - Dark Katie
    Psylocke Lammashta ? Force Skills - Dark
    Red Guard training
    Courtney Kraft

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    Former House Members
    Character Position Departure Player
    Arcturus ? Executed Mark Cogan
    Tak Dunne Core Member Hunted Lisa Van Houten
    Tina ? Deceased Dora Furlong
    Myra Larkin ? Reassigned by Emperor Pat "Avon" Betz

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    Mission Histories

    Past Missions:

  • Rook's Attention
  • A Treacherous Mission
  • Shadow's Past
  • Awakening

    Split Personality Arc

  • A Painful Beginning
  • The Meeting
  • The Rescue
  • Meeting of Minds
  • Epilogue

    Pain and Images Arc

  • Pain and Images
  • The Meeting
  • Star Search
  • The Calm Before The Storm
  • Dancin with Devils

  • Kid Death
  • Arriving at Coordinates...
  • A Proper Welcome In Six Parts
  • Never Know Who Is Listening
  • Current Mission Summaries

    Title: WORLD DESTROYER - Silence of the Lambs....

    Coordinated By: Dora Furlong

    SUMMARY: Worlds on the Galactic Rim begin to go silent. Ships destroyed, worlds rendered mysteriously barren. Alliance Field agent womprat 17 (Phaedra Whitlock) begins sending back reports concerning the worlds. Aella Scott (Gina) stumbles across one of the destroyed worlds on vacation leave. Alliance intell (John Medkeff) sends teams to investigate as does the empire (John Medkeff) as its own worlds begin to experience the same silencing. Arcturus (Mark Cogan) and Rachel Summers receive information relevent to the problem.

    YET TO DO: Aella's second meeting with Womprat. Alliance and imperial field teams meeting. Possible higher level meeting to discuss what their people are telling them between Imperial and Alliance reps.


    Title: JEDI PURGE 2001 - The Nick-Vie arc

    Coordinated By: Dora Furlong

    Summary: At Port Lansing Nick makes his Manifesto against the Emperor. He is recaptured by Darana and agrees to stay willingly rather than see harm come to Jaina Solo. He then reneges on his agreement and is handed over to his newly discovered grand daughter, Melora Lexor. Vie escapes Melora's lab and is thought dead tho not for long. Vie assembles a group of students and goes Force Damped to hinder the Empire finding him again anytime soon.

    YET TO DO: ?


    Title: JEDI PURGE 2001 - The Darana Chronicles

    Coordinated By: Dora Furlong and Heather Melville

    Summary: The Household destroyed several Jedi that found their way onto Coruscant and were able to retrieve information about other Jedi and light siders. While out investigating the validity of such information the House ran into an Alliance Special Ops team and Sharra. Sharra was captured by the household.

    YET TO DO: Capture story in progress. Further interrogation/questioning, transfer of Pan Fu/Rescue of Pan Fu, Deal with other misc NPC Jedi, and any other RP that happens along the way.


    House Timeline


  • June - Samantha receives an invitation to Coruscant from the Emperor and becomes his ward, but declines Sith training.


  • May - Sam defects to the rebels. Gina Kylin arrives at the Emperor's Court as Emperor's Hand, bearing the name Lady Aurelia Tiandriis and the demeanour of a brainless social butterfly. Luckily for us all, she soon turns into a redhead. Ginna is placed into the red guards. At Lansing Gina meets and works closely with Imperial Mirit ArLinceat. Later that week Anrit defects to the Alliance. Darana swears revenge. Darana standing guard for Emperor when Kylie is brought before the Emperor and Interrogated. Kylie's mind breaks and she reverts into the state of a four year old. Kylie thrown out of the Imperial Base and brought back to rebel base with the mind of a child. A circle of Jedi (Sam and 4 others) bring her mind partially back to adulthood.


  • "Darana" is born. (?) Raven shares the chipping technology and early servitors with Darana.


  • January - Darana sends Shan (Sam) to a School for Young Ladies on Rehallah.
  • April - Darana's retreat begins construction on Coruscant. Rook begins working for Darana. Raven and Darana torture and program Hawkwood.
  • May - Hawkwood is released to Sonya Wells and Samantha. Anrit is programmed by Darana to be loyal to the Empire, and is then released to the Diplomatic Embassy.
  • May 28 MediaWest*Con - A pregnant Serris is captured and made to believe Darana is her daughter. She miscarries. Darana and Serris freed of mental blocks by Sam and others. Hawkwood takes an assassins bullet Darana meant for Kirienne. He is healed by Samantha. Darana captures Han Solo and half of the Ring Star Legion. Raven and Darana interrogate Orion Daniels. As Daniel and Peter leave, they are ambushed and tortured by Anelis and Myra Larkin. Darana and Raven program Mirit to kill Shinkara. Ricia poisons Avon. Hawkwood blows away Lady Aurelia Tiandriis. Rauss blows away the Dral Warthen clone.
  • June - Third Circle formed. Darana's retreat finished. Avon rescues Tara Davis, a clone of Samantha. Darana rescues Jerrid Halvan from Purgatory and takes over his Sith training. Darana is given the old ISD Stalker and renames it Integrator. Lilith found by Aretta. Darana begins teaching Lilith about interrogations. Darana takes over the INN. Kyra Matthews in charge of Alliance Intelligence.
  • August - Darana sets up her house as a training center and base of operations. Mercs and students are encouraged to test their abilities on each other to keep them combat ready. Rook, Shade and Lilith are her more outstanding residents. An Alliance team is sent to destroy a small Imperial mining outpost. Nedege and Samantha skirmished with and were captured by Darana and Rook when their base was captured. Sam escapes and frees the rebels who then retreat. Janin remains captured. Tortured by Shade and Lilith. Kyra captured by Raven.
  • September - Janin interrogated by Darana who makes Janin believe they are related, and forces the Family to accept her as Janin's teacher. Deveron arrives at the House to observe the training. Avon becomes bonded with the planet Ilnaris. Dr. Tachyon captured and tortured by Darana.
  • October - Deveron begins training Darana to use a matrix, then asks her to marry him. The Emperor awards several Sith Royal class Star Destroyers. Darana is adopted by Serris. Sam captured and brainwashed by Jarek, unbrainwashed by Darana. Darana adopted by Serris.
  • November - Darana's wedding. Rauss teaches Darana Astral travel. Janin's mouse droids dig a moat around the house and dump the dirt in Shade's room. The policy of House War is rescinded as soon as Darana sees the mess. Third Circle executes Daniel Tarkanien's parents. Jarek Alderson, Darana and others are drugged and compromising X-rated pictures are taken and sold to the Galactic Enquirer. Darana infected with the Wild Card virus by Dr Tachyon. Darana grows a tail and has it removed. Darana defects with Deveron, Janin and Samantha. Darana begins training with Luke Skywalker and Raven takes over Darana's household briefly. Myra Larkin goes to hunt pirates while Rook and Shade plan an attempt to kidnap Kyra Matthews, Alliance Intell head, and assassinate her successor for Raven. Daniel Tarkanien captures, tortures and mindcontrols Darana to assassinate Salvatore. The capital was evacuated to Coruscant after a bombing explosion on B'yss. Sam assists in freeing Daniel Tarkainien from a revenant ghost. Lilith defects to train with Vader. Sam visits her family on B'yss, and stays to help the blast victims.


  • January - Sam on trial in the Alliance, and discharged. Becomes a freespacer again.
  • March - Arcturus begins having disturbing dreams. Darana is captured and returned to the Empire minus an arm. She is rewarded by the Emperor for having completed a test and begins training to become a Sith Master. Deveron is injured during her rescue, and he remains in a coma for the next several months.
  • May - Darana returns to the assassin's guild that trained her and is put on trial. An Imperial fleet demand her return and destroy the Guild when they learn Darana is dead. Shade captures a rogue dark-sider involved with the assassins. Assassin Guilds are declared illegal as part of the Emperors new crackdown on organized crime. The Darana Cairnfell Dagorian Memorial Juvenile Rehabilitation Home For Girls is dedicated at the site of the destroyed Guild HQ.
  • August - Darana has been haunted by the ghost of Aurelia Tiandris. Annoyed, Darana destroys the spirit.
  • September - The Alderson Coup.
  • October - A month after the coup, Emperor Alderson has all Sith students assembled for training in one place where they can be more easily trained appropriately.


  • June - Klaw is rescued by Luke after his people are massacred, and arrives on Yavin for training.
  • July - Tina is arrested for stealing on an Alliance world. At one point one of the guards scare her and she lashes out with TK and almost kills him. The judge remands Tina into the custody of Luke Skywalker and the Yavin Academy until she is age 22. Corwin Oakenshield sends out a message asking for assitance with his force abilities. Luke Skywalker responds and brings Corwin to Knights Haven.


  • February - The Household raids Knights Haven and capture Tina, Corwin, and Darana talks Klaw into coming with them. During transport Corwin escapes and is rescued by Luke.
  • March - Avon attempts to befriend Tina. Eventually Avon assists Tina in an escape from the house.



  • May - Klaw kidnaps Silver (a slave) at Media and brings Silver to Darana asking to keep her. Darana refuses to turn herself over to the Dagorian Assassin's guild to be mind wiped. Several assassins sent after her. The Davis pirate family rescues their family held by the Empire with help from Tak Dunne. The majority of the Family then jump to another galaxy. Janin remains with the House. Deveron goes with them.
  • June - Tina is given to Avon for training by the Emperor. The House discover Silver is Force Sensitive. She begins training as a Force User.
  • July - Shade returns after a 2 year hiatus. Rook, Takara, Shade respond to a threat against Serris. Discover it was a trap led by Sidra. Rook throws a sonic grenade disabling everyone but himself. Sidra captured. Sidra and Darana fight a duel. Darana cuts off Sidra's leg. Wynn Barezz is seen talking to himself in two distinct voices in the Household atrium. Eric Daniels joins Household as newest Student. Rook begins father figure plotline to capture Kylie Renorin. Shade at some point needs a designer drug and Ralf happens to be visiting. Shade sets up a lab and Ralf never leaves.
  • August - Wynn Barezz interferes with Rooks plans. Wynn 'disappears'. Sidra introduced as newest 'member' of the household.
  • October - Takara and Silver break into Rook's room. Takara goes through HELL. Corwin Oakenshield transferred into Shade's custody from Anelis. Shade placed in charge of Household security. Rauss begins popping up around the household. Katrina Lyons requests a contract with the household. Arcturus becomes administrator of HELL.
  • December - Assassin's guild leader captured by household along with the woman claiming to be 'Gina Kylin'. All are taken to Valass for trial. Leader executed. Gina's Programming undone and we learn she is Maria Kylin a sister Darana never knew about. Shade and Michael assigned to take over and rebuild the assassin's guild and commandeer all of their finances and resources.


  • January - Darana orders the Household back to Coruscant. She remains on Valass with Klaw. Darana becomes the Dagorian assassin's guildmaster. Darana is attacked by rogue Sith who worked with the Assasin's guild. She is split apart her dark side winding up with the rogue Sith, her light remaining in her body. Serris turns Darana and Klaw over to Alliance Intelligence. Avon and Tina get Darana and Klaw out of Alliance Territory and go to Ilnaris.
  • February - Rook, Shade, Eric, Rachel, Sidra, and Michael 'rescue' Darana's dark half, while Takara and Silver left in charge of the household. Rachel winds up with Darana's dark half in her and a new personality forms mixing that of Rachel and Darana. Shade refuses to acknowledge the new personality that Rachel is showing, Regina, as Darana. He waits until night, gases the house, and removes Darana's essence from Rachel before the two can be permanently intertwined.
  • March - Rachel goes through Hell. Morgen is assigned to the House by her guild.
  • April - Kyra Matthews is captured by Rachel. Eric offers her assistance if she will provide him with information to be specified at a later date. Kyra reluctantly agrees and Eric tells the rest of the House he has programmed her. Kyra is then released through a prisoner exchange and sent back to the Alliance. Kyra reports what occurred during her time as a prisoner at the Household. McGee and Branwyn insert Kyra into the house as an operative. Raven joins the House for a mission. Sam joins the House for training.
  • May - Darana put back together by the core household and Luke. Lilith is recalled back to the house. Phoenix officially becomes an Imperial and joins the house as a student. Takara is assigned as Rook's assistant and is learning to take over in Rook's absence. Shadow joins the Household. Shade learns about his true heritage. Avon requests that Tina be put through HELL. Eric assigned as co-Security controller of Household with Shade. Rook meets up with family members at Port Lansing. Plans laid to move Myra Larkin back into the household. Kylie Renorin is captured by Rook and Shade with assistance from Morgen. Darana discovers Kylie was not the one who shot the Emperor ten years ago, it was in fact Avon. Darana offers Kylie the opportunity to act as a liason for the Jedi to the house or to remain a prisoner. Kylie accepts the position of liason. Lilith becomes Shade's second for security control. Rook becomes Eric's second. Sidra willingly joins the household. Her control chip is removed and emergency control words implanted by Darana. Rook, Klaw, and Silver are involved in a training exercise run by Shade and Lilith, locked in a section of the household together. Eric, Shade, and Rachel commit genocide on the two planets related to the Rogue Sith. The planet with the 'ancients' explodes. Empire goes in and provides needed assistance to the few survivors and become 'hero's'. Serris Surragar and other members of an Alliance Intel team are captured by Supporters of Major Rose during a routine mission. Their supporters demand Major Rose and Kyra Matthews be turned over to them in exchange for the captured team. Avon and Eric Daniels kill Major Rose.
  • July - Lilith, Michael, Phoenix, and Tina go through HELL. Shade requests Ralf create a new interrogation drug for use on Lilith. Ralf does. Eric calls Kyra in to use her as bait against the 'Rose' supporters so the house can free Serris.
  • September - Avon sent to Ilnaris. Lilith is assigned as Household Interrogator. Tina asks Lilith to teach her to hold out through an interrogation and come out alive. Tina begins recieving drugs from Ralf, Ralf then turns her into Lilith. Tina is now assigned to help Ralf catalog his inventory. Amaranth, Rook's love interesst is kidnapped by Rook's family. They demand he use Household resources for them. Anastazya arives for her meeting with Shade.
  • December - Rook, Eric, and Michael rescue Amaranth, Rook's love interest, from Rook's family. Sam takes up Interrogation classes with Eric, and ends up in a close encounter with Michael.


  • January - Kyra Matthews defects to the Empire and begins working for Eric. Colonel Ashley McGee killed by the Household. Major Talia Matthews is kidnapped from Avalon by Mercenaries and turned over to Eric.
  • February - Aella Skott begins monitoring House transmissions. Darana assigns Sam to supply runs, forbidding her from medical duties.
  • ? - Michael appears in the Arena Games as the undefeated champion of the games and the main attraction from age 14-16. Darana had wanted him to put his assasins training to the test.
  • April - Sidra survives Hell just prior to arriving at Port Lansing.
  • Mediawest - Sidra is taken by Eric to meet her son, whom she had been told died at birth. Darana goes from Colonel to Major General, and head of the Red Guards when she asks for time off. Rook hunts Rachel down and locks her in guest quarters. Rachel goes lightside. Darana sets up a training schedule for Rachel.
  • June - Darana has Nik Vie. Klaw chooses Shadow. Sends Rachel with Kylie to discuss the Nik Vie thing and returns with Prism. Some Stuff On Valass with Kanar. Klaw leads a mission of Eric, Talia and Sam to find his race's killers.
  • July - Klaw solos the rest of his race's killers. Klaw and Shade assist Raven with Simulations involving her Jedi prisoners. Kath Darkfyre arrives at the House for training while Raven is away. Sometime after Media Darana sends Rachel off to interact with the Jedi Council. Sam drags Klaw to a local festival. Talia gone in July.
  • August - Deveron returns during the Empress' birthday party for her cousin, to Darana's surprise. Sam gets drunk and ends up in bed with Rikonnis. Deveron meets Talia on the Astral Plane, and begins training Klaw, Michael, Kyra, Talia and Eric with Darana's assistance. Rachel learns some news from the Dragons. Raven shares her Virtual Reality tech with Darana. DNA tests reveal Deveron is Talia's father, and Kyra admits she is Hastur y Alton. Deveron meets with Serris regarding Darana.
  • September - Michael and Janin scheme to reunite Deveron with Darana. Michael finally recovers completely from his illness. Deveron escorts Kyra to the theatre for an evening when Michael and Janin cannot use their tickets. Psylocke arrives for 3 weeks of training at the Emperor's orders. The Emperor is given a tour. Janin is accepted by the Emperor for Red Guard training. Shade learns to Astral Travel from Deveron. Deveron begins building a Tower.

    The Topaz, hunting Jedi on the Rim, stops at a world and captures Sune Ilath after she attempts to hack their computers. Sune's interrogation reveals the location of Aella Skott and a team is sent to retrieve her. Aella is programmed on the return to Coruscant and taken down to SL 9 where med techs crack her skull and finish the conditioning directly. The House members present neutralize the defenses of Sune's ship long enough to download her computer core. Darana forms a link with Sune and teaches her some basic Force use. Sune teaches her a bit regarding spirits. Janin and Sune are sent to continue the investigation of the World Destroyer.

  • September - Klaw captured from Zoron by Alliance.

  • October - Aella departs after a month, fully conditioned.

  • Miscellaneous Notes

    Arcturus is a former member and not wanted by them because they executed him. hehehe They only require someone to die once for their crimes. ;-) Since he has no memories he is safe.

    Conditioning, by Darana Darana moves to the IV cath and picks up a vial, injecting it with a clear fluid. The prisoner should feel a little dizzy within a few miutes and then sluggish. Hard to think clearly. Drugs are being used to make him more cooperative. Less in control of her thoughts. Darana checks their vital signs and the monitors etc... draws some blood through the IV cath. The table begins to feel warm underneath the prisoner. It doesn't matter if the prisoner fights or not basically the lights turn very very bright. Darana places two electrodes behind her ears one on her forhead. She then moves around the table and turns on the unit... aella will feel a tingle in the areas of the electrodes... they are there to interfere with her normal thought processes and open her up to subliminal suggestability, induce her into a hypnotic state between that and the drugs. One of the medics in the room comes over and places a collar around Aella's throat with a small square box jsut at her larnyx. (ooc: next time Aella tries to speak she finds she can't.) Meanwhile Darana comes back over and places two sensors over Aella's eyes for now she see's blackness but it will feed into her brain subliminals visuals as well. Everytime she struggles or moves more than a small twitch she feels extreme pain in the areas that move... The circuitry in the restraints is feeding signals into the nerves. Skin induction so it's not a direct piercing pain but painful enough. Finally she will feel something placed inside of her ears, small microphones. Next she will see lights and hear oceans but the underlying signal which her body is now rigged to receive through the lower electronics are subliminal messages about the Empire being her home and one code word being repeated over and over again. Other messages about her loyalty to Darana. Her body is being subjected to extreme temperatures cold to hot to inbetween. The lights are intense as well and will go dark... she may not see it but her body will react to the light and dark just as it will to the cold. At one point it could be hours or minutes if she is even truly aware, she will feel as if it is raining. They want her to be mush. The prisoner is taken down to the 9th secured level where med techs will crack the prisoners skull and finish the conditioning directly to implant the code words and the program to report back to the house along with the loyalty etc...